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COD Mobile: 5 Best Emotes that you can try in game

Emotes are theatrical actions done by a character to display the reaction to a situation in the present time. In Call of Duty Mobile, emotes are mostly used at the end of played matches in the Winner’s Circle. Idle emotes are displayed in lobby screens or emotes as commands or miscellaneous displayed during a match. Emotes are earned primarily through microtransactions in the store or from lucky draws, with some exceptions obtained through regular progression. Here are the 5 Best Emotes you can try out in COD Mobile.

Before moving on to the best emotes in Call of Duty Mobile, we want to make it clear that this list consists of information as per our personal views, and may not be applicable to all players, depending mostly on varying player mindsets.

Best Emotes in COD Mobile


The character is seen imitating the act of splitting the throat. You can use this emote to show your ruthlessness in the game.

2. Mad Respect

The character can be seen pumping his chest and showing the sign of peace. This emote can be used to show the unity amongst the players in the team.

3. Harness the Power

The characters are seen harnessing some special power while using this emote. Shows the hidden power inside your character.

4. Make it Rain

The character is seen to shower money in this emote. You can use this emote to show your ability to spend money in the game if you can!

5. Clucked Up

The character performs some dance moves. The moves very much resemble the popular “Take the L” celebration from the game of football.

How to get these emotes in COD Mobile

COD Mobile includes a variety of emotes that the players can use in both Multiplayer and battle royale mode. Players can obtain them via various in-game events and crates. Here’s how the players can equip and use them in COD Mobile.

COD Mobile best emotes
COD Mobile best emotes: The Main menu
  • Open the game and head to the lobby.
  • Next, you have to click the Loadout icon on the main screen.
COD Mobile best emotes
COD Mobile best emotes: The Loadout customization section
  • Go to the loadout Customization section.
  • Select the favorite emote and click on Equip.

Now that you have equipped your emotes, next comes how to use it in game. To use emotes, you can follow the given steps.

  1. Select the thumbs up button to open the loadout of emotes.
  2. Click on the emote to be used.
  3. That’s it! Your equipped character does the selected emote.

When playing any of the modes in COD Mobile, the camera switches from the First-Person Perspective to the Third-Person Perspective while performing various emotes and dances. This makes you able to see the character perform emotes on screen instead of staying in FPP only!

Did you find this list of best emotes to try in COD Mobile helpful? Drop your opinions in the comment section below!

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Ronald Aparajit

What’s your favourite Probal? I personally love the Halloween dancing emote and also the transvestites dance.


My favorite by far is the Outer Space Shuffle, then Boogie Pop, Weightless, ICU, Cheers, Bish, I also have one that jumps like a cat and licks his paws that’s hilarious.

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