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Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide: Best ways to earn and spend your Rainbow Cubes

Collect and utilise the best practices to save your Rainbow Cubes!

Cookie Run: Kingdom– Kingdom Builder & Battle RPG game is a new addition to the famous Cookie Run RPG game series. It was released in January 2021 and is available on iOS and Android platforms. This game is about building a dream Cookie Kingdom while fighting against evil desert monsters. Star jellies are an important resource in the Cookie Run Kingdom. Rainbow Cubes (not to be confused with rainbow pearls) are a relatively new currency in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

Cookie Run Kingdom Rainbow cube
Cookie Run Kingdom Rainbow cube

Rainbow Cubes were introduced in the Halloween update and can be used for Costume Gacha. They are the rarest currency in the game, and currently, there aren’t a lot of ways to get them. This article will help you find out how to get rainbow cubes, and also how to spend them effectively in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

As the name suggests, the Costume Gacha is used for getting costumes for your cookies. You access it by going to the Gacha tab and it’s found underneath Cookie Gacha. Much like cookies, costumes also have costume bonds, which provide additional bonuses to your cookie stats. It doesn’t apply buffs to that specific cookie, but rather to all your cookies as a whole. You don’t need to equip the costume to get its effects; just owning it is enough.

Costume list Cookie Run: Kingdom Rainbow Cubes
Costume list (Image via Devsisters)

Getting copies of a costume you already have gives you Rainbow Crystals, and 100 Rainbow Crystals will let you buy an epic costume of your choice. Unfortunately, since rainbow cubes are so hard to get, getting enough rainbow crystals is extremely difficult if you’re playing the game for free. Currently, there are only three costume rarities, namely Epic, Rare, and Common. An epic gives 5 rainbow crystals, a rare gives 2, and a common only gives 1.

Rainbow crystal shop
Rainbow crystal shop (Image via Devsisters)

Costume Gacha has a new featured banner for every major update, where you get an increased drop rate for some of the new epic costumes. Typically, newer released cookies won’t have cookies until the next update, or the one after that.

2. Redeem Codes

As a free-to-play player, your main source of cubes outside of events would be the redeem codes that Devsisters gives out from time to time. For example, for their first anniversary, they recently released a code for 500 rainbow cubes. You can check out if there are any recent codes from our article on Cookie Run: Kingdom Redeem Codes here. Additionally, Devsisters might give out rainbow cubes as compensation from time to time, so check your mailbox frequently. Compensation rewards expire after a few days, so you wouldn’t want to accidentally miss one.

3. Events

Events Cookie Run: Kingdom Rainbow Cubes
Events (Image via Devsisters)

Another way to get rainbow cubes is from events. They aren’t available as rewards from the normal ongoing events, but they are commonly given out as rewards in major updates. Be sure to check the calendar tab to see if there are any upcoming events that reward rainbow cubes.

4. Mileage

You can convert mileage points to rainbow cubes in the mileage shop. A cube costs 25 mileage points, so a costume gacha pull would be worth 7,500 mileage points. It’s a steep price, so most players just use mileage for soulstones, treasure tickets, and occasionally star jellies.

Mileage Cookie Run: Kingdom Rainbow Cubes
(Image via Devsisters)

It’s not recommended to use your mileage points on rainbow cubes, but if you’re trying to finish missions that require you to draw from costume gacha, then you can use your mileage on them. For example, the Frost Crystals event had missions where you had to draw from the costume gacha 3 times, 6 times, 10 times, 15 times, and 20 times.

5. Packs

There are numerous packs in the store. Every now and then there would be limited-time deals in the store that give great value for your money, so be sure to check often.

(Image via Devsisters)

For example, previously there was a Black Friday pack that let you choose options to buy (rainbow cubes were one of the options), and a Sunrise Pack that gave 1,000 rainbow cubes along with gems and rainbow pearls. Additionally, buying the Kingdom Pass and leveling it up gives you cubes too.

Final Thoughts

As of now, there aren’t many sources of cubes. Hopefully, there would be more game modes or buildings in the future that can help you get them, but right now your main source of getting them is from events and packs.

(Image via Devsisters) Cookie Run: Kingdom Rainbow Cubes
(Image via Devsisters)

At the end of the day, getting costumes aren’t really important for game progression. While they do provide stat buffs for your cookies, there are numerous other ways to improve cookie stats, so they aren’t necessary for gameplay, considering the only reliable way to get draws on the Costume Gacha is to spend a lot of money on packs. If you want to play the game without spending any real-life money, it’s advisable to save rainbow cubes because they are harder to come across than gems, coins, and other in-game currencies. It’s best to only use them for completing missions.

Did you find our Cookie Run: Kingdom rainbow cubes guide useful? Did you find our Cookie Run: Kingdom rainbow cubes guide helpful?  Do let us know in the comments below!

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