Clash of Clans Archer Queen Frozen Arrow Hero Equipment: All you need to know


More leaks on new Hero Equipment for Clash of Clans hint at the Frozen Arrow Epic Equipment arriving in the game. This will be equipment exclusively for the Archer Queen once it arrives. With curiosity building on this, let us talk about what the leaks have unveiled.

Frozen Arrow Hero Equipment in Clash of Clans


Clash of Clans with their December 2023 update introduced a more customization-focused Hero Equipment feature that lets you customize your Heroes and choose their abilities for battle. This deviates from your previous Hero abilities and comes as a refurbished feature. It activates from Town Hall 8, so it will start from Barbarian King and till the last unlocked hero Royal Champion.

While we already had the leaks of new Hero Equipment being added in the future with more rarities with Rare and Legendary being the ones, we also have this Frozen Arrow equipment arriving to CoC, confirmed in the official release video itself. This will be an Epic Equipment and is a Passive Ability, which means Frozen Arrow will be always active without needing any input.

The stats at Level 1 seem very impressive, with a 30% Slowdown on every attack, lasting 0.75 seconds. Boosts are granted too with a Damage per Second (DPS) increase of 35. The gameplay was revealed weeks before, but let us discuss in detail what exactly we might be getting with the new equipment.


From the gameplay itself, we can see that this powerful ability replaces the traditional arrows shot by the Queen with frozen projectiles, bringing about significant changes in attack strategies that once you practiced with other equipment/gear for the Queen. Its ability to slow down enemy defenses is something to carefully consider, as slowing down the defenses as well as the opponent Heroes proves a significant advantage for your push.

While the Frozen Arrow’s impact on resource buildings may be limited, as these structures do not inflict damage, its prowess becomes apparent when engaging with defensive structures. Defenses that have a fast fire rate in CoC, such as Archer Towers and X-Bows are significantly mellowed down, thus it allows other troops to last longer and thus make a greater impact.

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