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Dark Slayer: AFK RPG: Beginners Guide and Tips

Demolish the demons with all the Dark Slayer!

Dark Slayer: AFK RPG is an amazing action-based 2D RPG that revolves around a very chaotic, yet interesting story led by three main characters of the game. These three characters are the only characters players are going to witness over the game and thus players will cover the entire journey with them only. Dark Slayer also brings up some of the best sets of in-game features for the players and hence makes the gameplay experience much more reliable for newcomers. Hence, here is our detailed Dark Slayer: AFK RPG beginners guide piece for all the amateurs to flourish higher in this difficult journey. 

Gameplay Overview 

Dark Slayer: AFK RPG is entirely based upon a 2D action RPG format. Also, the players get to see an automated format of gameplay where the players do not have to do any sort of attacks on their enemies, not even the special skills to be used by the players. The game runs automatically on the lobby section and hence players can witness the entire completion of the chapters and the stages without any hassle.

To fight against the main Boss of the particular stage or chapter, players have to tap on the Boss option present at the top of the lobby section, this is the only manual work players have to do in their journey. Players can easily upgrade some of the important entities such as Gears, Heroes, and Beasts.

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The game offers the in-game resources and currencies in a very huge quantity and thus players can save them, and utilize all those resources properly to upgrade their stats and become more powerful. There is also another game mode in the game so that players get to see some twists, and turns, and earn some extra cash from the game for their betterment. There are unique abilities and skills in the game that make all the main three characters different from each other, yet these characters always remain equal based on their powers and skills. 

Introducing the Basics of Dark Slayer: AFK RPG 


The Hero section is the area where the players can help the main three heroes level up and make them much more powerful than before. Players get to see four different sections in this area:

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  • Stats
  • Skill
  • Relics
  • Promote

This is the main aspect for all three main characters and thus players can easily upgrade them with the help of Gold Coins. Players can easily earn Gold Coins by completing daily missions and clearing stages, or chapters.


Gears is the section where the players can check out all the gears they have unlocked and thus equip them over there. The gears such as Gun, Sword, and Bow are also divided into certain tiers that make the players easy to understand.

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Thus players will not face any of the problems while choosing the best available gears. Players can easily enhance their gears with the help of in-game resources in this particular section and make the following gears much more powerful. 


Beast is yet another interesting section where the players get to see some fascinating pets joining the main characters in their voyage. Unlocking the beats is quite a difficult job as the players get some premium and common beast tokens from the game.

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These tokens take a lot of time to get unlocked, such as 7 hours and 4 hours respectively. After the period, players can then get to see their new friends and hence use them. 


The missions section is one of the most important of all. This section assigned three types of missions; Daily, Weekly, and Repeatable. As per the names, the missions renew after a certain period, and hence players can easily receive lots of in-game currencies and rewards from here. 


Challenge is a game mode in the game where the players get to receive some of the best sets of challenge missions in the game and hence have to complete them. The more they move ahead toward the new challenges, the harder it gets, and more rewards are given to the players as well. So go for these amazing game mode challenges to create a benchmark over the leaderboard. 


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Dungeon is yet another exciting game mode in the game where the players are assigned a certain Boss for every level of Dungeon. Players get a limited time to complete a particular dungeon. By completing the dungeons, players can easily earn lots of in-game currencies and rewards that can be further used for the betterment of their profile and characters. 


Draw is the section where the players can use some valuable in-game resources and draw gear such as Swords, Guns, and Bows. These are the primary gears of the main characters and hence drawing the gears will help the players unlock high-tier gears which are comparatively more powerful. 


Dark Slayer: AFK RPG presents an in-game pass for the players. Just like other games, the in-game pass allows the players to complete some assigned missions and earn rewards as the pass level increases. The game comes up with two types of passes; Premium and Free. Again, these passes are further divided into four different sections:

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  • Check-in Pass
  • Hunting Pass
  • Stage Pass
  • Character Level Pass

Thus complete the assigned pass tasks and collect huge rewards from these sections. 

Dark Slayer: AFK RPG Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks 

1. Summon more Gears 

Gears are one of the most important resources in the game and hence, as an amateur players must keep an eye on unlocking more gears. Unlocking gears will create more chances of unlocking higher-tier gears which are considerably more powerful. Thus, summon more gears and improve the character’s stats. 

2. Upgrade the important Entities 

Important entities such as Gears, Character Stats, and Beasts need to be upgraded after a regular interval of time. Players must use resources that are provided to them from the game, save them, and use them for upgrading these important entities as this will help them make their characters more powerful. 

3. Go for the Boss Fights 

Boss fights can be generally found over other game modes such as Challenges and Dungeon. Thus players must go through them and complete all those missions/challenges to progress further into the game and earn amazing rewards. 

4. Complete Daily Missions 

The game assigns different types of missions to the players throughout their journey. As an amateur, players are going to get a lot of easy missions that can be completed in no time. So check out those missions, complete them, and collect all the rewards to utilize it later for the progression. 

5. Do not forget to meet the Real Bosses

Players must go through the storyline’s main villains after clearing every stage. As this is a part of the main storyline’s stages and chapters, defeating the main bosses will let the players move forward to the new chapter of the story. 

Final Thoughts

Dark Slayer: AFK RPG is quite an interesting game to kill time while people get bored and want some entertainment in their small free time. This game has some fascinating features and sections that will let the players enjoy it and stay in touch with this amazing piece. Thus, follow our detailed Dark Slayer: AFK RPG beginners guide and focus on the tips and tricks to rise higher over the leaderboard and defeat all the main villains.

That’s all from us for Dark Slayer: AFK RPG Beginners Guide and Tips! Did you find our Dark Slayer: AFK RPG Beginners Guide and Tips helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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