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Cookie Run: Kingdom Holiday Events 2021 Guide: Tips to earn Holiday Ribbons quickly

Enjoy new additions to the cookie roster this holiday season!

The newest update of Cookie Run: Kingdom newest update includes a host of festivities as part of the Holiday Events 2021. Here are the four new events that have been introduced for the holiday season and how to complete them. 

This event features Mint Choco Cookie and the latest addition to the cookie roster: Cocoa Cookie. The event requires players to complete missions to unlock special cutscenes of Cocoa Cookie’s journey to Mint Choco Cookie’s concert, as well as rewards like gems and Cocoa Cookie’s soulstones. Completing the event will reward players with the final cutscene and 3,000 gems. 

Mint Choco Cookie’s Winter Concert (Image via Devsisters)

The event will last for 34 days, from December 9, 2021, to January 12, 2022.

2. Lucky Holiday Ribbons

This event ties in with the Holiday Cake and Happy Holidays events. Players will have to complete missions to earn the limited-time Holiday Ribbons material. These missions are repeatable and reward 10-20 ribbons depending on the mission. The Holiday Ribbons can be used to either upgrade the Holiday Cake landmark or to send a Fancy Holiday Gift to friends. 

Lucky Holiday Ribbons (Image via Devsisters)

How to earn Holiday Ribbons quickly

Holiday Ribbons can be earned from completing missions in the event or from being randomly gifted by friends. However, the most efficient way to earn holiday ribbons is to complete the Use 100 Stamina Jellies mission and the Send 5 Balloon Expeditions mission.

Firstly, using 100 Stamina Jellies can be quickly completed by doing Dark Mode stages that award soulstones as they cost the most Stamina Jellies to attempt. This can be further sped up using Time Jumpers to skip to the rewards. Secondly, sending a Balloon Expedition to the first Story Episode region is the most efficient as Episode 1 has the lowest base duration of 15 minutes. The duration can be shortened through the Croissant Zeppelin Landmark and upgrades in Kingdom Technologies. 

3. Very Merry Happy Holidays

Using the Holiday Ribbons collected, players can send Fancy Holiday Gifts to friends at the cost of 10 ribbons per gift. To send a gift, players will need to access their friend list, select a friend, tap the Send Gift button, and ensure that they have chosen the Fancy Holiday Gift option before sending a gift.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Holiday Events 2021
Very Merry Happy Holidays (Image via Devsisters)

Sending a total of 30 gifts will net players with five different rewards. However, it is highly recommended that players finish completely upgrading their Holiday Cake before spending Holiday Ribbons on this event.

4. Bake the Holiday Cake

While Cookie Run: Kingdom has given out special kingdom decor that gives rewards for past events, this is the first time an event decor can be upgraded like a landmark. To obtain the Cake Baked from the Heart, players can go to the Holiday Cake tab on the Events page. They can then set the cake down anywhere in their kingdom and collect rewards from it every 12 hours, similar to that of a landmark. 

Cookie Run: Kingdom Holiday Events 2021
Bake the Holiday Cake (Image via Devsisters)

How to upgrade Cake Baked from the Heart

Upgrading the Cake Baked from the Heart from level one to five requires Holiday Ribbons, various materials like the Roll Cake Wood or Sugar Cubes, and a sugar gnome to work on it. Each level costs more Holiday Ribbons and materials to upgrade than the previous but it will also give better rewards. The cake’s appearance also changes with each level up. 

Players will have from 9 December 2021 to 25 December 2021 to collect Holiday Ribbons to upgrade the Cake Baked from the Heart and send Fancy Holiday Gifts to friends. After which, the cake will no longer give rewards. It is thus highly recommended that players focus on upgrading the cake to reap better rewards earlier in the event. Players will still be able to keep the decoration after the event has ended, with its appearance most likely remaining at the highest level it was upgraded to.

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