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Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide: Tips for the Season 9 Alliance game mode

Find out all about the new alliance game mode in Cookie Run: Kingdom!

Alliance Season 9 in Cookie Run: Kingdom is out now, and there are new types of enemies to face. Since there’s a limited-time Toppings discount, it’s best to try beating Alliance this time since it requires switching around Toppings for your cookies, and the Topping discount will make things a lot more convenient. Here’s a guide for Cookie Run: Kingdom Alliance season 9.

Special Rules in Alliance Season 9

Alliance Season 9
sorbet shark cookie

Starting Season 6, Alliance has gained new special rules per season, which can help or be a disadvantage to your team.

Bomber Cookies get an 8.0% ATK Increase

This is a very helpful buff, especially for cookies like Sea Fairy Cookie, Affogato Cookie, and Poison Mushroom Cookie. Since these cookies are cookies that deal heavy damage, the extra ATK would be helpful for players fighting a tough wave. Sea Fairy would be a good cookie to use for crowd control, while Affogato and Poison Mushroom would be useful for fighting bosses.

Magic Class Cookies get an 8.0% ATK Increase

This addition makes Magic cookies such as Espresso Cookie, Frost Queen Cookie, and Clotted Cream Cookie pack a heavier punch. Those who are trying to clear Alliance with a faster duration time tend to use Clotted Cream or Espresso in their Main Team so they can clear the waves faster.

Image via Devsisters

Healing Cookies get a 10% CRIT Chance increase

An increased CRIT chance means your Healers would be able to help your team survive better. Recommended Healer cookies to use in Alliance include Pure Vanilla Cookie, Cream Unicorn Cookie, and Herb Cookie. This extra boost goes a long way since healing is decreased in the Alliance game mode, so you need all the help you can get. Having the Grim-Looking Scythe treasure on your team plus the CRIT Chance Landmark means your Healers will have a 53% chance to CRIT!

Alliance Season 9 Wave Guides

While a good chunk of the waves in Alliance are easy waves in the sense that there’s no hard boss or enemy to face, there are particular bosses that might be difficult if you don’t know what strategy to use. Here is a guide for some of the waves this Alliance season.

Rye Cookie always targets your cookie with the lowest HP. Usually, this means it would target your most offensive cookie (since attackers are known to have fragile stats) but if you’re using the Main Team (Wildberry, Purple Yam, Eclair, Cotton, Pure Vanilla) then chances are Rye will attack your Pure Vanilla Cookie.

Image via Devsisters

It’s possible for him to die and then have you using your free revive. If you want to save your revive for a later round, make sure Pure Vanilla has enough DMG Resist to tank Rye’s attack. Around 25% DMG Resist (with full Swift Choco toppings) is a safe amount.

Wave 45: Beet Boss and Archers

Beet Boss and Archers
Cookie Run Kingdom Alliance Season 9 (Image via Devsisters)

Like Rye Cookie, Beet also attacks your lowest HP cookie. Unlike Wave 40, Beet’s attack is enough to defeat Pure Vanilla no matter the DMG Resist substat, so a better choice would be to use a one-shot team (with cookies like Raspberry Cookie, Vampire Cookie, Rye Cookie, etc) here.

Wave 48: Sorbet Shark Boss

Sorbet Shark is easy to kill with a speed team. A speed team usually consists of cookies like Kumiho Cookie (so she can charm enemies, letting the rest of your cookies attack them while they’re momentarily paused), Madeleine Cookie, Caramel Arrow Cookie, Lilac Cookie, and Mint Choco Cookie.

sorbet shark cookie
Image via Devsisters

The last two are necessary for the speed team, while Madeleine and Caramel Arrow are just recommended. Some variants of the speed team use Pastry Cookie, however since Caramel Arrow is a lot more tanky and helpful against cookie bosses, people use Caramel Arrow instead.

Wave 52: Boss Trio with Pumpkin Pie and Fig

This is arguably one of the hardest waves in the season since you have three powerful enemies to take note of. One of them is a boss that shoots lasers at your team and deletes almost half of your whole team’s health, Pumpkin Pie releases her Pompon creature which blocks your team and makes it impossible to kill the boss with melee attacks, and Fig is there to decrease your cookies’ attacks.

A popular choice here is to use a Summoner comp (with cookies like Crunchy Chip, Pumpkin, Oyster, Cotton) and a damage dealer like Espresso or Cherry Blossom. This protects your cookies from enemy hits. Another team is a Tea Knight comp, which uses Tea Knight Cookie and 4 other offensive cookies. Make sure Tea Knight has a high amount of DMG Resist for it to work and giving him as close to 50% DMG Resist with Whole Almond toppings is recommended.

When you’ve beaten Fig and the Red Boss, you can safely switch to your Main Team. Your Main Team should be able to finish off Pumpkin Pie easily since she’s not as offensive and she’s just there to defend the other enemies.

Mala Cookie
Image via Devsisters

Mala Cookie has a high damage attack, as well as a slow burn effect that gradually decreases your team’s health over time. Since she’s too tough to be tanked with Main Team, it’s recommended that you only use Main Team for a short time and switch into a One-shot Team as soon as her skill hits your Main Team cookies. Make sure to do it precisely, if you switch too early it would be for nought since your next team would get the Burn effect too.

Wave 60: Alchemist Boss

This is the last boss for the season. It’s not as hard to beat as the other bosses, but the main problem here is by the time you reach this wave, most of your teams would be near dead. Make sure to have around 2 or 3 viable teams left by the time you reach this boss so you can pass it and clear Alliance! Good choices here include One-shot Team, Tea Knight Comp, and Speed Comp. If your other teams aren’t enough, you can try to finish it off with your Main Team with some luck.

What are your thoughts on our Cookie Run: Kingdom guide on Alliance Season 9? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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