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Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.7 update “Summer Soda Rock Festa” set to release on July 5, 2023

Cookie Run: Kingdom is releasing the latest update patch Version 4.7 called “Summer Soda Rock Festa” on July 5th, 2023. The update will be available after maintenance which will be held around 14:00 to 19:00 (GMT +9). The new update will be celebrating the joys of summer as the Cookies kick off with hosting a festival to enjoy the summer vibes. New Cookies, Special Episodes, Limited Events, Toppings, and Decors are awaiting in this patch.  

Special Episode: Summer Soda Rock Festa

The new special episode “Summer Soda Rock Festa” will be available once the update launches. The new storyline lets you get to meet the many performers of the Summer Soda Rock Festa that have been added. 

The Summer Soda Rock Festa is split into Story Mode and Dark Mode, and you explore each Cookie’s story through the dialogue options. You can play in Dark Mode once you’ve reached the ending concert of one of the Cookies’ stories. The Cookie epilogues that are available in Dark mode can only be viewed after you’ve seen the specific Cookie’s show.

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.7 update
Image via Devsisters

Rock Festa Quills are required to participate in the Summer Soda Rock Festa. Rock Festa Quills are recharged at midnight. Additional Quills can be acquired through events, packages, or direct purchases. The Summer Soda Rock Festival is unlocked after 10 explorations of the Tropical Soda Islands, but can also be unlocked using Crystals.  If you choose to use Crystals to unlock this new special episode, you will receive an unlocking discount. 

Along with the addition of the Summer Soda Rock Festa, a time-limited event benefit is also provided to help you obtain Glittering Pins through battle, which are used for Shining Glitter Cookie’s Superstar Gacha.

New Toppings: Tropical Rock Toppings

The new Resonant Tropical Rock Toppings that can only be equipped by specific Cookies have been added after the new Version update. The types of Toppings that can be obtained include:

  • Tropical Rock Raspberry
  • Tropical Rock Chocolate Chip
  • Tropical Rock Almond
  • Tropical Rock Caramel
  • Tropical Rock Apple Jelly
Tropical Rock Toppings
Image via Devsisters

To find out more specifically which Cookies can equip these particular Toppings, you can click on the Toppings Details. The set effect of Toppings will activate regardless of whether they’re regular or Resonant Toppings, as long as all of the Toppings equipped are of the same set. Resonant Toppings have a higher minimum bonus stat value than regular Toppings. Additional bonus stats of Resonant Toppings may differ from that of regular Toppings.

Summer Soda Rock Festa: Rhythm Game

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.7 update
Image via Devsisters

Just like the Braver Together updates back in Version 3.8, the new Version 4.7 ‘Summer Soda Rock Festa’ will be bringing in the Rhythm game event to complete and progress through the limited Event. Once you’ve reached the end of a Cookie’s story on Story difficulty, the rhythm game will be available. The rhythm stage is divided into two difficulty levels: Normal and Hard. The hard difficulty will be available once you’ve cleared the game on normal.

Limited Event – Boss Hunt

In this update, the game will be introducing a brand new time-limited event called the Boss Hunt. The Boss Hunt will require you to organize teams with a given number of Battle Points and defeat Bosses that appear consecutively. Battle Points are used when placing Cookies in a team, and when applying Battle Tactics for the team to provide a useful buff. Various teams can be formed according to the Battle Point limit at each given stage.

Players will have to form different teams to battle throughout the season, defeating Bosses to obtain special resources. The obtained resources can be exchanged for various items at the Boss Hunt Shop. Make sure you check out the extra rewards based on the total number of plays on the Event page.

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.7 update
Image via Devsisters

In this new update of the Chance Up Gacha, you will meet Stardust Cookie, Rockstar Cookie, and Parfait Cookie, as well as 2 slots for Epic Cookies of your choice to increase your chances of obtaining them. You will receive a guaranteed Stardust Cookie after performing a certain number of pulls. Make sure you use Lucky Cookie Tickets: Glittering Stage in this season of the Chance Up Gacha.

Hall of Encounter: Artist Zone 

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.7 update
Image via Devsisters

The Hall of Encounter has been updated in this version. Players can obtain Monument FragmentsUnity Essence, Legendary Soul Essence, Tropical Rock Toppings, Special Cookie Cutters, Rainbow Cubes, and more in the Hall of Encounter Random Reward Chests.

  • Rarity: Super Epic
  • Type: Magic
  • Position: Middle

Shining Glitter Cookie is a Magic Cookie that uses the skill ‘All Eyes on the Stage!’

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.7 update
Image via Devsisters

Skill Description: Shining Glitter Cookie begins singing the Glittering Song, applying the Glittering Rock Spirit buff to her allies, and dealing damage to the enemies. Whenever the song lands a critical hit, it will partially ignore the target’s DMG Resist and Zap them. If Shining Glitter Cookie manages to deal a certain number of critical hits with the Glittering Song, she will provide a CRIT DMG Resist buff for the entire team. While Shining Glitter Cookie is using her skill, she will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.

Collect or purchase Glittering Pins and use them to pull Shining Glitter Cookie in the Superstar Gacha. In the Superstar Gacha, you will receive Melody Shards instead of Mileage Points. You will receive the same number of Melody Shards for pulling Cookies and Soulstones regardless of the Cookies’ Ascension status. Once you have collected a certain number of Melody Shards, you will be able to meet a guaranteed Shining Glitter Cookie.

If you already have fully ascended Shining Glitter Cookie by the time you have your Melody Shards meter filled, you will receive a different reward instead. After the end of the event, all remaining Melody Shards will be converted to Mileage Points and delivered to your mailbox.

  • Rarity: Epic
  • Type: Healing
  • Position: Middle

Rockstar Cookie is a Healing Cookie that uses the skill ‘Legend of Rock.’

Skill Description: Rockstar Cookie performs a rock anthem, periodically Healing the team’s HP, and applies the Legendary Rock Spirit buff, Curse Protection buff, and a CRIT% buff for the whole team, excluding himself based on his CRIT% boost from equipped Toppings. Under Legendary Rock Spirit, the target will have their HP restored whenever they deal a critical hit.

Rockstar Cookie
Image via Devsisters

If Rockstar Cookie is defeated, he will have all active debuffs on himself removed and begin his Encore. During Encore, Rockstar Cookie will provide extra Healing and increase the Healing the team receives. While Rockstar Cookie is using his skill, he will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.

Mileage Shop

Kouign-Amann Cookie’s Soulstones are added to the Mileage Shop.

New Decors Added

The new patch has added 8 new decors that are available in the ‘Summer Music Festival’ decor theme. 

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.7 update
Image via Devsisters
  • Sweet Sparkling Drink Booth
  • Super Groovy Merch Stand
  • ATTENTION! Lily Loudspeakers
  • Tin Can Toilet
  • Refreshingly Tropical Palm Tree
  • Durian Staff
  • Audience Coconut
  • Special Sour Citrus Stage

That was all about the Cookie Run Kingdom Version 4.7 update.

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