Conquest of Empires 2 Hero Tier List for January 2024

Relive the ancient world with the best heroes in command!

Conquest of Empires is an epic strategy game where you eliminate modern technology and live life like in ancient civilizations. The developer for this game is Snail Games. You must recruit powerful heroes to lead them against the enemies with the strongest of forces. Because of this, when adding heroes to your team, you must fully comprehend the tier structure, basic stats of the heroes, their powers, and additional skills they possess. Hence, follow up on our Conquest of Empires 2 Hero Tier List and remember the details mentioned when forming a team of heroes.

Conquest of Empires 2 Hero Tier List for January 2024

The heroes in Conquest of Empires 2 are classified based on four major tiers: S, A, B, and C. 

Strong (S)Zhu Yuanzhang, Charles the Great, Alexander the Great, Li Shimin, Julius CaesarCyrus the Great, Suleiman I, Temujin, AttilaLiu Bang, King Arthur, Ying Zheng
Good (A)Li Jing, Xu Da, Han Xin, Yi Sun-sin, Margaret I, Liu Che, Queen of Sheba, Sun Tzu, Harald Blatand, Solomon, Constantine I, Gilgamesh, Leonidas, Oda Nobunaga, Ashurbanipal, Alfred the GreatTakeda Shingen, Huo Qubing, Yue Fei, Ashoka, Xiang Yu, Saladin, Louis IX, Fan Lihua, Ardashir I, TimurCharles V, Frederick I, Harun al-Rashid, Zhao Kuangyin, Elizabeth I, Isabella I, Wu Zetian, Ramesses II
Average (B)Skanderbeg, El Cid, Abu Muslim, Lancelot, Scipio Africanus, Flavius Aetius, Hua Mulan, Hatshepsut, Lucullus, Arminius, Blessed Gerard, Jeanne d’ArcSalim I, Hermann von Salza, Khalid ibn al-Walid, Hannibal Barca, Belisarius, Hugues de Payens, Bai QiArash, Li Guang, Liang Hongyu, Wu Qi, Cleopatra VII, Theodora, Charles Martel, William I, Godfrey of Bouillon, Themistocles
Fair (C)Feng Fengshi, Cheng Bushi, Black Fish, Iron Skull, Burning Flame, Lone Wolf, Gunpowder, CannonZhao Chongguo, Demonic Peak, RivetDark Star, Charmer, Li Ling, White Fox

Best Meta Class Heroes in Conquest of Empires 2 for January 2024

Infantry Class Hero – Zhu Yuanzhang

Zhu Yuanzhang, Emperor I of the Ming Dynasty stands as the strongest infantry-class hero of the ancient era. The attack, defense, command, and civilian scores of this hero are 125, 98, 78, and 82 respectively. His special skill, Unstoppable Power is of the passive type and the skill objective is self or enemy.

Image via Snail Games

The skill enables the hero to increase this unit’s armor by 80(+8) points. When the battle starts, the nearest two enemy cavalry units are lured into charging this unit. The skill also reduces the movement speed of all enemy flank units by 50%.

Cavalry Class Hero – Cyrus the Great

The cavalry king also known as the King of Persia, Cyrus the Great is the most powerful hero this unit should have. The basic attributes of the hero include attack, defense, command, and civilian powers. The scores correspond to 120, 108, 79, and 71 respectively.

Image via Snail Games

The special skill of Cyrus, Power of Belief, reduces own damage taken by 30(+3)% and restores 10(+1)% troops every 5 seconds in battle. The skill type of this hero is passive and the objective or the target remains to be self. 

Archer Class Hero – Liu Bang

Liu Bang, Emperor I of the Han Dynasty, stands on top when it comes to the archer-class heroes in Conquest of Empires. The basic attributes, attack, defense, command, and civilian powers are equal to 122, 93, 86, and 86 respectively.

Conquest of Empire 2 hero tier list - Liu Bang
Image via Snail Games

The special skill, Divide and Conquer, is of the active type and the objective is own or enemy. The skill enables to increase this unit’s damage versus cavalry by 40(+4)%. It also increases this unit’s armor by 60(+6)% points and reduces the movement speed of all enemy forward units by 50%.

Final Thoughts

Conquest of Empires 2 is an amazing tactical game where you experience the ups and downs of prominent civilizations. The heroes in each unit have common skills as well as their extraordinary powers. It is important to have the strongest heroes in your hand.

This always proves beneficial on the battlefield. With a wide collection of heroes for each unit, it becomes difficult to make a decision. Our Conquest of Empires 2 hero tier list is designed for the same reason and whenever in doubt, you can always look up to it.

What are your thoughts on our Conquest of Empires 2 Hero Tier List? Let us know in the comments below!

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