Clash of Clans: How to collect Ores for your Hero Equipment upgrades

Let us collect some Ores!

Clash of Clans has introduced a fantastic December 2023 update with a plethora of new features, including Town Hall 16 being one of the talking points, but what I was excited about the most was the Hero Equipment feature, which wasn’t in the thought of almost all players. Your CoC heroes can now wield multiple abilities thanks to this feature and for these, you shall need to collect the resources called Ores, and for the same, we shall see different ways to collect them in Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans Hero Equipment Ores


For your Hero Equipment to be upgraded, we shall need resources to do the task, for which we have Ores. Similar to what you have Gold and Elixir to upgrade your buildings or troops, Ores are here to upgrade the abilities each hero has.

Types of Ores

Currently, we have three types of Ores in CoC.

Shiny Ore

Clash of Clans Shiny Ore
Image via Supercell

Embark on your Hero Equipment upgrade journey with the most common of ores, Shiny Ore. It serves as a versatile resource applicable to all levels for both Common and Epic Equipment. It is the easiest to claim among them all.

Glowy Ore

Clash of Clans Glowy Ore
Image via Supercell

Take your upgrades to the next level with the rarer Glowy Ore. This resource is specifically designed to enhance key levels for Common and Epic Hero Equipment. It lies in between the other two in terms of availability.

Starry Ore

Clash of Clans Starry Ore
Image via Supercell

For the ultimate enhancement, harness the rarest of ores – Starry Ore. This precious resource is essential for elevating your Epic Equipment beyond certain levels as well, but cannot be used on the Common Equipment upgrades.

How to collect Clash of Clans Hero Equipment Ores

Now, with the introduction done, let us see how we can collect Ores so that we make our Heroes beasts in CoC!

1. Home Village Star Bonus

This is the first and most probably the way to collect the Ores in CoC, in my opinion. Bonuses are always done since they grant resources a plenty, and now Ores will join them too. However, the sad part is we won’t be getting Starry Ore in this one, but for your Common Equipment upgrades, we have plenty.

Clash of Clans how to collect Ore in coc
Image via Supercell

Here’s the maximum number of Ores you can receive with the Star Bonus respective of each League tier. The higher your League is, the better the resource rewards.

BronzeShiny: 125, Glowy: 6Shiny: 175, Glowy: 7Shiny: 175, Glowy: 8
SilverShiny: 200, Glowy: 9Shiny: 250, Glowy: 10Shiny: 275, Glowy: 11
GoldShiny: 300, Glowy: 12Shiny: 325, Glowy: 14Shiny: 350, Glowy: 16
CrystalShiny: 375, Glowy: 18Shiny: 400, Glowy: 20Shiny: 425, Glowy: 22
MasterShiny: 450, Glowy: 24Shiny: 500, Glowy: 26Shiny: 525, Glowy: 28
ChampionShiny: 550, Glowy: 30Shiny: 625, Glowy: 34Shiny: 700, Glowy: 38
TitanShiny: 775, Glowy: 42Shiny: 850, Glowy: 46Shiny: 925, Glowy: 50
Legend (No Tier)Shiny: 1000, Glowy: 54NANA

2. Clan Wars

Coming to Clan Wars now, which can be used to earn frequent Ores. Just like how you will have resources you can loot, Ores will also be present whenever you go to war, available as a certain amount. You can earn all three types of Ores here, but to get Starry Ores you need to be TH10 or above.

coc how to collect Ore
Image via Supercell

The difference in reward will be between losing and winning the wars, which are explained in the table below. The reward distribution for winning a war is as follows.

Ore/Town HallTH8TH9TH10TH11TH12TH13TH14TH15TH16

The reward distribution for losing a war is as follows.

Ore/Town HallTH8TH9TH10TH11TH12TH13TH14TH15TH16

Do note these numbers are not fixed. Values in these numbers may vary depending on various factors, such as war weight.

3. The Trader

You can obtain Ores from The Trader, who now offers hero equipment resources in addition to selling Magic Items for Gems and Clan Capital Raid Medals. New offers may become available every week.

4. The in-game Shop

Finally, you can purchase Ores from the in-game shop. Check for exclusive offers and purchase CoC ores.

Well, that’s all for this guide. We might get new Ore types and also new methods to get them as we get new Hero Equipments coming to the game, but until then, this guide will be enough. Read related Clash of Clans articles here-

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