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Cookie Run: Kingdom Madeleine Cookie Guide: How to unlock, Best Toppings, and more

Tips to use Madeleine Cookie efficiently!

Madeleine Cookie is a Defense Cookie that was first introduced with the launch of Cookie Run: Kingdom in Version 1.0 and has been playable ever since. Madeleine Cookie is a charming and dazzling knight in all of his prideful glory. This guide will be helping you on how to build Madeleine Cookie, how to obtain him, and the ways to level him up. 

Madeleine Cookie is an Epic Cookie and hence can be obtained through the Gacha. There are many ways to obtain Madeleine Cookie’s Soulstones, such as: 

  • Mileage Shop: Available in the Gacha section and bought through Mileage Points from pulling Cookies. 
  • Kingdom Arena Medal Shop: Available exclusively through the Kingdom Arena. Players have to participate in PvP battles and ultimately win to obtain the Medals of Victory currency to exchange with the Soulstones. In every Shop reset which lasts for 3 days, there are 2x Epic Cookie Soulstones purchases in stock where each purchase will give you 2x Soulstones. A total of 4x Soulstones can be collected in total. 
Cookie Run: Kingdom Madeleine Cookie
Image via Devsisters
  • Guild Medal Shop: Available exclusively by joining a Guild. Players have to participate in Guild Battles to obtain the Heroic Medal currency to exchange with the Soulstones. Just like the Kingdom Arena, players can get 2 Soulstones for each purchase, where there are 2 purchases in stock. This means a total of 4 Soulstones can be obtained in every Shop Reset lasting 3 days. 
  • Rainbow Shell Gallery: Located inside Touc’s Trade Harbor after you upgrade it. The soulstones can only be exchanged with the Rainbow Pearls currency which can be obtained by shipping various goods through the Ship Harbor. You can obtain 5 Soulstone Cookies. The Shop resets every 2 Days so players have to keep a lookout on which Soulstone Cookies comes out every rotation. 
  • World Exploration: Complete World Exploration Dark Mode Stages 7-21 and 10-24 to obtain his Soulstones. You can only farm each stage 3 times every reset day. 

Character Introduction 

An offspring of a noble Cookie family from a peaceful republic across the ocean, Madeleine Cookie, armed with his family’s influence and shiny new armor, is already the Commander of a knight order. On the day of his Commander’s Oathtaking, Madeleine Cookie dedicated himself to the Divine and was granted the Sword and Shield of Radiant Light, which he prizes the most among his numerous possessions.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Madeleine Cookie
Image via Devsisters

The glorious Knight Commander‘s usual duties included trotting around the city on his snow-white sugar horse or letting his heavy cape flutter dramatically on the wind during his sparring sessions. Not too long ago, the heroic Madeleine Cookie was set on a quest in search of the legendary Jam of Souls capable of granting Cookies eternal life! Will the noble paladin’s first campaign bear fruit?

Costume Sets

As of the newest Version, Madeleine Cookie has a total of 3 different types of Costumes. Here is the following list of outfits: 

Cookie Run: Kingdom Madeleine Cookie
Image via Devsisters
  • Crimson Knight: Today, Madeleine Cookie wields a special set of dark chocolate armor embellished with cruel filigree of strawberry jam. 
creme knights
Image via Devsisters
  • Crème Knights Graduate: The legendary student council president is back! Madeleine Cookie looks just the way he was, all in his golden glory. 
elegant knight
Image via Devsisters
  • Elegant Knight Vestments: Golden accents and a sky-blue cape are all you need to spice up your regular uniform!

Play-style and Skillset

  • Rarity: Epic Cookie
  • Type: Defense Cookie
  • Position: Front

Commander’s Honor
Calls upon the Celestial Light that allows performing ranged area attacks instead of regular attacks. While under the Celestial Light, Madeleine Cookie receives a buff making him immune to debuffs. (11s Cooldown).Madeleine Cookie’s skill allows him to perform powerful area attacks, hitting multiple enemies at once. While using this skill, Madeleine Cookie cannot be affected by negative effects or debuffs from enemies.

Magic Candy

magic candy
Image via Devsisters

Madeleine Cookie receives a Magic Candy during the ‘The Triple Cone Cup Begins!’ update back in Version 4.3. To briefly summarize the purpose of Magic Candy, they are an equipable item solely created to use for the intended Cookie to exponentially buff the playable Cookie and their kit. The Magic Candy is only given to certain Cookies that have long been power-crept due to the ever-changing META of the game to make them more viable to use in especially PvP-focused battles.  


Power of the Light
With the Power of the Light, Madeleine Cookie will deal extra damage with his skill. Upon using his skill, he will unleash the Power of the Light after a certain number of attacks, dealing greater damage and extra true damage proportional to his Max HP. Madeleine Cookie will restore his own HP whenever he unleashed the Power of the Light. Once the skill is over, the remaining Light becomes a shield to Madeleine Cookie. (DMG relative to Max HP is capped at 300,000). (13s Cooldown).When he uses his skill, he deals additional damage to enemies. After a certain number of attacks, he unleashes the Power of the Light, which inflicts even greater damage. The additional damage dealt is based on Madeleine Cookie’s maximum HP.

Additionally, when he unleashes the Power of the Light, he restores his own HP. Once the skill is over, the remaining Light transforms into a shield for Madeleine Cookie. This shield provides him with additional protection against incoming damage.
LevelLevel Up EXP (Star Jellies Lvl.1)Skill Level Up (Skill Powder)
1-101510 EXP25x Common, 4500x Gold
11-2010,040 EXP75x Common, 14500x Gold
21-3056,790 EXP30x Refined, 47000x Gold
31-40314,510 EXP80x Refined, 107000x Gold
41-501,401,060 EXP110x Pristine, 212000x Gold
51-60332,160 EXP250x Pristine, 410000x Gold
61-65342,124 EXP150x Pristine, 280000x Gold
66-70362,054 EXP150x Pristine, 330000x Gold
71-75383,777 EXP175x Pristine, 380000x Gold
StarsMaterials Needed
1 Star20x Soulstones, 500x Gold
2 Stars30x Soulstones, 5000x Gold
3 Stars50x Soulstones, 10000x Gold
4 Stars70x Soulstones, 50000x Gold
5 Stars100x Soulstones, 100000x Gold
Ascension Star: 1360x Common Soul Essence, 20x Soulcores, 100000x Gold
Ascension Star: 2320x Rare Soul Essence, 30x Soulcores, 200000x Gold
Ascension Star: 3120x Epic Soul Essence, 40x Soulcores, 300000x Gold
Ascension Star: 4180x Epic Soul Essence, 50x Soulcores, 500000x Gold
Ascension Star: 530x Legendary Soul Essence, 60x Soulcores, 700000x Gold

Madeleine Cookie has an assortment of Toppings to choose from depending on what you prefer in his build. The main Toppings that are more focused on are both the Solid Almond Toppings and Searing Raspberry Toppings. 

For Solid Almond Toppings, he can be equipped with a full 5-set Solid Almond to obtain the +5% DMG Resistance boost on him. Given that Madeleine Cookie is a Defense Cookie, his primary role is to withstand enemy attacks and protect the team.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Madeleine Cookie
Image via Devsisters

Equipping the Solid Almond topping enhances his ability to resist any external DMG. This allows Madeleine Cookie to stay on the battlefield longer, effectively fulfilling his role as a tank and providing more opportunities to utilize his skills and abilities.

The second option is to go for a combination of Solid Almond and Searing Raspberry instead of a full 5-set SR Toppings, ideally by equipping 3-piece of Searing Raspberry for that +3 bonus ATK and with a 2-piece Solid Almond Toppings. While Madeleine Cookie’s primary role is defense rather than dealing damage, the ATK boost from the Searing Raspberry topping can still be beneficial. Both ATK and DMG Resist are significantly important for Madeleine Cookie. 

Cookie Run Kingdom Milky Way Cookie Solid Almond (Moonkissed)
Solid Almond
A solid almond like this one can increase the Cookie’s DMG Resist.

  Equip 5: +5% DMG Resist Sub-stat Priority: ATK = DMG Resist > ATK SPD > CRIT > Amplify Buff > Cooldown
Cookie Run Kingdom Crunchy Chip Cookie Searing Raspberry
Searing Raspberry
A searing berry like this one can increase Cookie’s ATK.  

Equip 3: +3% ATK           
Equip 5: +5% ATK Sub-stat Priority: ATK = DMG Resist > ATK SPD > CRIT > Amplify Buff > Cooldown

Final Thoughts

Madeleine Cookie has long been a playable Cookie character that falls embarrassingly flat due to his underwhelming kit compared to the other Defense roster. Defense Cookies play a crucial role in every team build for PvP Kingdom Arena battles, which is why Madeleine Cookie has barely been used ever in team comps until recently. The introduction of his Magic Candy has significantly helped buff his kit in addition to other changes to the kit in Version 4.3 (HP, ATK, and DEF increase). It is no wonder that he shot up at the top as now the most-used Defense Cookie in popular team comps and may very well stay for a while now.

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