Clash Royale Draft Challenge: Tips and tricks to get an added advantage

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The Draft Challenge is a very funny and interesting mode in Clash Royale. Every player will have 2 cards and they will select 1 card from those two cards. The remaining card will go to the opponent’s deck. The same thing will happen to the opponent. Both the player and opponent can do this four times which will complete their deck. In this article, we will discuss the best tips and tricks to get an added advantage in Clash Royale Draft Challenge.

How to get advantages in Clash Royale Draft Challenge?

1. Make opponent’s deck expensive

Clash Royale Draft Challenge Tips
Clash Royale Draft Challenge Tips

Making the opponent’s deck expensive is a great way to get advantages in the draft challenge. Always try to give the higher elixir costing cards to your opponent. It may include good tanky cards but if you manage to set their average elixir cost between 5-6 then it will be hard for your opponent to cycle the cards and you can easily take one or two crown towers by spamming low elixir costing good cards. But it will be hard to counter high elixir costing decks during 2x or 3x elixir periods since the elixir producing rate will remain higher at that time so be aware.

2. Pick counter cards

Sometimes you will see that there are two cards in the drafts and one card is another’s counter. Pick the counter card right away. It will help you to outplay your opponent and will deal with a positive elixir trade. For example, suppose you are given Inferno Dragon and Electro Wizard in the draft. In this case, always pick the Electro Wizard to easily counter your opponent. The same thing goes for the Princess and the Log, Minion Horde and arrows, etc.

3. Make a balanced deck

Always try to keep your deck balanced and keep the average elixir cost as low as possible. You can only choose 4 cards out of 8 so it is not entirely possible, but you should aim for it. Balanced deck means having: tank / win condition, support, spell, cheap cycle / defense cards. With low average elixir cost, you can outplay your opponent with fast cycle cards. It will help you a lot in 2x or 3x elixir period.

4. Read your opponent very well to get an edge over him

Clash Royale Draft Challenge Tips
Clash Royale Draft Challenge Tips

It is very important to read your opponent and their gameplay. Always remember which cards you are giving them in the draft. Try to pick the counter of those cards in the next drafts. Drafting is not only about choosing your cards but also about giving cards to your opponent. It is important to draft a good deck for yourself, but it is even more important NOT to draft a good deck for your opponent. Don’t give him counters to your cards. Give him cards to which you have counters.

5. Pick high damage spells

Clash Royale Draft Challenge Tips
Clash Royale Draft Challenge Tips

High damage spells work great in the draft challenge. If you don’t have a clear win condition then try spell-cycle the opponent by spamming spells on the crown towers. Spells also works quite great in stopping and immobilizing the opponent’s counter pushes. Some good spells to pick in the draft challenge are- Lighting Spell, Rocket, Poison, Fireball, etc.

Final Thoughts

In draft challenge, there are no meta decks, that you’re trained to play against. You don’t know what to expect from your opponent except for the cards you gave them. It is better to play safe, wait for them to make a first move. Try to understand your opponent’s strategy and card-cycle. If you drafted a bad deck, try doing something different and unusual. You can surprise push on the other side to get some free damage or even a tower in the game.

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