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Cookie Run: Kingdom Boss Hunt Event Guide and Tips

Complete the event easily with this guide!

Cookie Run: Kingdom released the new update, Summer Soda Rock Festa in Version 4.7, and with that comes a new limited event that is battle-focused called Boss Hunt. The Boss Hunt event will be available once the new patch 4.7 launches and will stay till the 21st of July, 2023. This Event seems straightforward where players are made to make a specific team comp to fight the bosses. It requires you to use almost every single Cookie in your roster that you might have never used before. Here is a guide and tips on how to effectively clear the Stages of each difficulty and what Cookies to use. 

In Boss Hunt, you will get to assemble a team of Cookies, using the given number of Battle Points, and fight various bosses appearing one after another. You will encounter seven boss enemies on every difficulty level. Clear as many difficulty levels as you can while a season is ongoing. Your ranking will be determined based on the amount of damage dealt (percentage) to the bosses on the highest difficulty level reached.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Boss Hunt Event
Image via Devsisters

The score needed to obtain certain ranking rewards is updated with a certain delay. Please note that the values might change after the end of a season in case of too frequent changes to the players’ placement in the ranking. After the event is over, all remaining Tickets and Tactician’s Medals will be converted to Coins.

For each stage of Boss Hunt, you will have to use the given number of Battle Points to assemble a team. You will use a certain number of Battle Points to place Cookies and apply Battle Tactics.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Boss Hunt Event
Image via Devsisters

The Battle Point price becomes greater the higher the Cookie’s rarity. Once you clear each boss run, you will obtain Battle Points which can be used to apply Battle Tactics. 

Battle Cost per Cookie’s RarityRegular Battle PointsChallenge Battle Points
Epic and Special2025
Super Epic2835
Ancient, Legendary and Dragon3645

Battle Tactics are buffs applied upon entering battle. Each Tactic requires a different number of Battle Points to be used. You can use Crystals to add Battle Points x10 for one stage three times a day. The purchased points will disappear after the end of that battle, regardless of its outcome.

The Difficulty ranges from Level F to Level A. You will start from Level F where players will work their way up to higher difficulties. There are 7 stages on each difficulty level. Once you have completed all of them, you can advance to the next level and earn more rewards. Each Stage will have the same repeat of 7 Bosses that players have already encountered in-game. 

Cookie Run: Kingdom Boss Hunt Event
Image via Devsisters
  • Cakeberus 
  • Royal Gardener
  • Bachalomoth the Dreamer
  • Remorseful Sugar Swan
  • Choco Werehound Princess
  • Fiery Star’s Wrath
  • ??? (Berserk Dark Cacao Cookie) 

Once you defeat and complete each Run, you will earn a certain number of currencies called Tactician’s Medals. These Medals can be used to purchase items in the Boss Hunt Shop. Additionally, there is a ranking system for all players where you will be ranked based on the number of damage dealt to the Bosses. Once the Event is over, you will receive additional rewards based on your placement. The rewards will include Crystals, EXP Star Jelly, Shining Glitter Cookie Soulstones, and Coins. 

Battle Buffs and Effects

  • Vulnerabilities – Some boss enemies are vulnerable to certain elements and status effects. Let’s take a closer look at them.
  • Vulnerabilities to Elements – If a boss vulnerable to Fire, Light, Poison, etc., is attacked by a Cookie capable of dealing damage of the respective type, the attack will deal greater damage. 
  • Vulnerabilities to Status Effects –If a boss is vulnerable to certain status effects, it means that said effects will be more effective against them. However, if a boss is immune to said effects, they will not be affected.
  • Fatigue – Whenever the boss enemy is inflicted with movement, attack, or skill-impairing effects or status effects they are vulnerable to, their Fatigue meter will increase regardless of their immunity properties. Once the Fatigue meter is full, the enemy will become incapacitated and receive additional damage.
  • Rage – If a boss enemy possesses the Rage property, their Rage meter will increase at given intervals. Once it is full, the enemy will gain the Rage buff. In the enemy becomes incapacitated due to Fatigue, their Rage meter will decrease. This can prevent them from gaining the Rage buff.
  • Weakening – If you fail at clearing a certain stage repeatedly, the boss enemy will gain a Weakening debuff depending on the amount of damage dealt to that boss. The Weakening effect can be increased up to +3 but will reset once you have cleared the stage.

Team Comps to use in each stage of the Boss Hunt Event

Players should keep in mind that despite the Battle Points conditions, the Cookies that will be used in battle will have their stats adjusted to properly face the difficulties of the boss. The minimum Cookie level will be adjusted to Level 50 as well as the Skill level.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Boss Hunt Event
Image via Devsisters

Additionally, all Cookies used during the battles will be promoted to 3 Stars at minimum. So players should not be afraid to use the Rare and Common Cookies in this Event, or even any Epic Cookies and above that you have not built or used previously at all. 

Stage F to Stage E

Players can focus on a Tarte Tatin Cookie-focused team build. For a Healer you can use Rockstar Cookie and as for a Tank Cookie, Milk Way Cookie and/or Wildberry Cookie will be your best slot. For additional damage, Rye Cookie can be amazing to have as a Ranged Cookie. Do keep in mind that most of the bosses that are lined up are immune to certain debuffs such as Poison and Fire so it is not advisable to use any Cookies that apply such debuffs such as Prune Juice Cookie. Generally, these particular Stages will be easy to clear due to the low difficulty and low HP of the bosses. Players will have no problem clearing the runs easily. 

Stage D to Stage A

For Stage D and onwards, the bosses will be a bit harder to deal with. Fortunately players can take advantage of the Boss’s vulnerability to certain debuffs and base a team comp focused on that. Here is a comprehensive table of all the Cookies that can apply the following debuff to the enemies. 

LightMadeleine Cookie, Clotted Cream Cookie, Financier Cookie, Kouign-Amann Cookie
Light CageClotted Cream Cookie
PoisonPrune Juice Cookie, Poison Mushroom Cookie, Royal Magarine Cookie, Licorice Cookie, Affogato Cookie, Alchemist Cookie
StunPinecone Cookie, Wildberry Cookie, Werewolf Cookie, Cotton Cookie, Schwarzwalder, Tea Knight Cookie, Sea Fairy Cookie, Cherry Cookie, Tiger Lily Cookie
FreezeProphet Cookie, Frost Queen Cookie, Sherbet Cookie
ZapDark Cacao Cookie, Shining Glitter Cookie, Twizzly Gummy Cookie.
TauntedKnight Cookie, Milk Cookie
SilenceCream Unicorn Cookie, Latte Cookie, Licorice Cookie

And that’s how you can easily complete the Cookie Run: Kingdom Boss Hunt event!

Did you like our guide to the Boss Hunt event in Cookie: Run Kingdom? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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