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Cookie Run: Kingdom: The Complete Tropical Soda Islands Guide and Tips

Learn how to play this game mode effectively!

Tropical Soda Islands is one of the permanent game modes in Cookie Run: Kingdom, and like Tower Of Sweet Chaos, there are treasure chests from time to time that gives you rewards. This game mode is unlocked after clearing the land tile next to the dock and completing the side missions.

Soda Island stages take a lot longer to complete than normal stages in the game. Try to make a team that has good survivability. If your team dies in the middle of clearing an island, you can continue where you left off, but you’ll have to use other cookies. Your cookies that got defeated earlier will get sent to the Sunbeds, where you’ll have to wait for some time before you can use them on the game mode again. You can still use these cookies on world exploration and other stages; you’re just not allowed to use them on soda islands.

After you defeat an island, you’ll either get to conquer the island or you’ll get rewarded with a treasure chest. Treasure chests can contain star jellies, cookie cutters, crystals, treasure tickets, and many other rewards. There are many kinds of islands, namely star jelly islands, gem islands, coin islands, and stamina jelly islands. They produce materials over time, and the total amount (based on how many conquered islands you have) arrives at your kingdom every 8 hours.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Tropical Soda Islands
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Beating an island for the first time gives you more rewards than you would get on a second try. Unlike other game modes, you don’t get to choose when you can retry an island; you just have to wait until it gets conquered again by pirates before you can reclaim them. (An island with a soda bottle in it pops off new islands; it won’t give you rewards, instead, it will just help you find more islands to unlock.)

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This mode can be hard when you’re starting out in the game since the enemies are tough and can deal a lot of damage to your team. It’s recommended to use Pumpkin Pie Cookie or Licorice Cookie so you can have an extra tank, giving your team an extra layer of defense. When you use summoners in your team, it’s good to bring along Cotton Cookie and/or the Seamstress’s Pin Cushion treasure, since they both help increase summoner attack.

Tropical Soda Islands are one of the best game modes to get EXP Jellies from, second only to Tower of Sweet Chaos. It will be one of your main sources of EXP Jelly in the game! After progressing a lot, you’ll start unlocking islands at a relatively slow pace. You’ll only be able to play 1 to 2 islands a day, and it might take you weeks to unlock new islands.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Tropical Soda Islands
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This mode also has an event, which you can access by going to the Events Tab. It rewards you every time you conquer a certain amount of islands, and its last reward is at 120 islands, giving you 500 crystals.

Sea Rarities

Unlocking an island requires you to spend Sea Rarities, namely Caramel Spyglasses and Map Fragments. As you unlock more islands, the required amount for unlocking an island gets higher. You’ll reach a point where islands take 100 of each Sea Rarity to unlock, and this is the main reason why you’d spend more time unlocking new islands since Sea Rarities is a little scarce.

Rarities CRK
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Sea Rarities are mostly received from Tropical Soda Islands too (reclaiming an island doesn’t cost any Sea Rarities; only unlocking an island for the first time does). Sometimes you’ll also get them as rewards from events, but it’s not that common so don’t rely on it.

You can also buy them in the Seaside Market, where you’d have the option to buy them with Aurora Rarities every few hours. It’s not suggested to spend all your Aurora Rarities on them, so just buy them from time to time, preferably to balance out your Caramel Spyglasses and Map Fragments. Events usually just reward one type of Sea Rarity, so your Sea Rarities might be unbalanced.

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