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Counterside Character Tier List for February 2023

Choose from only the best characters of this month!

Counterside is an Urban fantasy collective RPG game genre, which is perfect for anime lovers or fans. This game will take you to fight against Corrupted Objects which are needed by the chosen people, namely a character. Fret not, we will help you by providing our Counterside Tier List of all the characters in the game.

In this game, you will really need characters with high grades and good abilities when fighting in squads. There are lots of characters in this game, both in terms of grade, specialization, and their role in the squad. Therefore you need to consider a good and appropriate composition when fighting, and see the enemy’s weaknesses in choosing this character.

Counterside Character Tier List for February 2023

The Counterside Character Tier List should only be taken as a reference because different strategies and compositions can yield different results for players. In this game, there are actually 5-grade divisions, such as N, R, SR, SSR, and A-SSR (from weakest to strongest), but we will be divided into categories of S, A, and B to make it easier.

  • S Tier: This tier contains very strong characters which can be seen from the uniqueness of the skill, and his contribution to the team, it is highly recommended to use the character.
  • A Tier: This tier contains fairly strong characters, but not as strong as tier S, because the skills it has been fairly standard.
  • B Tier: This tier contains characters that are fairly mediocre because their skills don’t have a big impact on the team or formation during the battle.
    Strong (S)Lee YumiGaeun,
Rosaria le Friede, Administration Rifleman
Xiao Lin  Nanahara Chifuyu,
Eins & Zwei,
Lin Xien
Evelyn Keller, Yang Harim, Nanaharu ChinatsuSigma
    Good (A)Administration Shieldman, Awakenend HildeSeo Yoon, Kyle Wong, Frederick Doma,
Kim Sobin, Kang Soyoung
Karin Wong, Hayami Sanae, Sylvia Lena CooperTerminator, Orca,
Esterosa de Chevalier, Administration Sword Fighter
Arius Esquede, Claudia Nelson, Lee JisooMaria Antonov, Choi Ina  
    Average (B)Stronghold, Ryan Ferrier, Irie Alford, Domici, King ReginaldEddie Fisher, Joo Shiyoon, Han SorimBuzzard,
Adamant Sniper, Kim Chowon
Roy Burnett, Cindy Looper, HildeIronside, Brownie Moore, Lee JinGabriel,
Counterside Character Tier List for September 2022

Best Meta Characters for Counterside in February 2023

The following is a meta from the Counterside game that pays attention to the balance of squads such as Defender, Ranger, Sniper, Striker, Supporter, and Tower, as well as the abilities and statistics possessed by characters in Counterside as of February 2023.


defender-counterside Counterside Tier List
Image via StudioBside

The Defender here is tasked with resisting the attacks given by the enemy and standing at the front when the battle occurs. We recommend the character Lee Yumi because of her ability to increase EVA and her AOE damage (Area of ​​Effect) skill is very good for large numbers of battles and has the ability to buff. Besides that, Lee Yumi only has a Deploy Cost of 3 which is fairly cheap for a character who has great abilities.


Image via StudioBside

Ranger has a role to do damage to the enemy from his position behind. We recommend the Gaeun character because apart from only having a deployment cost of 3, Gaeun is one of the Ranger who has the best stats and is able to stun enemies. Then the second is Rosaria le Friede with deploy cost 4, with her movement type in the air, she is difficult to touch if the enemy has no character that can eliminate her, besides that she also has skills with AOE.


sniper-counterside Counterside Tier List
Image via StudioBside

This Sniper is in charge of dealing damage to enemies with critical potential. We recommend the Xiao Lin character because of his reliable ability in dealing critical damage to enemies caused by his passive skill.


Image via StudioBside

The Striker is in charge of dealing damage to the enemy from a leading position with the defender. We recommend the character Nanahara Chifuyu because this character is very versatile, he can debuff enemies, deal AOE damage, and has thick HP stats among Striker roles. The second is Eins & Zwei because of their very unique ability, which is two units in one, then it is perfect for you if you really need a skill that can do CC (Crowd Control).


supporter-counterside Counterside Tier List
Image via StudioBside

Supporters are tasked with providing assistance such as healing or providing buffs to the team. We recommend the character Evelyn Keller because of her healing abilities and she is an airborne character, which is great for supporters who are very vulnerable to attacks.


tower-counterside Counterside Tier List
Image via StudioBside

The advantage when using a character with the Tower role is, that your character doesn’t need to walk forward, so you can put it at the back without moving. We recommend the Sigma character because of his passive skill which is very profitable because it can cover the weakness of the role of his ally.

Final Thoughts

Counterside is actually not a game that only prioritizes grade, but how do you fight enemies by using characters who have an advantage over the enemy’s role. But it would be better if you have a character with a high grade, then that will be a plus.

What do you think about this Counterside Character Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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