Clash of Clans: How to Beat the Clashiversary Challenge #3

Know the best way to get 3 Stars!

The continuing August 2023 season of Clash of Clans is celebrating the eleventh anniversary of the game, for which they’ve come with the ‘clash to the future’. The third challenge occasion of the season is now live, the Clashiversary project #3 showcasing the Future Queen skin and proposing every other interesting base format that gamers need to conquer to gain a faultless three-star attack. As Clash of Clans, gamers are eager to take on this sparkling task, and thus we’ve got devised powerful techniques for the players to get a clear 3 Star on this new Clashiversary challenge #3.

Introducing the Clashiversary Challenge #3 in Clash of Clans

This ultimate challenge of Clash of Clans Clashiversary Challenge #3 by Yuta14 has an interesting base that comprises Town Hall 15, the tough defense system, and whatnot! The challenge base itself is a beauty and completing it is truly a task for the players. Thus, players need to strategies well with the set of troops they get for this challenge and grab up 3 easy stars to get the ultimate reward.

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For this 3rd challenge, the set of rewards that the players will witness when they get 3 stars are 400 EXPs, 25 Gems, and 1x Power Potion

How to beat the Clashiversary Challenge #2 in Clash of Clans

To start the challenge, players need to first charge the queen in towards the town hall so if players are not used to Queen charges it might take them a couple of tries. So, let’s start the voyage by releasing One sneaky Goblin at each corner of the base, but in line so it runs straight to the storage at the bottom. After this, select a Giant and place it at the bottom right to lure the defense, then take the Valkyrie in between the bottom two gold storages and select your poison.

As everything runs across poison on the Valkyrie, once the Hog rider gets there this helps the poison to take down the Ice Golems as well. After this move, deploy the Queen to the right of the Tesla at the bottom left corner followed by the 5 Healers and the player’s Apprentice Warden. This means the Rage Tower should expire by the time players get there. Once this Dark Elixir Drill goes down or storage, the Queen steps forward and here places a rage spell right on top of her. 

Image via Supercell

Even if the Healers aren’t initially raged it means the Queen is continued to be powered as she moves into these next defenses, select the invisibility spell, once the invisibility spell tower pops the Queen turns left. Once she does that turn, the Queen and Healers being invisible follow her with another rage battle drill to the three o’clock Tesla. Then if this single Target Inferno on the left locks onto the Queen, freeze it, then players need to select the Headhunter.

After this, once the battle drill, whether it’s popped or not moves up towards the second single Target Inferno it would be Ice Golems. if it’s already popped then send the Headhunter from that top right side to help out use the rage spell and select this as the Queen steps into the base. That’s when we will use this next rage spell again, raging up the Queen and Healers so there the players can use the invisibility spell and once she attacks the town hall turn the Queen and Heal as invisible.

Then release all 5 Balloons from the top left toward that single Inferno followed by the skeleton spell to take it down. Then you will witness upon the Queen that there is a single Target Inferno on her, if not and she’s good then the players can send these sneaky goblins in from the right. 

If you see the Queen is in danger, use a freeze spell. If she’s still not in danger,  players can continue on one Giant at the top followed by the hog rider. Check the Queen and use a spell if you need to, then select the Giant and place it to the left Tesla followed by a freeze. Focus back to the Queen and then players could actually use the freeze spell and others to protect the balloons.

Maybe get the Bass Down quicker but every player needs to guarantee that their Queen stays alive so they get this. After this, use the freeze and the invisible spells ability. if the players need to take down this final section of the base. Thus, by following up these detailed steps players can easily take over 3 stars from this Clashiversary Challenge #3 and win exciting rewards.

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