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Date A Live: Spirit Pledge HD Character Tier List for June 2022

Choose from only the best characters of this month!

Date A Live: Spirit Pledge HD is an RPG game developed by Moonwalk Interactive Hong Kong Limited, remastered from the previous version. The game is based on the novel series, Date a Live which is very popular and has a visual and romantic impression. This game requires a character with a high tier so that you can easily complete each quest or when a battle occurs, the higher the tier, the better. Therefore, we will summarize the characters based on their respective tiers in our Tier List that you can use as references when playing Date a live: Spirit Pledge HD.

Date A Live: Spirit Pledge HD Character Tier List for June 2022

This Date a Live: Spirit Pledge HD Tier List should only be taken as a reference because different strategies and compositions can yield different results for players. This tier list is divided into categories of S, A, and B.

  • S Tier: This tier contains very strong characters which can be seen from the uniqueness of the skill, and his contribution to the team, it is highly recommended to use the character.
  • A Tier: This tier contains fairly strong characters, but not as strong as tier S, because the skills it has been fairly standard.
  • B Tier: This tier contains characters that are fairly mediocre because their skills don’t have a big impact on the team or formation during the battle. But when you upgrade the character, it’s still worth using.
TierRole DPSRole Support
  Strong (S)Crimson Nightmare Kurumi,
Inverse Tohka,
Kotori Itsuka
Miku Izayoi,
Snow Princess Yoshino
  Good (A)Kaguya Yamai,
Kurumi Tokisaki
Yuzuru Yamai
  Average (B)Tohka Yatogami,
Vanargandr Mana
Origami Tobiichi,
Mana Takamiya

Best Meta Characters for Date a Live: Spirit Pledge HD in June 2022

Following the best components such as the skill, energy system, and character trait, here we recommend the best characters that you can use in the team.

Inverse Tohka

inverse-tohka-date-a-live Date A Live: Spirit Pledge HD Tier List
Image via Hot Game Studio

This first character is quite overpowered because judging from his stats, Inverse Tohka has excellent ATK, DPS, and DEF for battle. Besides that, he has an area of ​​effect (AOE) skill which is very useful when fighting large numbers of enemies at once like at the beginning of the wave, because usually the enemy will come simultaneously, and at that time you can use the skill from Invers Tohka.

Snow Princess Yoshino

snow-princess-yoshino-date-a-live Date A Live: Spirit Pledge HD Tier List
Image via Hot Game Studio

The second is Snow Princess Yoshino because she is one of the characters who have pretty good crowd control (CC) through the freeze given to her.

Kotori Itsuka

kotori-itsuka-date-a-live Date A Live: Spirit Pledge HD Tier List
Image via Hot Game Studio

The third is Kotori Itsuka, because in addition to having AOE damage, he has a 20% chance to burn his enemy, and if hit, he will receive pure damage of 50% of Kotori’s ATK per second.

Final Thoughts

As long as you play Date a Live: Spirit Pledge HD, don’t just stick to the tier list, because there are counters and encounters for each element, so if you don’t have a high-tier character, you can outsmart it through the counter of each enemy.

What do you think about this Date A Live: Spirit Pledge HD Character Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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