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Cookie Run: Kingdom: The complete Cookie Odyssey mode Guide and Tips

Master the Cookie Odyssey mode in no time!

The new Cookie Run: Kingdom update is out now, and players will find lots of major changes in the game such as two new Cookies (an Epic Cookie and a Super Epic Cookie), another tier in Arena, and the new game mode called Cookie Odyssey. Here’s our guide on this brand new game mode in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Cookie Odyssey game mode in Cookie Run: Kingdom can be unlocked after clearing 12-30 Story Mode. Unlike Adventure Mode, this part of the game is mostly focused on stories and characters. Chapter 1 doesn’t have any battles involved, while Chapter 2 has missions where you have to fight various enemies and keep certain cookies in your team alive. So far, only 2 chapters have been released. The first chapter consists of 5 days, while the second chapter only has 3 days.

When you first start the game mode, you’ll be able to unlock parts of the castle with Quills (received from doing your daily Odyssey Missions) and get brand new story segments. Chapter 1 revolves around the Ancients and the Créme Republic, where players get to see new characters such as Clotted Cream, Financier, Oyster, Crunchy Chip, as well as old characters like Pure Vanilla, Dark Cacao, and Hollyberry.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookie Odyssey
Image via Devsisters

Each chapter consists of Days, and you can reset a Day after completing all the valuable story segments. (You wouldn’t need to unlock all the segments, just the “important” storylines. Generally, the higher the amount of Quills the new section requires, the more important it is.) Resetting a day keeps all your progress, but you’ll get to see other bits of the story that you missed out on the first time.

Cookie Odyssey missions in Cookie Run: Kingdom

There are a total of 200 Odyssey Missions available, but it’s not possible to do them quickly. The game limits you to completing 10 Odyssey Missions per day, so finishing all the missions should take at least 20 days.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Odyssey Missions
Image via Devsisters

Various missions are available, and here are the first 10 missions you start with:

  • Clear any stage 3 times
  • Play 3 times in the Arena
  • Send 1 balloon expedition
  • Craft anything 50 times
  • Complete 1 Bounty of level 10 or higher
  • Use 10 Searing Keys in the Tower of Sweet Chaos
  • Use 1 Cookie Alliance ticket
  • Fulfill 5 wishes from the Tree
  • Attempt upgrading an Epic topping 3 times
  • Clear 13-1: Endless Fields of Snow

These missions are relatively easy, and you can probably complete several missions in a day. After completing a mission, you get 8 Quills as well as another special reward, which can range from common items like Stamina Jellies and Arena Tickets to rarer rewards like Crystals and Rainbow Cubes.

As soon as you claim your reward for a mission, a brand new mission pops up in its place. While you can only claim 10 missions per day, you can still work on the missions on your list, and keep your progress with them the next day; you just won’t be able to claim more than 10 rewards in a day.

Cookie Odyssey Quests in Cookie Run: Kingdom

To progress in this game mode, just unlocking storylines with Quills isn’t enough. You also have to follow Odyssey Quests from time to time, which range from crafting a certain number of items (for example, 17 Gingko Foccacias) to competing in Arena multiple times.

Odyssey Quests
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While the production quests can be time-consuming for some players, it’s needed to progress in the story, or else you’d be stuck. The Odyssey Quests provide a lot of Kingdom XP, which makes it worthwhile if you want to level up your Kingdom.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookie Odyssey Mode
Image via Devsisters

As you progress in the game mode, the game gives you Crystals when you finish a certain percentage of the story. Clearing 100% of the story provides you with a reward of 1,000 Crystals. Finally, there are also extra rewards you can receive from spending a certain amount of Quills. Some milestone rewards include XP Jelly, Time jumpers, Rainbow Cubes, and Crystals. The last reward is for spending 1500 Quills, which is doable after completing around 150 Odyssey Missions.

What is your opinion on the Cookie Run Kingdom Cookie Odyssey mode guide? Let us know in the comments below.

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