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Cookie Run: Kingdom: The Complete Bounties Guide and Tips

Tips to obtain bounties in Cookie Run Kingdom!

Cookie Run: Kingdom– Kingdom Builder & Battle RPG game is a new addition to the famous Cookie Run RPG game series. This game is about building a dream Cookie Kingdom while fighting against evil desert monsters. Players can access the Mileage Shop by going to the gacha tab, and then tapping on the Mileage Shop button on the lower left of the screen. One can buy a lot of things in the shop with mileage points, including soulstones, rainbow cubes, and EXP jelly. In this Cookie Run Kingdom Bounties guide, we will tell everything about it so that players can excel faster in the game.

Bounties are accessed by going to the Play tab and pressing on Today’s Bounties. They are one of the many game modes in Cookie Run: Kingdom, and they are generally easy to do.

It is recommended to do 3 bounty missions a day, since, this is the maximum number of attempts (without using gems) as a free-to-play player. However, if players buy the Kingdom Pass, then one can play up to 5 times a day.

Cookie Run Kingdom Bounties
Image via Devsisters

Buying a Kingdom Pass has multiple benefits, like an extra Star Jelly production landmark and a shorter waiting time for refreshing the Arena, but buying it is not necessary to be good at the game at all. One can still be great at the game and beat story mode, without spending any real-life currencies.

A lot of events in the game give you rewards for doing bounty missions, so it’s good to remember to do them, along with doing wishes and sending trains.

On entering the game mode, players would be shown two or more monsters to fight. Each monster gives players a different skill powder “class”. There are 10 levels for each. Players have to defeat level 1 before they can get to level 2 and so on. However, this does not reset, if they beat all 10 levels. Players can keep playing level 10 again and again, without having to beat previous levels.

Cookie Run Kingdom Bounties
Image via Devsisters

Playing in a bounty mission will give boosts to some of the cookies. They can tap on them to see which classes are getting bonus effects. Looking at these is helpful, especially when they’re starting in the game and they have a weaker team.

Cookie Run Kingdom Bounties
Image via Devsisters

Generally, players would only need around a 200k power level to beat the last stage in bounties. Players can refresh their bounty mission attempts up to 3 times each day. It costs 300 gems per refresh. It is not necessary to do this, but if players have a cookie skill they are intent on leveling up, as quickly as they can. They can refresh their bounty attempts since one can only get a specific skill powder class 3 times a week anyway.

Weekly Schedule

Here is the weekly schedule for bounty missions:

Cookie Run Kingdom Bounties
Cookie Run Kingdom: Daily Rewards (Image via Devsisters)
  • Monday: Charge and Ambush
  • Tuesday: Defense and Magic
  • Wednesday: Ranged and Bomber
  • Thursday: Support and Healing
  • Friday: Charge, Ambush, Defense, and Magic
  • Saturday: Ranged, Bomber, Support, and Healing
  • Sunday: All classes (On Sundays, one only fight one boss, and it gives you powders of every cookie class.)

Skill powders are important for leveling up the cookies’ skills. While star jellies are used for leveling up the cookies, skill powder is necessary, so that their skill does more damage. For healers, their healing gets increased instead.

This game mode is the best way to get skill powders, especially Refined (blue) and Pristine (purple) powders, which are really difficult to get otherwise. When players play bounties, it is better to go for Refined or Pristine powders, since Standard (brown) powders are easily obtainable from story mode and the Fountain of Abundance.

Cookie Run Kingdom Bounties
Image via Devsisters

While Refined powders can be bought in the seaside market, which can be traded for it with Standard powders or other materials. It is not a reliable method since they would have to hope that the featured powder in the seaside market is the one you want.

Doing bounties would be a more reliable option if they’re in need of a specific skill powder class. Pristine powders are the scarcest type of skill powder. Otherwise, players can only get them from alliance mode or as rewards from events, which is very rare.

  • Standard powders are used for upgrading skill levels from 1 to 20
  • Refined powders are used for upgrading skill levels from 21 to 40
  • Pristine powders are used for upgrading skill levels from 41 to 60
Image via Devsisters

It is to be noted that in total, a player upgrading a cookie’s skill level from 1 to 60 requires 100 Standard powders, 110 Refined powders, and 360 Pristine powders. Thus, players must be sure to only upgrade the skill levels of cookies you would actually use.

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