Clash of Clans: The complete guide to Hero Equipment

Time to boost your heroes!

Clash of Clans has introduced a fantastic December 2023 update with a plethora of new features, including Town Hall 16 being one of the talking points, but what I was excited about the most was the Hero Equipment feature, which wasn’t in the thought of almost all CoC players and came out of nowhere. Your heroes can now wield multiple abilities thanks to this feature, and the path for doing so is also neatly done with resources in Ores. So, let us look in detail at how you can utilize the Hero Equipment feature to the fullest in Clash of Clans.

Hero Equipment in Clash of Clans


Hero Equipment is a new feature that lets you choose what special abilities your Heroes use in battles. You can compare it to some RPG games where you can allot different types of skills for your character alongside their fixed skill, and in CoC, Hero Equipment serves the same purpose.

It brings a new level of flexibility and depth to Clash of Clans attacks, allowing players to adapt their Heroes to different scenarios and optimize their performance.


Hero Equipment activates from Town Hall 8, so it will start from Barbarian King, even though you unlock him at TH8. Apart from the existing abilities of heroes, you can even try out new and powerful abilities as you unlock them in the game. These are endless possibilities, as you can have your Archer Queen shoot giant arrows, or give your Barbarian King Earthquake Boots to break and stomp through walls.

coc december 2023 hero equipment
Image via Supercell

Your Heroes’ old abilities, like the Barbarian King’s Iron Fist, are now split into different Hero Equipment that you can upgrade and change. For example, using Barbarian Puppet lets your Barbarian King call in a group of super-raged Barbarians. Switch it up with something like Vampstache, and now your Barbarian King can heal himself with every attack instead of summoning raged Barbarians.

CoC Hero Equipment: Unlocking and Upgrading

In Clash of Clans, unlocking Hero Equipment is achieved through a dedicated building called the Blacksmith. As for leveling up, it’s done using resources known as Ores, and now we’ll delve into the details of this process.


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As explained earlier, this building unlocks as soon as you get to Town Hall 8. This is all you need as you can use this building to upgrade the Hero Equipment for all the heroes moving forward. Every time you upgrade the Blacksmith, a new item will unlock.

LevelTH LevelUpgrade Cost (Gold)Upgrade TimeHPUnlocked Item
18750K1d700Earthquake Boots
291.7M2d800Giant Arrow
4113M4d1000Rage Gem
5125.5M5d1100Healer Puppet
6138.5M6d1200Healing Tome

The blacksmith’s level, tied to your Town Hall level, determines the available equipment. The blacksmith unlocking starts with the Barbarian King’s Earthquake Boots at Level 1. As you progress through Town Hall levels, you unlock new pieces of equipment for your Heroes.


coc ores hero equipment cover
Image via Supercell

Upgrading Hero Equipment is done with ores, including Shiny, Glowy, and Starry ores. You can obtain these ores through various methods, such as the Home Village star bonus, Clan Wars, and purchasing from the Trader or in-game shop. We have a detailed guide for Ores, give it a read to help yourselves out.

Selection of Hero Equipment

So, next, you need to equip the gear, which you can do either by tapping the Blacksmith or clicking the particular hero and choosing the Equipment option. The Army tab can also be tapped to access the Equipment section. Tap on any hero and you will see Hero Equipment pop up to access the same. You will get the option to tap and Equip as well as drag and drop the equipment. You can give each Hero in Clash of Clans two pieces of Hero Equipment.

Upgrading of Hero Equipment

clash of clans equipment upgrade option
Image via Supercell

Now, you will notice each Equipment will have a specific level, which you can improve, and here’s where upgrading comes in. As mentioned, Ores are necessary to do so. Just tap on the Equipment, and you will find the option of Upgrade, depending on the Ores you have accumulated in your account. As levels increase, the total Ores you can store will also increase. Do note that Hero Boost Potions will not upgrade your equipment stats.

CoC Hero Equipment: Rarities and Abilities

Rarities of Equipment

Now, it comes down to the Equipment Rarities, Common and Epic, with the former being the standard one. You can upgrade the Common equipment up to level 18 by upgrading your Blacksmith. Epic Equipment is rare and reaches level 27. You can get Epic types in special events. Some gear gives extra bonuses, like more damage, health recovery, or faster movement, making your heroes even stronger in fights.

Abilities of Equipment

Each equipment comes with two abilities: Active and Passive. Active abilities need you to use them during a battle, like activating the Barbarian King’s Iron Gauntlet. On the other hand, Passive abilities are always active without needing any input. An example is the Grand Warden’s Aura, which boosts nearby troops all the time.

Clash of Clans: List of Equipment for every Hero

So, let us now see the list of Equipment that are currently available for each hero.

clash of clans hero equipment
Image via Supercell

Do note that the old abilities our Heroes had will not carry over, and will be separated. For example, Royal Cloak is now separated from Archer Puppet and Invisibility Vial, meaning if you equip the former, the Queen will not turn invisible when her ability is activated.

Barbarian King

We have three active and one passive ability for Barbarian King.

NameRarityAbilityDescriptionHero Boosts
Barbarian PuppetCommonActiveSummons Raged BarbariansRecovers HP
Increases HP
Rage VialCommonActiveRages Barbarian KingIncrease damage
Increase movement speed
Recovers HP
Earthquake BootsCommonActiveDamages Walls and BuildingsIncrease damage
Increase HP
VampstacheCommonPassiveHeals Barbarian King with each attackNA

Archer Queen

We have four active abilities for Archer Queen.

NameRarityAbilityDescriptionHero Boosts
Archer PuppetCommonActiveSummons ArchersRecovers HP
Increase DPS
Invisibility VialCommonActiveTurns Archer Queen invisibleIncrease damage
Increase HP
Giant ArrowCommonActiveShoots giant arrow across enemy villageIncrease DPS
Increase HP
Healer PuppetCommonActiveSummons HealersSelf Heal
Increase HP

Grand Warden

We have two active and two passive abilities for Grand Warden.

NameRarityAbilityDescriptionHero Boosts
Eternal TomeCommonActiveGrand Warden and nearby units become immuneNA
Life GemCommonPassiveNearby units gain extra HPIncrease DPS
Increase HP
Healing TomeCommonActiveHeals Grand Warden and nearby friendly unitsRecovers HP
Increases HP
Rage GemCommonPassiveNearby friendly units do extra damageIncrease DPS
Increase attack speed

Royal Champion

Currently, we don’t have any new abilities for Royal Champion but will have segregated abilities of its previous.

NameRarityAbilityDescriptionHero Boosts
Royal GemCommonActiveHeals Royal Champion significantlyIncrease DPS
Increase HP
Seeking ShieldCommonActiveThrows shield dealing damage to multiple targetsIncrease HP

For now, we only have Common rarity Equipment available. As mentioned by the team, Epic Hero Equipment will be unlocked during special events in an upcoming update.

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