Civilization: Eras & Allies Beginners Guide and Tips

Learn how to conquer the world!

Civilization: Eras & Allies, developed by 2K, Inc., is a strategic game that transports you through history. You take on the role of a leader, making key decisions, participating in real-time battles, and expanding your empire. Your choices in diplomacy, exploration, and technology are pivotal in shaping your civilization’s future. This Civilization: Eras & Allies Beginners Guide is your entry point into this game, offering essential steps to help you become a strong leader. Discover valuable tips for navigating history’s ages and guiding your empire to success.

Civilization: Eras & Allies Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

In the game, you begin your journey by selecting a region where you’ll build your empire and a civilization that will define your strengths and strategy. These choices set the stage for your conquests and alliances, shaping the course of history as you embark on your epic empire-building adventure.

Troop Movement

You have two ways to move your troops in Civilization: Eras & Allies. The first is to long-press on the troops and drag them to the desired location on the map. This method, known as Quick March, can be turned off in the game settings.

Conquests & Alliances: 4X RTS Troop Movement
Image via 2K Games

The second way is to tap on a specific tile and choose an action like “March” or “Capture” from the menu that appears. Then, you pick the army you want to perform that action. This method offers more precise control, especially when you have multiple armies to coordinate. These techniques help you strategically maneuver your troops and advance your empire.

Production and Science

Production and Science are two core elements in Civilization: Eras & Allies that shape the course of your empire’s development. Production, the embodiment of your productivity, is sourced from multiple facets. By conquering different tiles on the game map, such as resource tiles, you amass production points. Furthermore, erecting a district in your empire provides a substantial boost of 40 production points, playing a pivotal role in expanding your civilization’s infrastructure.

Conquests & Alliances: 4X RTS Production and Science
Image via 2K Games

On the other hand, Science mirrors your technological advancements and growth. You acquire science points through research and traversing the intricate Technology tree. The quantity of science points you gain varies based on the specific branch of research within the Technology tree. Both Production and Science are critical, as they are prerequisites for transitioning your empire to new historical eras, marking significant milestones in your civilization’s evolution.

Army Power

In Civilization: Eras & Allies, it’s important to understand that Army Power doesn’t solely reflect an army’s combat efficiency but rather serves as a gauge of overall progress. Surprisingly, a low-power army can outmaneuver a high-power counterpart with smart tactics and strategic formations. To calculate an army’s Power, multiple factors are considered:

  • The Power of your army is significantly influenced by the heroes you employ. Heroes with higher Star Ratings contribute more to your overall Power. Moreover, the number, quality, and levels of your heroes’ skills play a pivotal role in this calculation.
  • Your heroes’ Base stats, the stat points you allocate, and Unit Stats collectively factor into your army’s Power.
Conquests & Alliances: 4X RTS Army Power
Image via 2K Games
  • As your army advances through different eras, units from more advanced periods inherently possess greater Power.
  • Bond: The quality of an activated Bond has a direct impact on your army’s Power.

To maximize your Army Power, it’s crucial to align the right skills with the appropriate heroes and strategically position them within your army. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that your army is not only powerful but also optimized for the challenges it may face.


In Civilization: Eras & Allies, the Training XP Pool acts as a central repository for Hero XP collected from various sources. This accumulated Training XP is then used in the process of Special Training, a means by which you can enhance specific heroes. Sources of Training XP come from various avenues, including Origins Quests, Events, and the rewards you earn from World Missions.

Conquests & Alliances: 4X RTS Training
Image via 2K Games

It’s essential to keep in mind that Special Training has a level cap. Initially, this cap is set at Lv. 5 for heroes. However, as you progress through the game and advance chapters, you can unlock additional levels for Special Training, up to a maximum limit of Lv. 30. Beyond this point, heroes cannot further level up via Special Training, emphasizing the importance of carefully managing your hero development to ensure they reach their full potential.


In Civilization: Eras & Allies, the milestone system operates with a few crucial points to remember. Milestones must be completed in a linear order with one unlocking the next. Each milestone comes with its unique requirements, often requiring teamwork. Some milestones introduce friendly competition between alliances, rewarding the most successful ones.

Conquests & Alliances: 4X RTS Milestone
Image via 2K Games

When a milestone is achieved on a server, all players receive rewards, and the milestone’s features become available. However, these rewards are given only to those who meet the requirements.

Milestones are time-bound with their countdown timers. If a milestone isn’t met in time, it closes, making room for the next one. Some special milestones are only evaluated at the end of their countdown, meaning you can’t claim their rewards in advance, even if you’ve met the requirements. It’s a strategic race against time and rival alliances.


In Civilization: Eras & Allies, joining an Alliance unlocks strategic possibilities like capturing tiles, conquering City-States, and challenging rival Lords. You can join an Alliance through application, invitation, or recommendation, but it must belong to your District or have a City-State in your District for you to join.

Conquests & Alliances: 4X RTS Alliance
Image via 2K Games

Alliance progression is game-changing, increasing member capacity, bonuses, and resource production through Alliance XP earned from resource tiles and drills. Alliance Merit is earned through individual battle accomplishments, while Alliance Materials are created with Alliance XP and are used for constructing buildings and Wonders.

As the Alliance level rises, material storage capacity grows. Alliance Prosperity measures the overall strength of an Alliance, considering factors like Alliance Level, member productivity, controlled City-States, passes, and Alliance Wonders. It’s about strategic growth, resource management, and alliance might.

List of Game Modes in Civilization: Eras & Allies

1. Skirmish

Skirmish in Civilization: Eras & Allies presents a tactical challenge where you must defeat all Fortress Guards within a set number of turns, with the limitation of moving only one tile per turn. Upon completing the challenge, rewards are issued, but if the challenge remains unfinished, no rewards are granted. Players have the flexibility to exit a stage during a challenge, switch to a different difficulty, or restart the challenge by resetting the stage.

Image via 2K Games

Progress in the current stage is saved if players exit without completion, and daily resets occur at 00:00. Each day, you can only complete one Skirmish challenge, and after that, you won’t be able to re-enter the corresponding stage. It’s a strategic test with a daily limit.

2. Missions

In Civilization: Eras & Allies, Completing Missions gives you valuable resources called Influence. The level of your Influence directly affects your chances of receiving higher-quality missions. The higher your Influence, the greater the likelihood of encountering challenging and rewarding missions.

These missions are classified into five qualities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Each quality represents a varying level of difficulty and offers different bonus rewards upon completion, ranging from 0% for Common to 80% for Legendary. To expand your global influence and reap the benefits, aim to tackle as many missions as possible, enhancing your standing in the game. In Civilization: Eras & Allies, there are various mission types to engage in:

Conquests & Alliances: 4X RTS Missions
Image via 2K Games
  • AP Missions: These missions enable you to recover Action Points for a selected army, ensuring your hero is fully replenished if their recoverable Action Points fall short.
  • Skill Upgrades: Elevate your hero’s Main Skill through these missions, each specifying unique requirements for skill level advancement. Careful selection is key.
  • Tax Missions: Dispatch your heroes to collect Silver, with the amount contingent on various yield bonuses from buildings, Tech, and tiles. Strengthening specific city and district structures enhances your Silver income, while higher INT heroes bring increased tax bonuses.
  • Replenishing Units: Choose heroes in your army to replenish their units, with the mission providing a fixed amount. Be mindful not to waste units if your hero’s recoverable units are insufficient.
  • Dispatch Missions: These missions allow you to send eligible heroes or armies on missions, promising diverse rewards upon countdown completion. Heroes and armies dispatched are temporarily unavailable for other purposes, and you have the flexibility to cancel dispatch missions as needed. These missions encompass an array of opportunities for strategic growth, resource gathering, and tactical evolution.

Civilization: Eras & Allies Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Master the Basics

Take the time to understand the core game mechanics. Learn how to gather resources, manage your armies, and navigate diplomacy. A solid grasp of the fundamentals is vital for success.

2. Progress through the Eras

Civilization: Eras & Allies span various historical eras. Work on advancing through these eras, as they unlock new technologies, units, and strategies for your empire.

3. Select your Leaders wisely

Choose your empire and legendary leader wisely. Each combination has unique attributes, so select the one that aligns with your preferred playstyle and strategy.

4. Actively Participate in Alliances

Joining an alliance can provide crucial support, protection, and collaborative opportunities. Cooperative play can be a game-changer in your journey to greatness.

5. Mission Mastery

Engage in missions to earn valuable rewards and increase your influence. The higher your influence, the better the missions you’ll unlock, providing significant advantages for your empire.

Final Thoughts

This beginner’s guide to Civilization: Eras & Allies serves as an invaluable resource for players. The guide offers essential tips and tricks to lay a strong foundation for a successful empire-building journey. By making informed choices, mastering core mechanics, and embracing cooperative play, you can navigate the complexities of history and lead your civilization to greatness. Whether you’re conquering new eras or forging strategic alliances, this guide provides the knowledge and insights needed to thrive in the dynamic world of Civilization: Eras & Allies.

That’s all from us for the Civilization: Eras & Allies Beginners Guide and Tips! Did you find our Civilization: Eras & Allies Beginners Guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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How I relocate my city


U need 7 tiles open , and 500 gold , then click construct , choices are camp fortress, sub city and city relocation


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