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Darkfire Heroes: Top 10 best characters to play with

Choose only from the best characters!

Darkfire Heroes is a new action RPG game filled with 75 heroes each with their different skills, abilities, and stats. The game also follows a slight Gacha model where you unlock rarer heroes as you progress further. However, you do not need to progress far into the late game to build up the most OP squad. Most of the game’s best characters are available pretty early on in the game’s progression. You start the game with five starter characters, out of which four are pretty much the go too for your early and mid-game progress. Some of these characters are even viable in the end game once fully leveled up. The others characters in this list can be unlocked at level 7 and level 9 by gradual progression. Here are our top 10 recommendations of the best characters to play with in Darkfire Heroes.

10 best characters in Darkfire Heroes

1. Raol (Good AOE)

Darkfire Heroes best heroes raol

Raol is one of the starter heroes available to the player. His unique ability is called Toxic Bottle which creates a toxic area on the ground lasting for 8 seconds, damaging enemies caught in the area. Raol’s poison attack is quite useful against large groups of enemies and is easily one of the best AoE damage dealers. After leveling up he unlocks certain buffs and debuffs. This makes him useful for a number of things such as ad clear, AOE damage, and support.

2. Niena (Good Ad Clear)

Darkfire Heroes best heroes niena

Niena is another great starter hero available to the player. Her unique ability is called Rain of Arrows, inflicting physical damage to five targets inside a medium-sized circle at long range. At higher levels this ability can do more damage while also increasing the number of targets with her final skill, making her extremely viable in the late game. Even without her abilities, she is also a decent auto attacker with a consistent DPS making short work of ads or weaker mobs. A must-have for every team.

3. Adaline (Good Boss Damage)

Darkfire Heroes best heroes adalinr

Adaline is another great starter hero available to the player. Her unique ability is called Sniper Shot, a single target critical hit attack that deals a lot of damage. Her ability is also capable of great long-range damage which can also crit, making her great against tackier enemies and bosses. She is by far the best sniper in the game and a must-have for boss fights.

4. Otho (Tank, CC, and Auto Attack)

Darkfire Heroes best heroes otho

Otho is another great starter hero available to the player. His unique ability is called Ground Pound, allowing him to jump to any location on the map and dealing damage, stun, and a knockback effect to all enemies nearby. After leveling up his auto-attack becomes more powerful making him perfect for aggressive strategies. He is also semi-decent as a tank, making him an all-rounder.

5. Lyc (Best Tank)

Players can get access to Lyc when they reach level 9. He is by far the best tank in the game. He has a relatively high health pool, with outstanding defense and low protection. His special ability is called Defensive Aura, which has an area of effect that damages enemies around them and reduces their dmg by 50%. Due to his skill Heroism, if he is the only tank in the team then his base defense and protection are increased by 150%. This makes a must-have for the player’s team throughout the campaign.

6. Aul (Best Healer)

Darkfire Heroes best heroes aul

Players can get access to Aul when they reach level 7. She is one of the best healers in the game. Her unique ability is called Healing Bloom, a big single target heal. This is further supported by her 4th skill Root Mother, which adds a heal-over-time effect to allies whenever she uses Healing Bloom. Her 1st skill Field Medic also has a chance to heal the whole team each time she attacks, the amount healed increases with Aul’s hero level. When she is the leader, all heroes receive an increase in Health and Protection. She also has a high protection level which reduces incoming magic damage and allows her to recover quickly from status effects such as stuns or freezes. She is a must-have for end-game content.

7. Mala (Good Damage Dealer)

Players can get access to Mala when they reach level 7. Her unique ability is called Fire Stream, a high damage stream of fire which is highly effective due to it being one of the few abilities that can crit. She is an excellent damage dealer with most of her skills augmenting her fire abilities and increasing their damage.

8. Riena (CC & Stun)

Darkfire Heroes best heroes riena

Players can get access to Riena when they reach level 20. Her unique ability is called Whip Pull, a single target power that does physical damage, stuns, and also pulls the enemy to her position, which can be a perfect setup for a ranged attack. She can be quite tricky to use but is extremely valuable when dealing with multiple healers and casters which appear quite often in the late game.

9. Aleon (Best CC)

Darkfire Heroes best heroes aleon

Aleon becomes unlocked when a player reaches level 11. His unique ability is to Cause Fear, which makes affected enemies get frightened, making them run around randomly unable to attack or use any abilities. This can give players a slight breather when enemies start to overwhelm them with sheer numbers and frequent attacks. His ability is quite useful when starting an attack on a horde of enemies, a situation that happens quite often in this game.

10. Dagmyr (Buffing Allies & Damage Dealer)

Players can get access to Riena when they reach level 7. Her unique ability is Break Defense, which affects all targets in a cone-shaped area dealing damage, knock-back effect, and debuffs to all enemies nearby. She is not only able to damage the enemy but also make her allies’ damage even greater. This makes her a great damage dealer for aggressive strategies.

The above list of best characters is a suggestion based on our experience in Darkfire Heroes. You can definitely have your own roster of characters with minor or even major tweaks according to your choice of characters. Good Luck!

Here is our list of the best characters you should play with in Darkfire Heroes. Do you feel we have missed out on your favorite character? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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