Clash Royale team discusses Elite Level, Vertical Progression, and more

How does the progression fare?

Clash Royale introduced the Card Evolution update on June 19th, along with which came the Elite levels. In order to shed more light on the reasoning behind Elite Level and provide clarity on the vertical progression, the Clash Royale team decided to delve into the details and share additional insights with the players.

The idea behind Elite Levels was to keep players active

Starting the post, the idea behind the Elite Level 15 was shared. The team shares that the decision to add more levels stems from the observation that many casual players tend to lose interest in the game once they have maxed out their main deck of 8 cards. They would stop playing and leave the game, be it Trophy Road, or Events.

Clash Royale Card Level 15 Feedback, Clash Royale Level 15 creators discuss
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This drop in activity has been significant enough to warrant the addition of further vertical progression to keep these players engaged. The way of progression is a key goal for many players is an observation, and hence they believed a change was important. So Elite Levels are aimed to maintain the engagement of those players.

Data shows a dip in daily active users of the game

The introduction of Elite Levels is expected to extend the gameplay experience for casual players beyond when they previously would have stopped playing. The dev team points out that a significant number of players tend to reduce their playtime or even quit altogether once they have fully upgraded a deck.

Daily active users Clash Royale
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To explain this, a chart was also shown. Following a significant increase in player activity in November 2021, it was observed that the majority of those players who re-engaged with the game subsequently left over a period of 5 to 8 months. The verdict was that the primary common factor among those departing players was that they had fully maxed out their decks.

Hence, by achieving Elite Levels, developers give players an option to continue to progress and have new goals to chase. This, in turn, allows the game developers to focus on adding and improving other areas of the game.

Elite Cards aren’t meant to be a quick unlock

The post adds to the fact that Elite Levels are not meant to be immediately accessible to everyone. Progressing through the Elite Levels will be a slower process but can be achieved simply by playing the game. The explained examples give an idea of how players focus on upgrading their preferred deck first before moving on to the rest of the under-leveled cards.

Card Progression
Image via Supercell

The dev team aims to create a distribution of card levels where players have their entire collection at Level 14 and then gradually work towards getting key cards to Elite Level. The use of Elite Wild Cards as the sole currency for maxing cards allows the game developers to have more control over the game’s economy, making adjustments less risky for all players.

If the feedback is positive, expect more cards in the future

Regarding the addition of more levels in the future, the game team plans to see the reactions of Elite Levels based on data and community feedback. If the introduction of vertical progression proves to be beneficial and keeps players engaged, then more levels may be added.

However, if casual players show disinterest in Elite Levels or if the core community expresses dissatisfaction, the game team will consider making changes or exploring alternative approaches to ensure player satisfaction.

If we are having a sharp memory, it wasn’t long back that the community expressed severe dissatisfaction over the Level 15 arrival. Currently, the situation hasn’t cooled down. We should be looking closely at the advancements in the future, as we are not sure how the Clash Royale team will handle the current situation.

What are your thoughts on the Elite Level cards and Vertical Progression in Clash Royale? Do let us know in the comments below!

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