Clash Royale best decks for Tournaments and Challenges

With the increasing number of players in Clash Royale, there are a lot of decks which are experimented and not all get success with it. Even though finding a deck which suits you isn’t a hard task because of the number cards and combinations the game has, equal importance has to be given considering levelling up cards, as some could lose powerful key interactions because of under-levelling. With events happening frequently, finding a good deck to climb and get your rewards is very important. So, in this article, we have listed five best Tournament and challenge decks in Clash Royale, tried and reviewed by our team at GamingonPhone.

The list of best decks in Clash Royale for Tournaments and Challenges

1. Pekka Bandit Bait

Average Elixir Cost: 3.5

Pekka Bandit Bait deck in clash royale, clash royale best deck, best pekka deck
Pekka Bandit Bait deck in clash royale

One of the best tournament decks in Clash Royale, for its great offensive and defensive potential. Even with the lack of building cards, the deck is very good for defense, with a tank deployed to kill out time and elixir of your opponent. The Barrel would slowly cause damage to the opponent towers when continuously deployed across.

Tips for the Pekka Bandit Bait deck

Pekka and The Princess can be deployed from the back, because to make an advance with a slower pace to force your opponent into a move and gain elixir advantage. If struggling defensively, you can have a Defensive unit in your deck because having one might give you a better deck against counters. Too many cards serve you an option to be dropped at the bridge, for chip damage or rush attacks. Make sure you have cards levelled up, as some of them, particularly, the Barrel and the Goblin gang are weak if you have them on lower levels.

2. Golem Lumberjack beatdown

Average Elixir Cost: 4.3

Golem Lumberjack beatdown clash royale, best golem deck
Golem Lumberjack beatdown deck in Clash Royale

Definitely not a fan favorite, but one of the heavy pushing decks that will yield you wonderful results for both Grand Challenge and your Tournaments. This makes it one of the best Tournament decks in Clash Royale. Heavy deck with Golem being the only one to target enemy towers, as a wrong counter from the opponent will help you get a massive push against the opponent, also not to forget how the Elixir Collector helps more during the x2 boost.

Tips for Golem Lumberjack beatdown deck

If you are getting countered easily, try replacing your Bandit with a Tombstone or any distractive defensive buildings, or even can with an Ice Golem/Skeletons for a quick distraction if possible. Deck is vulnerable to air, being MM and Night Witch being the only two troops to attack air. So better gain a big push to take down towers. Use poison spell to damage a Pump/Defense/Swarm played by the opponent across the bridge. Make sure to level up cards for better results.

3. Royal Hogs 3M Valkyrie

Average Elixir Cost: 4.0

Royal Hogs 3M Valkyrie deck, best challenge deck in clash royale
Royal Hogs 3M Valkyrie deck in Clash Royale

A well-worked and versatile deck for a heavy offensive push, as most of them would involve in both offense and defense. A good balance for both air and ground, even can play some cards to avoid getting hit on the counter. With having cards like Valkyrie, Spirit and Bats, they create a lot of distraction and also kill out time of an attack. Having Royal Hogs would help to gain a tower.

Tips Royal Hogs 3M Valkyrie deck

The opponents using Fireball would get rid of your 3 Musketeers easily, resulting in Elixir disadvantage. So, make sure to bait him to use it on the GG, Elixir Pump or the Valkyrie by distracting his attack, making him force to use his Fireball. Try to avoid grouping 3Ms together, split them to damage both sides, assisting in defense as well. Make sure not to rush a move if the opponent is using air swarms, as if Musketeers are excluded, you don’t have enough counters for it, Zap and spirit might stop an attack for just seconds. Always try to have cards at the maximum level possible.

4. X-Bow Tesla Valkyrie

Average Elixir Cost: 3.1

X-Bow Tesla Valkyrie deck, best deck for grand challenges
X-Bow Tesla Valkyrie deck in Clash Royale

A great deck for those who prefer a quick cycle and good damage, with being very effective in damaging every possible counter from your opponent. A good defensive combination of Tesla + X-Bow and also with Valkyrie + Log provides you enough time to distract the troops and also help you to destroy ground swarms. For air, Tesla + Archers will come handy.

Tips for X-Bow Tesla Valkyrie deck

Although this deck is very powerful for defense, against heavy air swarms, the deck is quite vulnerable. For this, make sure to utilize your Tesla to the fullest, also taking help to Ice Spirit to kill time and spare a second. X-Bow serves to remove to towers too, so use the right time to deploy it. Fireball swarms/pumps at the earliest, gaining elixir advantage which is necessary during the same.

5. Magic Piglet Zap

Average Elixir Cost: 3.6

best royal hog deck, top tournament decks
Magic Piglet Zap deck in Clash Royale

Another deck involving the Valkyrie and the Royal Hogs, also made its way to our list of one of the best Tournament decks in Clash Royale, for its balanced offensive and defensive potential. Again, having Royal Hogs would help to gain a tower. Magic Archer and Valkyrie can be deployed at the bridge for both attack and defense.

Tips for Magic Piglet Zap deck

Try using Tombstone for bait. Don’t overkill by deploying in the path of opponent attack. Fireball pump/swarms in order to gain elixir. During an elixir lead, don’t hesitate to continuously deploy Royal Hogs to gain the tower. Mega Minion for air and Zappies to slow down attacks, providing your defensive moves. Magic Archer replaced, depending upon your choice. Try to have cards at the maximum level possible.

Did we miss out any deck which you think should be there in our list of Best Tournament and challenge decks in Clash Royale? Feel free to mention it in the comments below!

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