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Cookie Run: Kingdom Lunar Dice Event Guide and Tips

Complete the event easily with this guide!

A new Lunar Dice event has been introduced to Cookie Run: Kingdom. This event is similar to playing a game of Snakes and Ladders since you get to roll a dice and land on different kinds of tiles. Most of these tiles feature rewards, but some of them involve downwards ladders that can make your character go back a few spaces.

List of Missions in The Lunar Dice Event

The event consists of collecting Lunar Dice, which you can get from completing the event’s missions. There are a total of five repeatable missions you can complete in a day. The full list of missions are:

  • Send 3 Balloon Expeditions beyond World 4: 10 Lunar Dice
  • Fulfill 10 wishes from the Tree of Wishes: 10 Lunar Dice
  • Send 2 Bear Jelly Trains: 20 Lunar Dice
  • Have a Trade Ship return to the harbor: 30 Lunar Dice
  • Win in the Kingdom Arena 10 times: 30 Lunar Dice

All of these missions are easy to complete, and you can try to repeat a lot of these missions many times in a day. Even new players can participate in this event. So you can maximize the missions you complete in a day, it’s best to send your Balloon Expedition to World 4 repeatedly. Each expedition takes 2 hours, so consecutively doing 3 expeditions would take around 6 hours to finish.

Cookie Run Kingdom Lunar Dice Event Missions
Image via Devsisters

It’s also good to do at least 45 wishes every day (this is the required amount so you can get the 3 daily rewards chests from the Tree). The chests contain helpful materials such as Aurora Rarities and Rainbow Shards. Another thing to do is to finish your Bear Jelly Train orders as soon as possible. If you have a good production line in your kingdom, then these two missions should be easy to grind!

If you’re a fan of competing in Arena, this is your time to shine! Since the mission requires you to win a certain amount, it might be better to go against weaker teams on purpose and to use Arena Ticket refreshes so you’ll have more attempts per day. You can also set up a “bait team” for your defense team, so you can revenge other weaker players and win.

Finally, if you can afford it, you should buy a second Trade Ship so you’ll be able to complete the Trade Ship mission two times a day. This immediately gives you 60 Lunar Dice per day. Since these missions can be repeated as many times as possible during the event’s duration, it’s best to check on your game every now and then so you can maximize the rewards you’ll get.

Autumn Picnic Board

After collecting Lunar Dice pieces, the next step is to use them on the Snakes and Ladders board. Each roll costs 10 Lunar Dice. When you roll, you have the chance of landing on a ladder, collecting a bonus reward, earning a free dice roll, or getting a Lucky Pouch. These Lucky Pouches may seem useless at first, but as you collect more and more of them, you’ll unlock a secret game mode! 

Cookie Run Kingdom super board
Image via Devsisters

After collecting 8 Lucky Pouches and completing your Rice Cake Collection, you can now use the Super Board. This board features better rewards than the regular board, and you can get lots of Rainbow Cubes, Crystals, and Black Pearl Gacha Pulls.

What’s more, if you’re lucky enough to reach the end of the board, you can get a guaranteed Black Pearl soulstone. However, note this would mean that you’ll have to roll a “6” for each of your 8 free dice rolls or get lucky with landing on the ladders on the board. 

Lap Rewards

Cookie Run Kingdom lap rewards
Image via Devsisters

Every time you complete a lap (a lap is when you get to the last tile of the board) you can get a random reward. These can vary from Crystals, Rainbow Cubes, Cookie Cutters, and more! The most coveted reward from this event is Black Pearl soulstones, and Black Pearl Gacha draws. Since these are rare drops from the event, it’s recommended that you try to complete as many laps as you can.

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