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Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide: Tips for the Season 3 Alliance game mode

Find out all about the new alliance game mode in Cookie Run: Kingdom!

Alliance mode Season 3 in Cookie Run: Kingdom is out now, and there are different types of enemies to face than in Season 1 and 2. Some noticeable differences from Alliance mode season 2 include a lack of enemies that use HP shields. The bosses are harder to defeat this time around, with Wave 12 as a prominent example.

Waves 1 to 4: No debuffs

These are the easy parts of Alliance; they don’t apply debuffs to your team, and you can get through these waves with no problem.

Waves 5 to 8: Cookie Atk Speed Lowered By 25%

Using Speed Comp is not recommended in this section since their damage will be significantly lowered and won’t be as efficient. You can probably get by using your main team for the entirety of the four waves.

Waves 9 to 12: Enemy HP increased by 50%

This debuff makes the enemies tanky and makes Wave 12 (boss wave) especially tricky to deal with. Just remember to use a boss team for your run (try to use cookies that decrease enemy DEF like Dark Choco or Kumiho; you can also use the Slingshot treasure), and you can get by just fine.

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Waves 13 to 16: Enemy ATK Speed increased by 20%

One of the less noticeable debuffs, these waves are generally less difficult than others. Your main team can probably solo this section, and your healers can regain the team’s health from previous rounds!

Waves 16 to 20: Cookie Cooldown Increased by 30%

The cooldown decrease puts a huge dent on your team, even with a maxed Squishy Jelly Watch treasure. Make multiple AOE damage teams, and switch them around per wave if your main team can’t handle the cooldown debuff.

Try to keep your teams alive (leave at least one cookie alive before switching to another team) since you get more points (and advance further in Alliance) the longer you progress in the game mode without losing an entire team.

Waves 20 to 24: Enemy HP Increased by 100%

Another tanky section; enemies are difficult to beat here, so use the same strategies in Waves 9 to 12. Slingshot is particularly helpful for taking out Blackberry, the Wave 24 boss.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Alliance Season 2 Waves Guide

Wave 12: Remorseful Sugar Swan

The first tricky boss you’ll encounter in your run, the boss attacks your team ruthlessly and can wipe out a team or two if you’re not careful. An excellent strategy to try for this wave is to clear around half of the boss’s health with a team with great survivability (preferably has 2 to 3 healers), switch out when you lose a lot of health, and use your boss team.

Cookie Run Kingdom Alliance Season 3
Image via Devsisters

If your boss team is good enough, you’ll be able to deplete the boss’s remaining health in one cycle. After beating the wave, remember to switch to your main team again as soon as you can.

Wave 16 and Wave 20: High Attack Boss Stages

These are boss stages, and if your main team can’t solo these waves, you can make a team that uses single-target primarily cookies. Examples of good treasures to have for these would be Old Pilgrim’s Scroll, Bear Jelly Lollipop, Grim-looking Scythe, Squishy Jelly Watch, and Pilgrim’s Slingshot.

The new Echo of the Hurricane’s Song treasure is also decent for killing enemies with one skill casting cycle. Thankfully, these bosses aren’t as hard to beat as wave 12 since they don’t deal as much damage.

Wave 24: Blackberry Boss     

This is another difficult wave and can quickly one-shot all of your teams. Blackberry activates her skill and wipes out your cookies, even tanks; since you can’t tank her, your best course of action is to defeat her as fast as possible.

Cookie Run Kingdom Alliance Season 3
Image via Devsisters

A common strategy is to use a Speed Comp with Kumiho Cookie (make sure she has a 3-second starting cooldown) since Blackberry can be charmed with Kumiho, letting you deal heavy damage before Blackberry starts her attacks. Since Blackberry is a cookie, you can also use Sorbet Shark, specializing in defeating cookies, in reducing a lot of her HP. When she has around 30% health remaining, you can switch to a team with Sorbet in it and quickly defeat her.

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