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DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE Character Tier List for September 2023

Know the best Adventurers in DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE!

Explore the fun world of DanMachi: Battle Chronicle, a cool mobile action RPG Gacha game inspired by the anime and manga ‘Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?‘ Play as your favorite characters like Bell Cranel, Ais Wallenstein, and Hestia as you journey through Orario’s dangerous dungeons, just like in the anime. Customize your team, unleash powerful skills, and conquer formidable foes in thrilling real-time battles. To help you make the most of your adventure, check out our DanMachi Battle Chronicle Tier List below for insights into character rankings, strategies, and more!

DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE Adventurer Tier list for September 2023: Best characters Ranked

This guide ranks the top heroes in DanMachi Battle Chronicle. The Adventurer classification provides players with information about each character’s strengths and benefits, helping them select the best characters for their team in the game.

To keep things easy, we have categorized characters into three tiers, Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B). This system makes it straightforward for players to understand each character’s potential, allowing them to build a well-rounded and powerful team for their journey.

Strong (S)Little Rookie: Bell Cranel, Absolute Shadow: Yamato Mikoto, Nine Hell: Riveria Ljos AlfFox Spirit: Sanjouno Haruhime, Gale: Ryu LionElgarm: Gareth Landrock, Thousand Elf: Lefiya Viridis, War Princess: Ais WallensteinJormungandr: Tione Hiryute, Antianeira: Aisha Belka, Braver: Finn Deimne’s Bond, Vanargand: Bete LogaMirabilis: Cassandra Ilion, Amazon: Tiona Hiryute
Good (A)Laurus Fuga: Daphne Lauros, Blacksmith of the Flames: Welf CrozzoWolf: Bete LogaUnconquerable: Gareth LandrockLady of the Two-Handed Blade: Tiona Hiryute, Twin-Bladed Dancer: Tione Hiryute
Average (B)

DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE Assist Tier list for September 2023: Best characters Ranked

This section of the Tier List ranks the top Assists units in DanMachi Battle Chronicle. The Assist classification provides players with information about each character’s strengths and benefits, helping them select the best characters for their team in the game.

Strong (S)Maid of Fertility: Syr Flover, God of Neutrality: HermesDragon Girl: Wiene, God of Medicine: Miach
Good (A)God of War: Takemikazuchi, Deity of the Sacred Fire: Hestia, Prum Assist: Liliruca Arde, Unreliable Statements: LokiLady of Many Looks: Syr FloverFollower of the Cherry Blossoms: Hitachi Chigusa, Red-Haired God of Smithing: Hephaistios, God of Romance: Hermes
Average (B)Divine Artisan: HephaistiosAcquaintance of the Gale: Asfi AL AndromedaGod of Guidance: TakemikazuchiQueen of the Night: Ishtar, Delicate Girl: Hitachi ChigusaApothecary: Miach

Best Meta Characters in DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE for September 2023

Every character brings their own unique qualities, and the game provides a wide variety of options. Considering factors like unit composition, attributes, and character roles adds depth to the selection process. This list can be a matter of personal preference because a character’s effectiveness can vary depending on how each player likes to play the game. So, different players might find certain characters more useful than others.

Best in Fire – Little Rookie: Bell Crane


Bell Cranel as Little Rookie is the best Fire-class character in DanMachi Battle Chronicle for a few good reasons. He’s ultra-rare (UR), and his role as an attacker makes him great at dealing damage.

Little Rookie: Bell Crane can attack multiple enemies in front of him, and he adds a damaging Burn effect that lasts for 5 seconds, making his attacks even more powerful. This makes him a top pick for battles in the Fire class, whether you’re exploring dungeons or competing against other players. Bell Cranel is a strong choice for anyone looking for a powerful attacker in the game.

Best in Wind – Fox Spirit: Sanjouno Haruhime


The top Wind-class character is Fox Spirit Sanjouno Haruhime in DanMachi Battle Chronicle. She’s ultra-rare (UR) and plays a vital Support role.

Fox Spirit: Sanjouno Haruhime can deal decent damage and set enemies on fire, causing them extra damage. But what really sets her apart is her healing ability. She can heal all Adventurer units and reduce their special move cost, making her a valuable team member for battles. In short, Fox Spirit: Sanjouno Haruhime is the go-to choice for Wind-class characters in the game.

Best in Earth – Elgarm: Gareth Landrock


The top character in the Earth class is Elgarm: Gareth Landrock in DanMachi Battle Chronicle. He’s an ultra-rare (UR)character and excels in the role of Defense.

Elgarm: Gareth Landrock is all about protecting himself and his team. His special attack not only deals damage but also creates a shield to keep everyone safe. This makes him a strong and dependable choice for battles in the Earth element. In short, Elgarm: Gareth Landrock is the go-to character if you want a tough defender in your team.

Best in Electric – Jormungandr: Tione Hiryute

The top character in the Electric element is Jormungandr: Tione Hiryute in DanMachi Battle Chronicle. She’s an ultra-rare (UR) character and excels in the Defense role.

Jormungandr: Tione Hiryute is good at both defending and attacking. Her special attack not only damages multiple enemies but also gives her a shield for protection. Plus, she weakens the endurance of her enemies, making them easier to defeat. In short, Jormungandr: Tione Hiryute is a strong choice for the Electric element, offering a balance of offense and defense.

Best in Water – Mirabilis: Cassandra Ilion

The best Water Element character is Mirabilis: Cassandra Ilion in DanMachi Battle Chronicle. She’s an ultra-rare (UR) character and plays a key role as Support.

Mirabilis: Cassandra Ilion is versatile and helps the whole team. Her special attack hits multiple enemies, boosts the magic power of your team, and weakens the enemy. She also makes your team faster in battles. In short, Mirabilis: Cassandra Ilion is an excellent choice for the Water element, offering a mix of offense and support to your team.

Final Thoughts

In DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE, the character tier list acts as a helpful guide for players as they navigate battles and strategy. It ranks characters into different tiers, making it easier to build effective units based on careful analysis and gameplay experience.

The tiers act as a guiding tool, helping players make choices that match their goals and preferred playstyle. Whether you want to crush your enemies with strong units, maintain a balanced team, or try different strategies, the tier list gives you the knowledge to create your own path to success in this game. DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE Character Tier List offers diverse ways to play, and the tier list empowers you to find what works best for you.

What are your thoughts on our DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE Character Tier List? Let us know in the comments below!

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