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Cookie Run: Kingdom: The Complete Mileage Shop Guide and Tips

Tips on how to utilise the Mileage Shop efficiently in Cookie Run: Kingdom!

Cookie Run: Kingdom– Kingdom Builder & Battle RPG game is a new addition to the famous Cookie Run RPG game series this game is about building a dream Cookie Kingdom while fighting against evil desert monsters. You can access the Mileage Shop by going to the Gacha tab, and then tapping on the Mileage Shop button on the lower left of the screen. You can buy a lot of things in the shop with mileage points, including soulstones, rainbow cubes, and EXP jelly. In this Cookie Run Kingdom: Mileage Shop guide we will tell you everything about it so that you can excel faster in the game.

You get mileage points every time you receive a soulstone or a treasure.

mileage points
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A maxed promotion cookie will give the following mileage points:

  • Common Cookie:120 mileage
  • Rare Cookie: 300 mileage
  • Epic Cookie: 800 mileage
  • Ancient or Legendary Cookie: 1200 mileage

This means one Common soulstone gives 6 mileage points, a Rare soulstone gives 15 mileage points, and so on. Note that as a f2p player, you’ll only max out rares and commons from gachas. Epic cookies would require you to spend mileage on them to fully max out in promotion, and maxing Epic+ cookies would require you to spend real-life currency. A maxed treasure gives 4 mileage points no matter the rarity.

After accumulating a lot of mileage points (which you’ll mostly get from rolling on Cookie Gacha), you can use them to buy many things in the Mileage Shop, namely 10-min speed-ups, arena tickets, Epic cookie soulstones, treasure tickets, rainbow cubes, and EXP jellies.

things to buy in the mileage shop Cookie Run Kingdom: Mileage Shop
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With these many options to choose from, it might be hard to figure out which are the best things to purchase with your hard-earned mileage points. This guide will help you prioritize what you should be buying from the shop. (The list below goes from highest priority to lowest priority.)

1. Soulstones

As you start out in the game, you may have terrible luck on the cookie gacha and get bad cookies. Don’t worry; that’s what mileage points are for! Even if you get bad draws, at some point you can get enough mileage to “buy” a new cookie you’ll actually need in your team. If your team is in need of a healer, you might want to buy:


She’s widely regarded as one of the best Epic healers in the game, due to her good heals and versatility. In addition to healing your team with her skill, she also summons sheep that help attack enemies, stuns them, and increases ATK for all summoned creatures. She’s a must-have for the Summoner Comp, which uses Pumpkin Cookie and Snow Sugar Cookie.

Cotton Cookie

While she doesn’t boast as many skills as Cotton, she technically heals better than Cotton Cookie and adds a pretty neat Debuff Resist, which reduces debuffs on your team by 40%. This is useful against enemies that constantly apply debuffs to your team, and a good counter against Frost Queen Cookie in Arena too because Parfait Cookie nearly halves Frost’s freezing damage debuff! However, if you feel like your team needs a tank instead, then you can buy:

Parfait Cookie

Strawberry Crepe is one of the best tanks in the game. They help your 2 weakest (lowest hp) cookies survive longer in your team, giving them 50%  more DMG Resist for 8 seconds. These two lowest HP cookies are usually your DPS cookies, and it’s such a good boost because a lot of attackers on your team can be fragile, most notably Frost Queen Cookie and Eclair Cookie. Strawberry Crepe is even more preferable to use on PVE than Hollyberry—who is an actual Ancient Cookie!

Strawberry Crepe Cookie

His 30% DEF decrease on enemies isn’t something to take lightly. While you won’t use him as much for the majority of story mode, he’s necessary for completing boss stages and for guild battle. You won’t get anywhere using any of the other Epic tanks in the game; if you try using Strawberry Crepe Cookie on a boss stage, your team might survive but they won’t deal enough damage in time, and you’d still lose the stage! Lastly, if you need better attackers on your team, then you can buy these recommended cookies:

Dark Choco Cookie

Sorbet Shark is one of the most versatile attackers. They’re useful in the arena since they deal “true damage” to cookies, where they’ll take out a percentage of the cookie’s health instead of just a limited amount of damage. (This also works for cookie bosses on story mode!) Additionally, they’re a helpful cookie to have in story mode and also deal high damage to the guild dragon.

Sorbet Shark Cookie

Like Dark Choco, you’ll mostly use Vampire on boss stages. Their skills always target the rear-most enemy (as long as it’s still in their attack range). They’re one of the best single-target units in the game, and they’ll help you wipe out a good chunk of the boss’s HP in no time. They are used best in tandem with the Slingshot Treasure, which lower’s the rear-most enemy’s defense, allowing Vampire Cookie to apply more damage.

If you already own an Epic cookie you wanted, and you think they’re really strong, then you can use mileage points to promote them too. The maximum promotion you can do is capped at 5 stars.

This is more advisable for more advanced players who get a lot of mileage from their draws; if you’re a beginner then you would want to unlock other cookies first, especially since 5 starring a cookie from scratch would take a total of 290 soulstones, which translates to 29,000 mileage!

Vampire Cookie Cookie Run Kingdom: Mileage Shop
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Another cookie to look out for is Eclair Cookie, who is OP right now in the arena, guild, and story mode. He’s not yet in the shop because he’s one of the more recent cookies, but he’ll be available in the next few updates.

2. Treasure Tickets

After getting a good team, you should spend your mileage on treasure tickets; these let you draw on the Treasure Gacha. Each treasure ticket costs 60 mileage points.

Drawing on the treasure gacha should be your main priority after you’re content with your cookie team, especially since treasures have better longevity than cookies. Treasures don’t really get “outdated”; unlike cookies, which get released every two weeks or so, treasures don’t get power crept as often and they barely require any resources to upgrade.

Treasure Tickets Cookie Run Kingdom: Mileage Shop
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It’s fairly easy to max out your common treasures, and rare treasures too; unfortunately, maxing out an epic treasure takes a lot more tickets to happening, especially since there are so many epic treasures to choose from that your probability of getting a specific epic treasure you want is significantly lower than getting a common or rare treasure. It’s strongly advised to never spend gems or crystals on Treasure Gacha, and to use mileage points instead for getting treasure tickets.

3. 10-min Speed-ups

While this isn’t as high as a priority as the other options, they are still useful if you’re focused on the Kingdom aspect of the game.

10-min Speed-ups Cookie Run Kingdom: Mileage Shop
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They’ll be especially helpful in missions where you have to do multiple wishes in a short timeframe, and you want to speed up making your goods before the deadline arrives. It’s not recommended to spend a lot of mileage points on these; the first two are a better priority.

4. EXP Jellies

EXP Jellies Cookie Run Kingdom: Mileage Shop

Who doesn’t love star jellies? The Mileage Shop is the best place to buy star jellies in-game since arena medals and rainbow pearls are usually reserved for buying Epic+ cookie soulstones instead.

Like speed-ups, you shouldn’t go too crazy on spending your mileage on these, since there are other ways to get EXP jellies in the game, like Tower Of Sweet Chaos and Tropical Soda Islands; you don’t have to limit your mileage points to just buying EXP jellies. It’s advisable to only buy them if there’s a cookie you’re insistent on leveling up as soon as possible.

5. Arena Tickets

Arena Tickets Cookie Run Kingdom: Mileage Shop
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Arena tickets are one of the least “worth it” picks in the shop, and for good reason. Arena tickets are easily obtainable from event missions and the free-to-play version of the Kingdom Pass; you wouldn’t really find yourself in a shortage of it, especially since it fills up over time (like stamina jellies). If you are truly in need of getting more tickets, it might be more advisable to use gems for ticket refills instead, since it only costs 160 gems anyway.

6. Rainbow Cubes

While this is one of the few ways to get Rainbow Cubes right now, it’s not recommended to convert your mileage into rainbow cubes because the conversion rate is really expensive, and rainbow cubes are widely regarded as not as important for gameplay as the other things you can buy in the shop. Rainbow cubes are more useful for late-game players, and even then it won’t be advisable to spend mileage on rainbow cubes.

Rainbow Cubes Cookie Run Kingdom: Mileage Shop
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A rainbow cube costs 25 mileage points; this means getting one Costume Gacha to pull would cost 7,500 mileage points, and a 5-draw Costume Gacha pull would cost 37,500 mileage points! With that amount, you can 5-star a cookie through mileage, and still, have extra mileage points to buy other things.

Only buy rainbow cubes in the shop if you need to finish an event that requires you to draw from the Costume Gacha, and you’re sure that you can’t get enough rainbow cubes to complete the mission in time otherwise.

Did you find our Cookie Run: Kingdom Mileage Shop guide useful? Did you find our Cookie Run: Kingdom Mileage Shop guide helpful?  Do let us know in the comments below!

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