Coco Valley: Farm Adventure Beginners Guide and Tips

Experience the magic of Coco Valley, a world full of adventure and wonder!

Coco Valley: Farm Adventure is a simulation game developed by MOUNT HORSE LIMITED. In this game, you will explore a new world with various islands with different terrains through a portal. Apart from exploring, you need to build your island and there you can carry out various activities such as Build, Farm, harvesting, cooking, and various missions. In this Coco Valley: Farm Adventure Beginners Guide, we do a detailed walkthrough of the game, and explain the basics with additional tips and tricks.

Introducing the basics of Coco Valley: Farm Adventure

Here are the basics you should know before playing the game:


story chapters

To be able to complete the chapter, you need to enter a portal first which is the link between your island or known as Pepe’s Cabin, and the island in that chapter. Each chapter usually has 2 types of stages, namely, there is a stage for the story which contains the main storyline of the game Coco Valley: Farm Adventure. Then the second is the star stage where you need to collect several stars to complete it.


There are many buildings in this game and each building has its function, such as the Sawmill as a building that makes wood, there is a Field to grow plants, there is a Stonemason to manage rocks. However, you cannot immediately unlock or fix this building instantly, because you need some resources, besides that here several buildings are blocked like clouds, which means that the area has not been unlocked and to open it you need to destroy several objects that are blocking it, but sometimes you will be asked to finish quests to proceed to unlock it.


Coco Valley: Farm Adventure Beginners Guide

In playing games like Simulation, especially in terms of building, resources are the most important factor in this game. There are many resources in this game such as Stick, Grass, Wood, Stone, Silver Ore, and others. For these resources, we will discuss them in more detail below later.

Coco Valley: Farm Adventure Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in the Coco Valley: Farm Adventure Beginners Guide to help you newbies kickstart your journey.

1. Keep developing your Building

Coco Valley: Farm Adventure Beginners Guide

This building is quite important when you want to develop your island. Of the many buildings, you should level up each building evenly, because each of these buildings is synchronous with each other in terms of the resources needed to level up.

2. Obtain Resources

Coco Valley: Farm Adventure Beginners Guide

As the previous explanation stated how important resources are, therefore you need to manage these resources as best as possible. You can get these resources by destroying objects on your island or you can also go through stages, such as trees that can produce wood and sticks, there are also rocks, tree plants, weeds, and others. But to be able to destroy it, you need something called energy, for every 1 energy released, you will get 1 resource according to that object.

3. Utilise your Energy efficiently

Apart from resources, energy also plays an important role, especially when you are completing a stage in a chapter. In this game, you have energy that is useful for carrying out activities such as destroying objects.

You can get this energy by waiting every 90 seconds, it will add 1 energy. However, you can get it by watching ds and giving 25 energy. Besides that, you can also get it through the Juice Bar building, where you need to fill the percentage bar up to 100% to get 25 energy with various fruits, such as Wild Berries, Blueberries, and the like.

manage energy

When you finish the stage, every area there must be a lot that is covered or blocked by some kind of cloud or fog which can be removed when it destroys the object that is blocking it and it requires energy. Even though the clouds have disappeared, sometimes each road will be blocked by objects. Therefore energy is an important factor because if you run out of energy, you cannot finish the stage.

One way that can be done is to save energy and simply destroy what is needed. So you shouldn’t destroy any object, but pay attention to it first 1 to 2 steps ahead. Another way is that you can destroy objects that have the resources needed at that stage, if you need a connecting road that requires sticks, wood, and grass, then you can destroy trees and grass.

4. Make sure to get the 3-Stars

When completing stages, especially on 3-star missions, make sure to always get 3 stars because you will get pretty good rewards, such as resources, energy, diamonds, and others. The stars on this stage are usually hidden among large objects, because they will be blocked and hard to get, or they can also hide among the clouds.

Sometimes you will experience a stage that has been completed, but you haven’t gotten 3 stars, instead of going straight out through the portal, it’s better to explore first, especially if you still have more energy. Always pay close attention to where the star is hiding.

5. Don’t miss out on the Lucky Box

open luckybox

When you get 3 stars, you can claim rewards in the form of a Lucky Box. This Lucky Box contains rewards such as Gold, Resources, energy, diamonds, and the like, but has its grade. To be able to open the Lucky Box, you need to tap a kind of box on the lower left next to the wooden mallet, and there you can open each box.

6. Always keep an eye on Treasure

Coco Valley: Farm Adventure Beginners Guide

In each region, whether on your island or the islands in each chapter, there is usually some kind of treasure containing energy, wood, gold, and so on. This is very profitable because you can get it for free just in front of the treasure tap. However, sometimes this is hindered by the objects around it, so you need to destroy it first.

Final Thoughts

Coco Valley: Farm Adventure is a unique simulation game because it is divided into 2 areas that can be visited, there is your island and the island in the chapter. As well as each stage that has been completed in that chapter, you can visit again and be able to boot at once.

That’s all from us for Coco Valley: Farm Adventure Beginners Guide! Did you find our Coco Valley: Farm Adventure Beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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