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COD Warzone Mobile account banned: 5 Best ways to avoid ban in WZM

Find out what not to do to avoid a ban in Warzone Mobile!

Activision’s latest installment in its famous Call Of Duty franchise, Call Of Duty: Warzone Mobile is the newest game in the block in the battle royale and first-person shooter genre. As such, it follows standards set by other games that preceded Warzone Mobile in the specific genre, and the standards extend to the ban protocols as well. Here we will take a look at some actions that can get your account banned from COD Warzone Mobile and therefore should be avoided to maintain the integrity of your account and not lose it in an unfortunate turn of events.

How to avoid account ban in COD Warzone Mobile (WZM)

1. Using hacks and engaging in cheater activities

Using hacks in a multiplayer image is like the last straw that you can give the developers as a player to ban you from the game. Hacking is considered the lowest level a player can stoop to gain an advantage against other players, and when an action is taken against the player, the consequences are irreversible for the better part.

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Also, if it is observed that you as a player actively got help from a hacker, you can still face a ban albeit not being a hacker yourself. In all, hacking is the number one activity you must avoid to stay away from a ban in Warzone Mobile.

2. Sharing account credentials

Although this action in the title might be interpreted as harmless, it is also a bannable offense. Suppose the in-game software of Warzone Mobile detects multiple logins from more than one device. In that case, a warning is sent following which the account may get suspended or banned if consecutive attempts are made to log into that specific account. Therefore, to stay in the good books, keep your account details to yourself and do not share them with other players.

3. Griefing and Sabotaging teammates

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In battle-royale games, playing in squads is one of the core elements of the said game, and therefore game developers take great care to uphold the spirit of teamwork. If you go against this principle and intentionally ruin the games of your teammates, there is a good chance that you might get banned or suspended from the game if your teammates report you. This system has been put in place to combat ‘throwers’ who intentionally sabotage their teammates for their pastime.

4. Using third-party software

Many players often use third-party software or plugins to boost their performance in the game. These programs modify the game’s software to provide a slight increase in the player’s graphics or rate frames per second. Although using these types of third-party software is not as malicious as hacking, Warzone Mobile explicitly prohibits using such programs, and can thus ban you if the system detects you using those software.

5. Using Emulators

Although using emulators for playing mobile games is a widely practiced action, it still goes against the terms and conditions of the game. Therefore using an emulator to play Warzone Mobile on devices other than a mobile can disrupt the balanced playing field between players that can draw attention from the in-game software that can ban you from doing this. Therefore, it is advised to play the game from the devices that it is intended to be played on.


Warzone Mobile customer support
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To have a smooth playing experience in Warzone Mobile, it is pertinent that you follow the terms and conditions set by the game and not engage in any activity that might endanger your account because it violates certain terms, and therefore make the account susceptible to getting banned. As for the rest, the game is all about fun, so make sure to enjoy the game but with certain restraints over specific activities.

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