Clash Royale Season 18: Mother Witch, New additions and more

Make way for Logmas!

Supercell’s Clash Royale is a popular real-time strategy video game. The updates received in the game have been very good, recently with the inclusions of Clan Wars II and Shocktober. With ‘LogmasSeason 18 of Clash Royale, which will begin starting from the 7th of December, 2020, the developers have released the patch note. This article contains detailed insights into the adjustments, new features, and improvements, which we will have a look into it. 

Clash Royale Season 18 Patch Notes

New Additions in Season 18


Clash Royale Season 18 new emotes
  • The Log: Logmas. Freely available for all players at Tier 5.
  • Bowler Gift. Unlockable at Tier 20.
  • Bowler Sad. Buy in Shop.
  • Mother Witch Laugh. Buy in Shop.
  • Lumberjack Logmas. By completing a Challenge.

Tower Skins

Clash Royale Season 18

In this season, players can have two Tower Skins. One from Pass Royale and another from the Shop.

  • Clashmas Sled tower skin. From Pass Royale at Tier 10.
  • Logmas tower skin. Buy in Shop.

Mother Witch

Mother Witch is a new Legendary card coming this Season. Mother Witch curses the enemy troop and with each attack and after the troop is slain, it transforms into a Building and attacks only on the Hogs. 

  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Elixir: 4
  • Sight Range: 5.5
  • Range: 5.5
  • Speed: 60 (Medium)
  • Hit Time: 1.2 sec
  • Deploy Time: 1.0 sec
  • Effect Duration: 5.5 sec
  • Targets: Air + Ground


LevelHitpointsDamageDamage Per Sec
13 (Max)817140117

Balance Changes

In this season there are a lot of reworks, buffs, and nerfs. Let’s have an in-depth overview of it.

Clash Royale Season 18 balance changes
Balance Changes. Credits: RoyaleAPI

X-Bow (Rework)

  • Life Time reduced from 40 sec → 30 sec
  • Hit Time increased from 0.25 sec → 0.30 sec
  • Health reduced from 1383 → 1330
  • Damage increased from 26 → 34

X-Bow is one of the difficult cards in the game and mastering it will hugely reward the player. X-Bow decks make it hard for enemy troops to penetrate and defend. This rework is reducing the health and lifetime and in return, increased the damage by 30%.

Guards (Rework)

  • Hit time reduced from 1.1 sec → 1.0 sec.
  • Health reduced from 90 → 67

Guards will now have the same health and hit time as the Skeletons. The rework focuses on their DPS and once they are out of shield they are extremely fragile.

Goblin Giant (Buff)

  • Hit time reduced from 1.7 sec → 1.5 sec.

In the current season, the damage was nerfed. In the upcoming season, their DPS is increased. 

Witch (Buff)

  • Initial spawn reduced from 3.5 sec → 1 sec

Her CD on ability was a major setback, which threw her out of the META.

The upcoming season grants her a huge buff which will make her playable again in the High Elo. Now, Witch can spawn her skeletons quick enough. (3.5s to 1s). 

Bats (Buff)

  • First Hit reduced from 0.8 secs → 0.6 secs

Bats have received a buff on their DPS and it is also an indirect buff to Night Witch, as she spawns bats too.

Barbarian Hut (Nerf)

  • Health reduced from 1452 → 1144

Barbarian Huts are kind of annoying, as their quite strong and provide a lot of defense to the ally troops. This update will nerf those huts, which will allow the enemy troops to invade easily.

Graveyard (Nerf)

  • Initial spawn increased from 2.0 secs → 2.2 secs

After many trials of nerfing the Graveyard, developers finally found a way around. From now on, the first Skeleton will appear with a delay, which results in 1 fewer Skeleton spawn overall.

Heal Spirit(Nerf)

  • Damage reduced from 91 → 28

After repeated nerfs in consecutive seasons, the win rate and usage rates were high. The damage has received a massive nerf of 69%. Now, Heal Spirit won’t be able to counter Skeleton and Goblin. 

Clash Royale Season 18

Fisher Man (Nerf)

  • Health reduced from 800 → 720

With his unique ability, this card dominated the meta. The upcoming update will nerf his hooking range and health generation is reduced by 10%.

Electro Wizard (Nerf)

  • Damage reduced from 93 → 91

This season will have a minor nerf on Electro Wizard, making him unable to take down both Archers at the same time.

Skeleton Barrel (Nerf)

  • Health reduced from 540 → 440

With the double-deck strategy, the Skeleton Barrels were hard to counter. It was almost difficult to stop them from damaging the tower. So, from now on the update will nerf the health stats by 19%. Skeleton Barrel will have the same health as Skeleton Dragons / Magic Archer / Zappies.

From now on, the balance changes will be quarterly instead of every month. The development team took this step by judging the Player’s progression and development time.

Are you excited about the arrival of Clash Royale Season 18 and the new card Mother Witch? Let us know in the comment section below!

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