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COD Warzone Mobile: Best looting spots in Verdansk

Find out the top 5 places to go to in COD Warzone Mobile!

Call Of Duty: Warzone Mobile has finally been launched worldwide by Activision yesterday, that is, on the 21st of March, 2024. With millions of pre-registrations already queued, the game saw a lot of traffic on the first day as players hopped into the much-famed battle royale mode of Warzone. Verdansk, one of the two battle-royale maps in Warzone Mobile, and the more popular one is the go-to choice for most, and here we will take a look at some of its drop spots.

Top 5 best looting spots in Verdansk in Warzone Mobile

1. Downtown

Downtown is the main urban location of Verdansk and is filled with an urban landscape with huge buildings, streets, and tall roofs, making it a perfect place for quick ambushes and tactical gunfights.

Downtown Verdansk Warzone Mobile
Image via Activision

Located on the southern side of Verdansk, it has arguably the best loot on the map, with enough items to fully gear up multiple squads. The spot might be punishing for some, but with experience, one can definitely beat others and get enough loot here to last the whole game.

2. Airport

The Airport in Verdansk is one of the top locations on the map to drop in, not only because of its abundant loot but also because of its surrounding terrain and position on the map which makes it a worthwhile location because of how much it facilitates rotations once the zone is closing in.

Located on the west side of the map off the center, it consists of huge compounds that make it a very popular hot drop amongst players. The key point is to land quickly and sweep enemies once you get a gun, which is kind of straightforward given how much the location supports open gunfights.

3. Superstore

The Superstore is yet another spot that lies on the western side of the Verdansk map, located just south of the Airport, the very next location adjacent to it. If you are a player who prefers to make plays from the shadows and is confident in stealth, this is the place to be in Verdansk.

Superstore Verdansk Warzone Mobile
Image via Activision

The Superstore is what its name says, a huge shopping center. It is rich in loot that allows you to gear up early on in the game, and then prepare yourself to make plays on unsuspecting enemies in the area.

4. Prison

Prison Verdansk Warzone Mobile
Image via Activision

If you want to stay away from early fights but also gear up properly with less combat, Prison is the perfect place for you. Located on the southern boundary of Verdansk, the dark and grimy corridors of Prison offer enough items to have you covered for the rest of the game. But a downside is its distance from the centre of the map, resulting in a long rotation. But if you prefer to play slow and sneak into the last batch of survivors, this is the place for you.

5. Hospital

Hospital Verdansk Warzone Mobile
Image via Activision

Hospital besides granting a batch of loot that is enough to prepare you for any battle, also has a guaranteed helicopter spawn, allowing the players to take to the air to gain an advantage over other players. The compound also has a sprawling rooftop, making it a great place to hold while in the zone and gatekeep other players. It can also be a great spot for snipers to set an ambush.

Final Thoughts

So that is it for our list of the top 5 best spots in Verdansk in Call Of Duty: Warzone Mobile to go to as a drop spot at the beginning of the game. The five mentioned places offer a setting in which different players with different playstyles can play and choose their location as per their way of playing. We hope that you find it useful!

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