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Cookie Run Kingdom: The complete Trade Harbor Guide and Tips

Learn about the main source of Rainbow Pearls!

The Trade Harbor is another place in the Cookie Run Kingdom to trade your produced goods, such as the Tree of Wishes and the Bear Jelly Train. While the Tree is the best option to get coins and the Train is the best way to get rarities, the Harbor is the player’s main source of rainbow pearls, the currency used for Rainbow Shell Gallery. The Trade Harbor is unlocked with the Rainbow Shell Gallery at castle level 8.

The number of items you can send in the ship is limited, so you would have to send a variety of items to fill out a ship. The ship has a minimum level of trading points; if you don’t reach this level, the ship won’t be sent out, and your items will be wasted. Note that items you put on the ship can’t be taken back, so be sure you’re sending the correct items before you load them.

Trading Points

To fill up a trading harbor ship, you’ll need to trade items with 50,000 points. Here is a complete table of the points each type of item gives you.  

Cookie Run Kingdom Trade Harbor

As you can see, pure trading materials barely give any points compared to trading produced goods instead. Due to this, it’s better to produce high-tier objects (generally the ones that up a lot of time and material) than to trade lower ones. Reserve the lower, easier ones for wishes and trains. Generally, Jampie Burgers (Level 2 Jampie Diner) and below aren’t worth using for the Trading Harbor since they barely give any points.

Cookie Run Kingdom Trade Harbor

Maison Du Cake and Jewelry Salon are the two buildings that let you produce high-tier objects on their first level (Spookberry Muffin and Glazed Ring, respectively). However, these buildings need a relatively high castle level to unlock too. For beginners, the best items to trade would be Cloud Pillows (Level 1 Toy Store), Butter (Level 2 Creamery), Cuckoo Clock (Level 3 Carpentry), and Pomegranate Jam (Level 4 Jammery) since these give you at least one thousand points each.

Cookie Run Kingdom Trade Harbor
Image via Devsisters

Another thing to note is that two random high-tier items give double the points every day, so generally, you’d want to save these items for promotion days instead of normal days where they have a regular value. These are the list of items that can get an x2 multiplier on random days:

Cookie Run Kingdom
Image via Devsisters
  • Indestructible Glazed Hammer (produced in the Smithy)
  • Sparkleberry Jam (produced in the Jammery)
  • Golden Croissant (produced in the Bakery)
  • Fancy Jellybean Meal (produced in the Jampie Diner)
  • Colorful Bowl (produced in the Artisan’s Workshop)
  • Glittering Yogurt Wreath (produced in the Flower Shop)
  • Sweetberry Juice (produced in the Latte Cafe)
  • Pitaya Dragon Toy (produced in the Toy Store)
  • Redberry Juice (produced in the Barrel Inn)
  • Vintage Root Bottle (produced in the Barrel Inn)
  • Strawberry Cake (produced in Maison Du Cake)
  • Party Cake (produced in Maison Du Cake)
  • Glazed Ring (produced in the Jewelry Salon)
  • Rubyberry Brooch (produced in the Jewelry Salon)
  • Bear Jelly Crown (produced in the Jewelry Crown)

Trading Rewards     

Cookie Run Kingdom Trade Harbor
Image via Devsisters

Players can find a table for the rewards in the game. The maximum amount of Rainbow Pearls you can get in a trading session is 1,500 pearls, meaning you can save up to 4,500 pearls every Rainbow Shell Gallery reset. The Gallery resets its list every three days, letting you choose from a fresh batch of objects, like a new Legendary Soulstone. These also give out Sea Rarities (albeit few), which you can use to unlock islands in the Tropical Soda Island game mode.

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