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COD Mobile Skirmish Mode Guide: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

COD Mobile hasn’t been the same as it had been months ago – same META weapons, no ground-breaking updates and nothing new to explore. However, Season 4 titled ‘Veiled Uprising’ seems to offer lots to the players in a long time. Apart from the Esports Roadmap that was released by Snapdragon and Activision not long ago, COD Mobile has introduced a new and interesting game mode – Skirmish under its Battle Royale segment in the Season 4 of the game.

Introducing the Hybrid Ground War: Skirmish

Ground War: Skirmish is a brand-new hybrid game mode that combines features of multiplayer and battle royale. Be ready to fight like no before. Deploy to the Farm and Sakura sites of interest on Isolated after selecting your loadout and Battle Royale class.

COD Mobile Season 4 2023
Image via Activision

The all-new mode that is added to the limited collection of Battle Royale modes is a 10v10 extended version of Domination found in the Multiplayer mode. Landing at the Farm, players have to attain 400 points before their opponents do so. To obtain the points, there are 5 objectives – ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’, and ‘E’. Holding on to an objective gives points, the more the objectives captured, the higher the points gained. Solos and duos will be unable to play this mode, however, players can solo/duo queue in the squad option.

Apart from the five existing objectives, there is another objective ‘S’, seen in the middle of the map soon after a team reaches 200 points. Capturing this sixth objective slightly increases the overall points obtained over time.

Choose your profession in Ground War: Skirmish

COD Mobile Skirmish mode
Image via Activision

During pre-game, players have to choose their profession, wherein one can select their preferred weapon, class, scorestreaks, and operator skills from the given loadouts that are customized. Players can select from a range of options according to their style of play.

Land with a vehicle in Ground War: Skirmish

COD Mobile Skirmish mode
Image via Activision

Players have the option to spawn as infantry, or with vehicles such as a tank or a chopper. Upon dying, players can spawn –

  • From any of the captured objectives,
  • Near a teammate
  • Near a teammate’s vehicle.

Landing with a vehicle boosts the chances of capturing objectives easier, especially the chopper as it greatly assists in clearing opponents off an objective at the same time.

Tips and Tricks to gain victory in Ground War: Skirmish

  • Making use of vehicles as much as possible. By using vehicles, players can easily clear enemies off objectives and also capture them at a faster pace. But do remember to use vehicles efficiency at the same time, as it can be only used 3 times per game.
  • Playing with a full squad comes with proper communication and coordination. This makes it easier for players to capture objectives and eliminate enemies.
  • Push together. Having one player with a chopper can give valuable Intel to the team which will let them push together. Implement this useful strategy as it puts players at a considerably high advantage.

Players have a fantastic opportunity to experience both multiplayer and battle royale in Ground War: Skirmish. It’s a lot to expect for dominance on a Battle Royale map with tanks, helicopters, scorestreaks, and operator skills. If players want to spend a lot of time in a fun yet competitive mode, they will certainly be entertained with Ground War: Skirmish.

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