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Cookie Run: Kingdom: The Complete Landmarks Guide and Tips

Know the best Landmarks to buy

Cookie Run: Kingdom– Kingdom Builder & Battle RPG game is a new addition to the famous Cookie Run RPG game series This game is about building a dream Cookie Kingdom while fighting against evil desert monsters. Here is the Cookie Run Kingdom guide to help you know which Landmarks to buy.

When you start in the game, the main thing you would be spending gems on is Cookie Gacha. As you progress and build a great team of cookies, the next step is to purchase landmarks. Since you wouldn’t be needing to use gems on the gacha anymore, (while you might get lucky and get a cookie you want, the drop rates of Legendaries and Ancients are really low so it’s a big gamble) you should spend your gems on landmarks instead.

Cookie Run Kingdom Landmarks
Image via Devsisters

Focus on the landmarks that boost your cookies’ stats so they can reach their full potential. Like production buildings, you can find landmarks in the “build” tab at the lower left of the screen. You can check out each individual decor theme for their specific landmark, or you can go to the buildings index and just head straight to the “landmark” tab (second from the top) to see all the available landmarks.

There are currently 17 permanent landmarks in the game. Note that Kingdom Pass landmarks are temporary, and only last for their season.

Best Landmarks

  • Dreaming Jelly Lion Statue (+10% ATK for all cookies)
  • Dark Lord’s Castle (+15% DMG Resist for all cookies)
  • Tick Tock Clock Tower (-10% production time of materials and goods)
  • The current Kingdom Pass landmark

These will be your main priority. They are the most useful ones you can buy, and you should purchase and level them up as soon as possible.

1. Dreaming Jelly Lion Statue

Dreaming Jelly Lion Statue Cookie Run Kingdom Landmarks
Image via Devsisters

Dreaming Jelly Lion boosts your cookies’ attack. More attack means more damage done to enemies in PVE and Arena! Additionally, it’s worth noting that healers heal based on their “ATK” stat, so the more attack you have, the higher amount of heals you’ll get.

2. Dark Lord’s Castle

Dark Lord's Castle
Image via Devsisters

Dark Lord’s Castle is the second most important landmark to level up in the game. DMG Resist is the best stat to upgrade when you want to raise your team’s survivability. Maxing it is like adding a topping set of Whole Almonds to all your cookies!

3. Tick Tock Clock Tower

Tick Tock Clock Tower Cookie Run Kingdom Landmarks
Image via Devsisters

While this landmark isn’t related to your cookie’s stats at all, it’s still important for the Kingdom aspect of the game, where you have to produce goods and supplies for wishes, trains, and harbor. A lot of events have missions where you’ll need to produce a lot of materials for gems and other rewards, so this is a good landmark to invest in.

4. Kingdom Pass landmark

The current Kingdom Pass
Image via Devsisters

Kingdom Pass landmarks require you to buy the Kingdom Pass, which costs real-life currency. If you would like to play as a f2p player, then buying the Kingdom Pass won’t be necessary; but if you’re willing to spend some money on the game then they’re worth it and will give you a great boost.

Good Landmarks

  • Eerie Haunted House (+8% crit chance for all cookies)
  • Everwinter Snow Globe (+10% DEF for all cookies)
  • Flower Garden (+10% HP for all cookies)
  • Ominous Cake Tower (+20% HP, level 20/50)

After you’re done building the best landmarks, you can build these next.

1. Eerie Haunted House

Eerie Haunted House Cookie Run Kingdom Landmarks
Image via Devsisters

Crit chance isn’t as big of a priority as an ATK boost, but it’s still a good bonus. If you’re aiming to make a comp that relies on crit (usual teams with Twizzle Gummy Cookie) then this is a good landmark to level up.

2. Everwinter Snow Globe

Everwinter Snow Globe
Image via Devsisters

Everwinter Snow Globe boosts the DEF stat, which is good for cookie survivability. This is only in the “good” landmarks list because in the game improving DMG Resist is a lot better than improving DEF, but it’s still a good one to max out.

3. Flower Garden

Flower Garden Cookie Run Kingdom Landmarks
Image via Devsisters

This landmark buffs health. This, added with Ominous Cake Tower, will help your front cookies be more tanky.

4. Ominous Cake Tower

Ominous Cake Tower Cookie Run Kingdom Landmarks
Image via Devsisters

The only tower that can be bought with Chaos Cake Pieces, the Ominous Cake Tower’s final total HP buff isn’t known yet, because it just got recently updated. It now has a Level 50 maximum, when it was previously capped at Level 20.

Optional Landmarks

These are only advisable if you’re really serious about “grinding” things in the game. Focus on the earlier landmarks on this list before buying these landmarks:

  • Grand Dessert Tower (stamina jellies recharging time -10%)
  • Skull Island Resort (gives 40 stamina  jellies every 14 hrs)
  • Croissant Zeppelin (-10% balloon time)
  • Molten Magma Mountain (-10% train time)

The stamina jelly landmarks are good if you plan on farming toppings or soulstones in dark mode. Also, some event missions in the game require you to spend a number of stamina jellies over a period of time, so having a faster recharge rate and an extra 40 stamina jellies every 14 hours would be a huge help.

Croissant Zeppelin is good for balloon expedition grinding. (Like stamina jellies, there are also balloon expedition event missions from time to time, so it’s good to have a smaller waiting time because that way you can send balloons faster.)

Molten Magma Mountain is for reducing train station time, but it’s a little less important than the Croissant landmark because trains take several hours to arrive in your kingdom anyway, so the difference isn’t as noticeable, and grinding train missions are significantly harder than grinding balloon expeditions.

Worst Landmarks

  • Parfaitarium (1 guild Flame of Unity a day)
  • Vanilla Sanatorium (a rarity every 14 hrs)
  • Raspberry Chateau (a rarity every 14 hrs)
  • Ferris Wheel (1 soulstone a day)
  • Gumball Arcade Machine (1 soulstone a day)
  • Star Candy Observatory (receive more coins from battles)

You can get these if you want, but they’re nowhere near as helpful as the other landmarks on this list. They’re more for decoration than actual utility. Parfaitarium barely gives you any guild EXP, so you’re better off just using the Flames of Unity that you get in Guild gacha.

Vanilla Sanatorium and Raspberry Chateau give rarities, and it’s debatable if they pay off in the long run or if they’re actually a waste of money. Rarities are relatively easy to get; you just need to do wishes and trains, and they’re a common reward in events. If you’re less active in the “producing materials” aspect of the game, these might be useful over time. It’s strongly advised that you don’t level these up because they take even more rarities to level up and at that point, it’s not worth it.

The soulstone landmarks cost a lot of crystals and only give 1 soulstone, which is significantly less than what you would get if you just used the crystals on Cookie Gacha. It technically pays for itself in around two months, but it’s still a terribly long time when you can just use your gems for other things.

Finally, Star Candy Observatory gives you extra coins from battles, but it’s just not worth it at all because you barely get coins from them anyway.

Did you find our Cookie Run: Kingdom Landmarks guide useful? Did you find our Cookie Run: Kingdom Landmarks guide helpful?  Do let us know in the comments below!

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