Crazy Green: Idle Battle Run Beginners Guide and Tips

How do you free the inhabitants? How do you save your home?

Crazy Green: Idle Battle Run is an idle-based simulation game genre developed by DOLE GAMES. This game has a background in a fairy tale filled with darkness and monsters and their bosses, therefore you need to fight these enemies by collecting equipment and increasing your stats to save the fairytale city from the villains where this game can be played anywhere and anytime. Since the game is popularly growing, most players who are new to the genre are waiting for a Beginners guide for Crazy Green: Idle Battle Run.

In this game, you will fight continuously without rest even when you are not in a condition to play this game because this game is based on idle. Besides that, you have to get stronger to pass each stage, level, and boss in this game.

Introducing the basics of Crazy Green: Idle Battle Run


In this game, you will be a child who is destined to fight monsters and baddies. In your character, you can use equipment that is divided into 6 parts, there are Weapons 1 and 2 which serve as your primary weapon, there are Helmets, Clothing, and Decorations which usually have stats for DEF, then there are Earrings and Medals which usually have stats for ATK.

Crazy Green idle battle run beginners guide
image via DOLE GAMES

Apart from equipment, your character also has skills that can be obtained through the weapon he uses. Then there are also talents that are useful for increasing stats or additional effects.


At the beginning of the game, maybe you will fight alone, but time after time, you will fight bosses at certain stages or levels, now if you are able to beat them, then you can accompany the boss during the battle.

Companion Crazy Green: Idle Battle Run Beginners Guide
image via DOLE GAMES

There are quite a lot of bosses in this game, but for beginners, you will get a boss called Granny Wolf when you beat him at stage 55. This is useful to help you when fighting because of his unique abilities.


To improve your character, then one thing that is very important is Summon. This summon can be in the form of equipment or boss fragments. Crazy Green: In this idle battle run, you can summon 50x or the equivalent of 5000 gems to get S/SS equipment for sure.

Image via DOLE GAMES

Or if you want to increase the accompanying boss, then you can summon the Magic Lamp to get a boss Fragment that can be placed into the Magic Lamp Wish in the slot to turn it on.


Image via DOLE GAMES

When you need some resources such as gold, gems, shards, and equipment, then one way is to play in Trial. There are four types of trials, namely The Golden Trial, Gem Trial, Enhanced Shards Trial, and Equipment Trial. But to enter this trial, you need a Trial ticket according to the Trial you want to visit.

Crazy Green: Idle Battle Run Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

Here are some of our tips in the Crazy Green: Idle Battle Run Beginners Guide to help you newbies kickstart your journey.

1. Upgrade your character

To be able to survive in this game, you need to improve your character, in terms of equipment, skills, and talent. When you have a certain amount of the same equipment, it can be upgraded in terms of grade. Then the most important equipment in this game is the weapon. There are four types of weapons in this game, there are Hammer, Cannon, Gloves, and Harp where each of these weapons has its own uniqueness.

Upgrade your character
Image via DOLE GAMES

From this weapon, besides being able to be upgraded in terms of its grade, it can also be upgraded in terms of its skills. Each weapon has four different types of skills. Then upgrading requires a material called Skill Enhancement Stone. When you upgrade to a certain level, you can activate additional effects that each skill has on the weapon which is very useful on high stages when the enemy’s difficulty has increased. To unlock this effect, open when at levels 2, 10, 18, 26, 51, 60, 70, and 80.

Upgrade your character
Image via DOLE GAMES

In addition, you can improve your character’s talent. This talent has 4 different types as well, there are offensive, basics strategy, Rival, and Fierce breakthrough. Besides needing to choose the type of talent, you also have to choose which path you need, because each path has different effects or stats

2. Enhancing your Stats

stats Crazy Green: Idle Battle Run
Image via DOLE GAMES

When you eliminate monsters, you will get some gold which can be used to enhance or boost combat power. There are 3 types of stats such as ATK, HP, and HP Regen that can be boosted with gold. But for others, you need to watch a video ad to get the effect for 30 minutes.

3. Using the Wolf Burst forward

wolf burst forward
Image via DOLE GAMES

This Wolf Burst Forward can be quite useful when you want to skip the stage or level you are currently playing. But make sure when using it, that your combat power is capable of defeating elite enemies because if you lose or exceed the existing duration, your stage level will drop again. Therefore, make sure to upgrade or level up your character first.

4. Auto and Saving mode features

saving mode features
Image via DOLE GAMES

As we mentioned earlier, this game will always fight continuously. Therefore you can leave the game and then do other activities by activating the Auto feature where this feature will fight automatically both in terms of movement and skills, then to save your battery, you can start the Power-saving mode feature.

5. Complete Tasks and Quests

tasks quests
Image via DOLE GAMES

When you don’t know what to do, then you can tap Go at the bottom left, because that is a guide for completing tasks which if completed can get rewards. Besides being guided, your character will also automatically increase like your combat power.

Final Thoughts

Crazy Green: Idle Battle Run is a game that can be played anywhere and anytime because this game has an auto feature. But don’t forget to increase your combat power both in terms of equipment, skills,  talent, and stats, and accompanying your boss so that you can get through each stage and the boss when you fight him. Besides that, this game is also quite easy to get resources, because even if you don’t play it, you still get the resources.

That’s all from us for the Crazy Green: Idle Battle Run Beginners Guide! Did you find our Crazy Green: Idle Battle Run Beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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