Clash Royale: The complete Chests Guide and Tips

Use these tips and strategies to obtain and use Chests!

Clash Royale is a fast-paced real-time multiplayer strategy game where you collect and upgrade cards featuring your favorite Clash of Clans troops, spells, and defenses. Use your cards to battle against other players in the arena, and strategically outwit your opponents to claim victory and climb the ranks. In this Clash Royale guide, we’ll give you tips and tricks about Chests in the game.

With intense battles, challenging tournaments, and endless card combinations to explore, Clash Royale offers a thrilling experience for players of all levels.

Introducing Chests in Clash Royale 

Chests are an important aspect of Clash Royale as they contain the cards and resources that players need to upgrade their decks and progress through the game.

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Therefore, understanding the different types of chests become necessary. There are several types of chests in Clash Royale that players can earn, each with its rewards and drop rates, including:

Chest TypeTime NeededHow to obtain
Wooden Chest5 secondsWinning battles
Silver Chest3 hoursWinning battles
Golden Chest8 hoursWinning battles
Magical Chest12 hoursWinning battles
Giant Chest12 hoursWinning battles
Mega Lightning Chest24 hoursWinning battles
Epic Chest12 hoursWinning battles/purchasing from the shop
Legendary Chest24 HoursWinning battles/purchasing from the shop
Lighting ChestCan be Purchased from the shop
Fortune ChestCan be Purchased from the Shop
King’s ChestCan be Purchased from the shop
Gold Crate3 hoursWinning battles
Plentiful Gold Crate8 hoursWinning battles
Overflowing Gold Crate12 hoursWinning battles
Royal Wild Chest24 hoursWinning battles/can be purchased from the shop

Note: The rewards obtained from these chests may vary from arena to arena.

How to earn Chests in Clash Royale 

In Clash Royale there are several ways to earn Chests:

Clash Royale Chests Tips
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  • Winning Battles: Winning battles is one of the primary ways to earn chests in Clash Royale. The type of chest you earn depends on the arena in which you’re battling, and your chances of earning a higher-tier chest increase as you progress through the arenas. You can also earn chests by winning battles in party modes.
  • Participation in Special Events, tournaments, and Challenges: Clash Royale occasionally offers special events that reward players with unique chests and bonuses. Keep an eye on the game’s news and events section to see when these opportunities arise and play accordingly during the events to win chests and other rewards.
  • Earning Crowns: The player taking the opponent’s tower can also earn them a chest by the tier list. This ladder contains many rewards including wild cards, chests, and chest keys.
Fortune Chest
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  • Purchasing Chests: you can purchase Royale Chests from the game’s shop with the help of gems. These chests typically offer better rewards than those earned through normal gameplay but can be quite expensive. For example, the Fortune chest cost 750 gems and Legendary King’s chest costs 2500 gems.
Clash Royale Chests Tips
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  • Trophy Road Rewards: Players also earn a variety of Chests by reaching a certain number of Trophies in the Trophy road 

By using these methods, players can easily earn a variety of chests in Clash Royale and build up their collection of cards and resources.

Clash Royale Chests Guide: Tips and Tricks

After you earn some chests in You can follow these chest guides that can help you maximize your chest rewards in Clash Royale : 

  • Know when to open your Chests: Chests in Clash Royale take a set amount of time to open, ranging from a few seconds to several hours. Try to time your chest openings so that you can maximize your rewards. For example, you might want to open a Silver Chest when you know you’ll be taking a break from the game, or save a Gold Chest for when you have more time to play. 
  • Focus on High-tier Chests: Higher-tier chests, such as the Magical Chest and the Super Magical Chest, have better drop rates for rare and epic cards. While these chests take longer to open and are harder to obtain, they offer greater rewards for your time and effort.
Clash Royale Pass Royale
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  • Purchasing Pass Royale: Pass Royale allows players to put their chests queue thus making it easier to open chests. 
  • Use Gems wisely: besides directly purchasing chests from the store by gems, you can also use them to outright your chest openings.
Chest Key
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  • Use Magical Chest keys wisely: You can earn chest keys by chests or tier list, which can be used to open chests outright. So, save keys for rare chests like magical, giant chests, etc. which take longer time to open.

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