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Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide: Tips to use the Financier Cookie

Tips to use the Financier Cookie efficiently in the game!

A new cookie, Financier Cookie has been released in the Cookie Run: Kingdom. She’s a character that was frequently mentioned in the Cookie Odyssey storyline, and now players can obtain her and fight battles with her. If you’re lucky, you can get her from the gacha, and Soulstones for her might pop up in the Arena Medal Shop from time to time.

Financier works more as a support cookie than a tank. However, she’s still a strong cookie with beefy stats. When she activates her skill, she buffs Clotted Cookie. If Clotted Cookie isn’t available in your team, she buffs the cookie with the highest ATK stat instead. Her buffs include extra healing, DMG Resist, and CRIT Resist. This makes her exceptionally useful in the arena, where a lot of cookies can do CRIT DMG on your cookies and wipe them out immediately. 

Cookie Run: Kingdom Financier Cookie
Image via Devsisters

In addition to the buffs that the “protected” cookie gets, she also gets additional DMG Resist and CRIT Resist. This helps her live a long time in a match, and usually, you’ll find that she’s among the last cookies to get defeated. While she’s really useful in Arena, she’s less used in Adventure Mode and Alliance.

Since her skill heavily relies on giving buffs to her ally, Affogato Cookie is usual uses as a counter for her. Affogato’s skill can curse a cookie and remove their buffs, which nullifies her whole skill. Other possible counters for her are Sorbet Shark Cookie and Caramel Arrow Cookie. If you see an enemy team with these cookies, you’ll have to proceed with caution or use a different set of cookies altogether.

Generally, Financier Cookie uses either Swift Chocolate or Whole Almonds.

1. Swift Chocolate

Using a full Swift Chocolate topping set on Financier Cookie lets her use his skills as often as possible. There’s no specific cooldown requirement for Financier, but we recommend getting at least 16% cooldown. So she can protect your chosen cookie right before the second set of enemy skills start.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Swift Chocolate
Image via Devsisters

Additionally, you’ll need at least 20% DMG Resist on her. The higher you can go, the better. A lot of players opt for Swift Chocolate sets instead of Whole Almond sets. This is because her extra DMG Resist on her skill makes her tanky enough.

2. Whole Almonds

Cookie Run Kingdom Whole Almonds
Image via Devsisters

For a more defensive build, you can go for Whole Almonds. Note that a full Whole Almonds set provides 20.5% DMG Resist, and an additional 5% from the “set effect” bonus, totaling up to 25.5%. Since the maximum DMG Resist, you can get from toppings substats is 6%, in theory, you can have 50.5% DMG Resist on her. However, most experienced players “settle” for around 45% to 49%,

Since Financier is a front cookie, these substats would be good to have on her:

  • Cooldown
  • DMG Resist
  • Crit Resist
  • HP
  • DEF

Another thing to note is that while Searing Raspberries and Juicy Apple Jellies are some of the best toppings in the game, they are not suitable for Financier Cookie, since her skill doesn’t rely on having a great ATK stat.

A Financier Cookie can be found all over Arena, and she’s usually used in a team that has her “protect” either Espresso Cookie, Caramel Arrow Cookie, or Vampire Cookie. Here are some popular comps that use her.

This is one of the common comps and is easy to build since it only has Epic Cookies. Wildberry provides stuns and extra DMG Resist for the whole team, while Financier helps keep Espresso alive. Espresso is one of the best AOE damage dealers in the game right now, so you want him to survive as long as possible and nuke the enemy team. Wildberry uses Whole Almonds, Espresso and Vampire use Searing Raspberries, and the rest use Swift Chocolate. Keep in mind that Espresso and Vampire need to have at least Level 10 Magic Candy for this strategy to work. 

Cookie Run: Kingdom Financier Cookie
Image via Devsisters

This comp is for more advanced players since it needs Whole Almonds for four of the cookies (Vampire Cookie uses Searing Raspberry). It’s heavily recommended that you have near 50 DR on all of the tanks, and good DMG Resist and ATK subs for Vampire.

This team uses Old Pilgrim’s Scroll, Squishy Jelly Watch, and Insignia. Most players will find this team hard to beat since it has very strong tanks that even the best AOE dealers can’t wear down. These 4 cookies are some of the most “offensive” tanks in the game, so you’ll also deal a lot of damage to the enemy team over time.

What is your opinion on the Cookie Run: Kingdom Financier Cookie guide? Let us know in the comments below.

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