Clash Royale March 2023 update faces a severe backlash as the community points out numerous flaws

Did the update do more harm than improvements?

Whatever the game might be, the fanbase and players are always excited for any update that is arriving at the game. The size doesn’t matter, the updated content in the game is what the fans wait for, and if there’s something unique, they are the first ones to respond positively. Similarly, Supercell’s Clash Royale had mentioned beforehand about the upcoming update, and the initial reactions weren’t pleasing from the community. The expectations were still there, as players felt there was a brink of hope the update will come out well. But all went downhill when the Clash Royale March 2023 update was released, and the community did not stay silent and a backlash was already ignited.

Fans had high hopes for the new content, but as soon as they got their hands on it, they were left disappointed. The community quickly rallied to voice their complaints, sparking a backlash that has left Supercell scrambling to make things right. We shall look at the talking points of the update, and also the community’s responses on the same.

The talking points of the Clash Royale March 2023 update

Level 15 is not needed, never was

It all began with the announcement of Level 15 cards coming to the game in the official roadmap for the year 2023 announcement. To be fair, Level 14 has been difficult to adapt because upgrading and collecting them took time. It was already known that the next upgrades would be more difficult at level 15. A new level was not required right now, but the makers had other plans.

The problem with levels 14 and 15 is that they add nothing to the game. If we consider the other popular Supercell title Clash of Clans, each new level introduces new buildings and strategies, and there, the levels being added are understandable. But why would you change something that is working to make it worse? Level 14 was slowly being digested but the next news was even sour to swallow.

Pass Royale has upgraded, but a step behind

Pass Royale update, what seemed to be an interesting update when first announced, has been a massive L. It is obvious that the new system is a cash-grab opportunity, and the two new tiers are just awful, to begin with. No more books on the pass royale is a huge mistake, as they were something the players waited for.

pass royale revamp
Image via Supercell

The p2w factor looks heavy with this update, and the Season Shop is filled with ridiculous deals. Gold Pass is just not worth it, and the Diamond Pass doesn’t feel exciting either. The community questioned this matter even before the update, but there were no answers. When it comes to deals, the prices are outrageous, and the developers should themselves investigate the absurd prices they put.

The death of the 2v2 mode

Most of the opinions were against the removal of crowns in 2v2. But they did remove it. Why? No answers. This is still a fun mode for players to relax, and it is shameful that it has stooped this low. What’s the deal with the update for the losers tagline, now that everyone is a loser? Also what many users pointed out was the removal of the Play Again button, where the posts blew up.

Although the creators clarified that this was due to a bug discovered prior to the update release and because the deadline was approaching, they had to disable it. Do you believe this reason would have been acceptable to the players? No way, no how. In fact, this became yet another reason for the community’s outrage, because it screams gross negligence of the highest order.

The community’s massive uproar against the update is loud and clear

The trailer released on YouTube was bombarded with dissatisfactory comments and garnered more dislikes over likes too. Devs on Twitter are facing all the heat, and it hasn’t been calmed down. A lot of points were mentioned by the community, what they consider the phrase “game’s evolving, but backward” right for Clash Royale.

While the communication is somewhat clear from the team regarding the update, players say these empty promises aren’t making a fool out of anyone unless something has been changed. Players are quitting, and a lot of “I quit the game” posts are making rounds, which taking a step ahead in deactivating their accounts itself. It is considered the final nail in the coffin and looks like it. Fully summed up, a disaster for Supercell.

In the midst of an April Fools’ prank hope, makers have fooled themselves

What’s funny is that there are a few players who are speculating this is all an April Fools’ prank. Well, why not? What if Clash Royale suddenly announces, “hey look! This was a prank, hope you enjoyed it?” and gets the game back to how it was? Wouldn’t it be cool to see it happen? Sad to break it to you, better wake up.

The players’ wishful thinking is that this will be reversed. Imagine releasing an update that is so bad that its player base suspects it is a massive prank; you might not have heard it anywhere else before. We’ll have to wait and see how this plays out, and whether the feedback is meaningful.

What are your thoughts about the Clash Royale march 2023 update backlash? Do you think it is fair? Let us know in the comments below!

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Daryl Jenkins

Absolute trash. This game has been on its way out for your. This is the last nail in the coffin. They have become so cash hungry giving less for more. Double the cost of top tier Pass Royal and making it less value tells me these fools have no clue and have no respect for its player! Good bye Losers!

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