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Counterside Beginners Guide and Tips

Savor the world of CounterSide through high-quality BGM and immersive voices!

Counterside is an Urban fantasy collective RPG game genre, which is perfect for anime lovers or fans. There are two types of games that are different for each region, for SEA namely Counter: Side which was developed by ZlongGames, and for global which is Counterside which was developed by Studiobside. In the following, we will discuss a beginners guide and tips from the Counterside game.

Gameplay Overview

At the beginning of the start of this game, you will be presented with a storyline about how the disaster could happen. If you like games with a storyline, maybe you can watch it while playing, but if you just want gameplay without knowing the storyline, this game already provides a Skip feature, so you don’t have to wait long.

In this game, you have the role of a CEO and are assigned to fight unknown monsters known as Corrupted Objects. To fight it you will need characters who have different roles, specialties, abilities, and even faction for each character. And you will manage in terms of the office, such as taking care of the lab, workshop, hangar, CEO’s Office, and others.

Introducing the Basics of Counterside


This squad is a combination of 8 character units and 1 ship. You have 5 Squad slots that can be filled with different units, then if you want to add these slots, you can buy them with quartz. Each squad will have different Combat Power (CP), depending on the Unit and Ship, which will be calculated with the average CP value of each member.

Squad Counterside Beginners Guide
Image via StudioBside

You can choose a leader in each squad, and then the character chosen as the leader will reduce the deployment cost by 1. There are 2 types of squads in this game, the first Combat Squad which is used for solo battles, and the Battlefield Squad which is used for group battles in battlefield mode.


There are several types of operations that you can perform while playing the Counterside game, such as:

Image via StudioBside
  • Main Stream is the main storyline in the game.
  • A simulation that is useful for getting important ingredients for your growth.
  • Supply Operation for the needs of the company and your unit or character.
  • Side Story is useful for explaining the specific story of several characters, usually in this operation, you can try characters with high grades.
  • Counter Case to see the case of the unit you have.
  • Free Contracts whose tasks are assigned by other companies, usually this operation is more difficult than Main Stream

Counterside Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in our Counterside Beginners Guide to help you, newbies, to kickstart your journey.

1. Understanding the Role advantages

There are 7 roles in this game such as Defender acting as a shield for allies, Ranger acting as an attacker in the rear position, Siege only playing a role in attacking the boss, Striker acting as an attacker in the front position, Sniper attacking from a very far position, Supporters play a role in providing support to allies such as doing buffs, etc., and Tower as a defense unit. However, what you should know and learn about there are only 4 roles, namely Defender, Ranger, Striker, and Sniper because these roles are interrelated.

Role advantages Counterside Beginners Guide
Image via StudioBside

As you can see in the picture, there are cycles in these 4 roles, Striker has an advantage over Ranger, Ranger has an advantage over Defender, Defender has an advantage over Sniper, and Sniper has an advantage over Striker. If you have an advantage over a certain role, then get +30% outgoing damage and -30% incoming damage based on the advantage of the role.

2. Pay attention to the type of Attacks

There are 3 types of attacks in Counterside: Ground Attack, Air Attack, and All-round Attack. You have to pay attention to the types of squad and enemy attacks because when the enemy takes out a unit whose movement type is in the air, you must issue an Air Attack. After all, if you issue a Ground Attack type, you will not be able to attack it and will die in vain.

attack type
Image via StudioBside

Likewise, with enemies on the ground, you need to issue units with Ground Attack type attacks. But that doesn’t apply if you take out a unit with an All-round Attack type, because this unit can attack both on the ground and in the air, so it’s very advantageous to have a unit with this type of attack.

3. Set the perfect Squad Composition

The important thing in doing battle is to adjust the composition of your squad because this is very influential when the battle occurs. You have at least brought one of the 4 main roles above because that way you can counter enemies who have weaknesses in their role.

squad composition Counterside Beginners Guide
Image via StudioBside

In addition, you also have to set the type of attack for each character, because if the types of attacks in your squad are not balanced, such as not having the types of attacks that can attack enemies with Movement types in the air, then you cannot attack them.

Then also pay attention to the deployment cost of each character. When you bring a character with an expensive deployment cost, it will be difficult to remove the character in the match because it takes longer to collect deployment resources. We recommend using a squad with an average cost of 3.5.

4. Increase the Combat Power

Combat power (CP) is an important part of the Counterside game, because the higher your CP, the easier it will be to complete existing battles or quests. There are many things you can do to increase your CP, such as:

combat power
Image via StudioBside
  • Salary Negotiation, is very useful for those of you who want to increase the level of your character. If you want to do salary negotiation, it takes some appraisal and credit. Then when you want to negotiate with the unit, there will be 3 offers available. We recommend offering 30% more because the success rate is 60% and you get 50% loyalty, although the credit required is a bit expensive, it’s worth the offer.
  • Skill Training is to increase the level of your skills, the higher the skill level, the more the effect of the power increases even When you have reached the maximum level (Lv. 5) you will get additional effects. But you must have training data to do skill training.
  • Limit Break, is useful for increasing the star of your unit, When you get a star increase through Limit Break, then all your stats will increase as well, sometimes even unlocking the 4th gear slot.

5. Take advantage of the in-game Auto feature

auto feature Counterside Beginners Guide
Image via StudioBside

This auto feature is quite useful when you are fighting, especially for the ultimate auto skill because you will be in trouble. When many of your characters can do the ultimate, activating the ultimate auto skill feature, will make it easier for you. In addition, the auto-battle feature is quite useful when you are already ahead of the battle because you can stack your units without the need for manuals.

Final Thoughts

Counterside is a game that has many aspects to be able to win battles easily, therefore you have to pay attention to these aspects. And don’t forget to increase your combat power for your convenience while playing this game.

That’s it from this Counterside beginners guide. Do hit us up in the comments section if you find this Counterside beginners guide useful. 

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