Clash Royale: Best Mother Witch decks in the game with tips

The best decks for the latest card!

Clash Royale has still a loyal fan-base and with the new Clan Wars system coming in, it has been a mixed reaction, but still going strong. However, new cards that have arrived in the game have been good and have been able to engage players in the game. The recent Season 18 update saw a new Legendary card introduced in the game, the Mother Witch. Questions on how to use it and decks related to it have been asked in plenty. So, to help you with it, we have listed the best Mother Witch decks in Clash Royale, after trying out the best possible ones.

List of the best Mother Witch decks in Clash Royale

1. Mother Witch Bait deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.9

clash royale best mother witch decks

This might look a little strange as the deck might seem a bit off-balance, but this is a really strong deck and gets you that offensive boost needed. The Mother Witch and the win condition card Royal Hogs are the two cards that are very important in this deck. The Royal Recruits will be your defensive card and will also get you that elixir value that is needed. The damage spells Fireball and Barell along with the Magic Archer will help you in both offense and defense. Flying Machine gets you that anti-air quotient and strengthens your defense. The cards in this deck all together act as fireball bait, and hence gets the name.

Tips to use the deck

This deck, however, has some flaws when you face opponents with a lot of air units. So, you need to play from the back, get to know your opponent’s deck, and then try to cancel out his attacks. On the other hand, talking about the offensive potential, this is a really powerful deck and one major push will blow out your opponent’s tower away. As the majority of the deck has cards spawning multiple units, you have this advantage for a major push. Also, you can bait one of these cards if your opponent has a high damage spell in his deck, and can get that important elixir lead.

2. The Mother Witch Grave deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.6

A surprising deck for sure, and also has been used frequently barring a couple of card changes, this deck can be mastered quickly with practice. You have the Graveyard as the only win condition, but until the Mother Witch is spawning hoggies, you need not worry. The Valkyrie, Flying Machine, and Musketeer will help you with the defense and also add strength to your offense. The Electro Spirit will get you some chip damage and the poison spell will aid you in cutting out swarms and weaken them.

Tips to use the deck

Even though easy to master, this is a deck that will get you a lot of 1 crown victories. So it is advised to change cards according to your practice. Make sure you use the Graveyard perfectly, as it is the only win condition you have. You can also use another win condition card in the deck if this is not giving you results. Whenever an opponent uses a heavy deck, try to kill it by baiting using the tombstone and use another card accordingly. Get the elixir lead and take out the crown during the x2 elixir. The best tip that we can give is that this deck is slow-paced but effective, and thus you should approach the build-up slowly and not panic.

3. Double Witch Kill

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8

clash royale best mother witch decks

A different deck to get the dark witches paired together, but only the Night Witch in this case. The addition of the Giant Skeleton is also a major plus, as players who love to get a major push for the crown would definitely love this deck. For the defense, you have the Baby Dragon, Archers, and the Fireball that can be recycled back quickly. Skeleton Barrel is your only win condition, but under a push that yields the best elixir value. The biggest plus of this deck is that you have cards that get you the best value, on both offense and defense, which makes this deck one of the best Mother Witch decks in Clash Royale.

Tips to use the deck

This deck is extremely powerful if your opponent misses his chances of taking down your cards. The Skeleton should be utilized perfectly, be it a push or defending a swarm attack. Try to use both the Night Witch and the Mother Witch as a push behind the tank during x2 elixir, as once they get close, they deal a lot of damage. In case the opponent has cards that deal direct damage, counter it using one of the bait cards, and then proceed further. If you feel that you need more offensive power for this deck, a clone spell can work deadly. Also, in case of problems defending against air, try to use an equivalent cost air troop over archers.

So that is all about the best Mother Witch decks in Clash Royale that you can use in the game to enhance your gameplay!

What is your opinion on the best Mother Witch decks in this Clash Royale list? Do you use any of the above-mentioned decks? Mention it in the comment section below!

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