Code Geass: Lost Stories Beginners Guide and Tips

Immerse yourself in the Code Geass Universe!

Code Geass: Lost Stories is a captivating game that blends RPG and Action genres with Tower-defense-inspired gameplay. It was developed by f4samurai and DMM Games and published by KOMOE TECHNOLOGY. In this Code Geass: Lost Stories Beginners Guide, players can explore the game’s immersive universe based on the Code Geass anime series and take on strategic battles as beloved characters, all while enjoying the best aspects of the gameplay.

No matter if you’re a seasoned Code Geass fan or new to the series, this game guarantees an exciting adventure through its captivating story and gameplay. Get ready to dive into this unique blend of genres in Code Geass: Lost Stories.

Code Geass: Lost Stories Gameplay Basics

Let’s delve deeper into the fundamental gameplay of Code Geass: Lost Stories. This captivating game introduces a diverse roster of characters, each with unique roles and abilities that foster synergies within the gameplay. The core of the gameplay revolves around a tower-defense mechanic, where players will encounter various types of Robotic models, primarily known as KnightMare Frames (KMFs).

Code Geass Lost Stories Lobby

These Knightmare Frames play a pivotal role in your strategy, as you strategically position different characters along specific paths where enemy units emerge, attempting to infiltrate the stage. Your ability to strategically place characters and utilize the strengths of each Knightmare Frame is crucial in achieving success in the game.

This dynamic blend of character abilities and tower-defense elements makes for an engaging and strategic gaming experience in Code Geass: Lost Stories. As you progress through the game, you’ll have the opportunity to unlock new characters, discover unique Knightmare Frames, and refine your tactics, creating a continuously evolving gameplay.

Deployment and Controls in Code Geass: Lost Stories

Code Geass: Lost Stories offers gameplay mechanics and controls designed for an intuitive and user-friendly experience. Players can easily navigate the action and strategically deploy their troops.

Code Geass Lost Stories Controls
  • Easily deploy KMF (Knightmare Frames) by dragging and dropping characters into specified areas.
  • For improved range, place ranged KMF on terrain.
  • After deployment, choose the direction they will focus on top, down, left, or right.

Interacting with objects is straightforward, and the control scheme closely resembles that of other tower-defense games, with minor variations.

Code Geass: Lost Stories Game modes and Quests

You’ll encounter different game modes in Code Geass: Lost Stories that contribute to your overall gaming experience. Here are the following game modes available in Code Geass: Lost Stories.

Main Story

The Main Story includes two distinct modes: story mode, which advances the game’s narrative, and battle mode, where you engage in story-related battles. As a newcomer, it’s advisable to explore both modes to earn rewards and achievements. Main Story Battles require you to assemble your team before initiating battles. Each battle has recommended power levels, victory conditions, enemy counts, and unit limits.

Code Geass Lost Stories Game mode

You can earn a maximum of three stars in each battle by achieving additional goals in addition to victory conditions. Your performance during battles determines your rank and, consequently, your rewards. Efficiently deploying pilots and Knightmare Frames is vital for success in these battles.

Story Mode

Story Mode unveils the protagonist’s quest for revenge against Britannia. It becomes accessible as you progress through the main story’s battle mode. Advancing through the story not only immerses you in the narrative but also rewards you. You have the option to follow the story or skip it for immediate rewards.


Daily Quests offer another way to progress. These quests are categorized into six groups, each of which can be completed up to three times daily. Coin/pilot enhancement quests provide Geass coins and pilot enhancement materials, while Awakening Item quests offer items necessary for awakening pilots. KMF Remodeling quests provide items required for remodeling Knightmare Frames.


Expedition Quests allow you to deploy pilots in selected areas daily. Completing expeditions earns you medals, which can be exchanged for items in the in-game shop. These various game modes ensure a diverse and rewarding experience in Code Geass: Lost Stories.

Code Geass: Lost Stories Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Use the Free Scout Every Day

Utilize the Free Scout feature daily to earn valuable resources and potentially discover new pilots or Knightmare Frames. It’s a simple yet effective way to gain valuable characters with consistency.

Code Geass Lost Stories Free Scout

For example, the Free Scout might reward you with strong 4-star characters, which are essential for upgrading your overall team composition and making it stronger to complement your team.

2. Compatible Combination of Pilots and KMFs

When assembling your team, consider the synergy between pilots and their assigned Knightmare Frames (KMFs). Each pilot has a unique role and set of abilities, so pairing them with KMFs that complement their strengths is crucial.

Code Geass Lost Stories KMF

If you have a pilot specialized in long-range attacks, it makes sense to assign them a KMF with superior ranged capabilities. This synergy can maximize your team’s effectiveness in battles, such as pairing the skilled sniper pilot with a high-precision sniper KMF.

3. Complete the Main Story Quickly

Prioritize progressing through the Main Story as swiftly as possible, as it unlocks essential content and features. Main Story completion often grants access to advanced game modes, additional characters, and powerful equipment.

Code Geass Lost Stories Main Story

By completing the Main Story quickly, you might unlock a challenging Endgame mode or access unique pilot recruitment opportunities, giving you a competitive edge.

4. Focus on Building One Team

Concentrate your resources on developing and strengthening a single team before diversifying. Building one formidable team allows you to tackle tougher challenges and progress more efficiently.

Code Geass Lost Stories Team

Instead of spreading your resources thinly across multiple teams, investing in one high-performing team can help you clear difficult stages, such as powerful boss battles, more effectively.

5. Position Units Strategically

Take advantage of the battlefield layout by positioning your units strategically. Consider the terrain, enemy placements, and the strengths and weaknesses of your pilots and KMFs when deciding where to deploy them.

Code Geass Lost Stories Enhance KMF

Placing units with high damage in areas where they can swiftly respond to threats or positioning tanky units in chokepoints to block enemy advances can be highly effective strategies.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Code Geass: Lost Stories offers an immersive and strategic gaming experience that combines elements from various genres. With its engaging gameplay and diverse characters, it provides players with an opportunity to explore the world of the Code Geass anime series. By following essential tips and tactics, players can enjoy a rewarding journey through this captivating universe, making the most of their gaming adventure.

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