Dawnlands Beginners Guide and Tips

Exploration at its best!

Dawnlands is a recently launched action adventure title from Seasun Games. In the game, players ascend to the role of the land’s savior, embarking on a journey through an exquisite open-world environment. They navigate a colossal expanse, collecting resources, forging weaponry, and constructing unique realms that spring forth from their imagination. Given the game’s huge setting, it becomes difficult for players new to the genre to adapt to the different settings this game offers. However, there’s no need for concern if you find yourself in this situation, as our comprehensive Dawnlands Beginners Guide with some Tips is available to assist you.

Dawnlands Gameplay Overview

Speaking of the gameplay, you don’t have much to worry about as it is as simple as it gets. Move around, complete the missions thanks to the guidelines followed, and you are good to go. The open-world exploration is pretty huge to be honest, as you shall need a lot of game time in order to get to know the surroundings well.

Game Modes

The core component of the game centers around a single-player adventure, wherein players embark on journeys, engage in crafting activities, and partake in various in-game tasks in their own world created upon starting the game. Additionally, the game introduces a Sandbox mode, which becomes accessible upon reaching level 8.

Dawnlands game modes
Image via Seasun Games

Moreover, there’s a co-op adventure feature as well, enabling players to either search for existing game sessions or create their own. This co-op mode facilitates collaborative play by inviting other players to join in on the adventure which helps in enhancing the social and interactive aspects of the gameplay experience. Keeping this in mind, you can play any of the three.

Creating your Character

In Dawnlands, you need to create your own character, entirely from the ground up, and give him/her a name as well. The customization is the fun part, as you have preset hairstyles, skin tones, facial structures, and other customizable attributes even things like pupil color as well, making the experience tailored to your way.

Options and Controls

Controls in Dawnlands

Next up, we shall get to learn about the gameplay basics of Dawnlands, starting with controls. In Dawnlands, you’ll have access to four fundamental controls, accompanied by a distinct special attack feature. These controls encompass straightforward actions like sprinting and jumping, as well as more strategic choices such as sneaking. Additionally, you’ll be equipped with both a special attack and a standard, reliable normal attack.

This will change according to the weapons you choose. Also, the compatibility of weapons is something you should follow, say for example you can’t carry a hand tool/defensive shield if you are using advanced weaponry. When employing weapons such as bows and arrows, you’re also granted the choice to cancel your attack if needed. This can be viewed from the options menu situated just above the controls.

Options Menu

There are four primary categories of options namely hand tools, weapons, carried recipes, and items. The first two categories: hand tools and weapons, grant you the ability to switch between different weapons and defensive shields. The durability of these items is represented by three green indicators next to each weapon in your possession, providing a visual indication of their remaining lifespan.

Dawnlands items
Image via Seasun Games

Accessing the carried recipe menu offers you a list of recipes you currently possess, along with those you’ve previously utilized. This menu enables you to reforge items you’ve crafted before, a process made simple by clicking on a recipe. Doing so unveils the necessary material requirements for crafting, while also allowing you to gauge the quantities of materials you currently possess.

The same goes for the items menu, where you will have a list of items that can be consumed. It’s important to realize that these items cater to both health and hunger bars. Moreover, there’s a convenient shortcut option available to keep this menu accessible at all times. By designating an item as a favorite or starring it, you can ensure that it appears on the home screen for easy access.

Crafting and Resources

Crafting in Dawnlands

Coming to the major part of Dawnlands, that is crafting. Crafting in Dawnlands follows a familiar pattern found in other games within the genre, where you create various items by combining various raw materials and resources together. The process is fairly simple, however, will be the important aspect as you progress in the game.

Dawnlands crafting
Image via Seasun Games

Crafting within Dawnlands is facilitated through the Recipe menu. To create an item, you’ll require a specific quantity of materials specified by the recipe. It’s important to note that you need to unlock the recipe for an item before you can craft it. This process entails discovering or obtaining the recipe through your gameplay progress, allowing you to then gather the necessary materials and create the desired item.

Expanding your recipes can be achieved through the Recipe Research feature. This function involves using recipe journals to unlock additional recipes, which in turn leads to various rewards. By utilizing this feature, you’ll be able to broaden your crafting possibilities by accessing a wider range of crafting options and their associated benefits.


Speaking of the resources in the game, we have three major resources: Diamond, Coins, and Lucent Leaves.

  • Diamond: It is a widely accepted currency in the game. However, it cannot be found in exploration and can be obtained via the Daily and Main Quests, apart from the Events.
  • Coin: A common resource with which you can buy items or valuables from the merchants during exploration. You can purchase Coins from the shop apart from finding them in the wild.
  • Lucent Leaves: Unique and paid currency that can only be purchased from the shop. Used to purchase outfits, gits, and bundles from the shop.

Dawnlands Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks to Remember

Here are some tips and tricks the players should remember while playing Dawnlands.

1. Use Teleport to move from places

Dawnlands teleport and navigation
Image via Seasun Games

Dawnlands offers a Teleport feature that enables you to swiftly move between locations, effectively minimizing travel time. To access this feature, you can simply click on the map located on the left-hand side of your screen. In the same map menu, you can set a marker and then move toward it, but as mentioned earlier, it takes more time to do that,

2. Use Unstuck or Quest screen if you are unable to progress

If you find yourself in a difficult situation or stuck, Dawnlands provides the Unstuck option. The Unstuck feature allows you to relocate to a previously saved point on the map, facilitating a fresh start to your journey. Another way is by accessing the Quest screen, where you can locate the main quest along with its description and the rewards it offers.

3. Fill your Hunger bar

Make sure to attend to your Hunger Bar, as it holds significant importance. If your character is hungry, their abilities will be impaired, such as running, combat, etc. This Hunger bar is displayed below the health bar in yellow, and keeping it sufficiently filled is crucial for maintaining optimal performance and ensuring that your character’s running capability remains unaffected. This is important to avoid getting passed out.

4. Keep an eye on the stamina window

Like every other game, you have to be sure to monitor the stamina gauge closely. Not only during combat but also while engaging in activities like swimming and running, it’s important to be mindful of your stamina. These actions can gradually deplete your stamina reserves, which in turn can have an impact on your health bar. The stamina is indicated only when you are performing an action that depletes it.

5. Collect as many materials possible

Dawnlands chests
Image via Seasun Games

A simple tip yes, but a crucial one. Dawnlands is all about collecting as many materials as possible. This practice not only enhances your survival but also extends the scope of your adventures in the game.
Keep a keen eye out for a variety of valuable discoveries including chests, meat, rocks, and other resources. Additionally, be on the lookout for unique items that can prove to be incredibly useful on multiple occasions throughout your journey.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Dawnlands stands out as an exceptional choice for enthusiasts of open-world exploration. The game offers a wealth of activities to engage in, and although some aspects might seem repetitive, they serve as a solid foundation for grasping the game’s core concept. Seamlessly blending elements of survival and entertainment, Dawnlands becomes increasingly intuitive as players delve deeper.

Speaking from a beginner’s point of view, the game might get a little hands-on given the amount of content it has. A lot of gameplay revolves around your open-world movement and the crafting as well. Should players encounter challenges during their journey, we encourage them to revisit this Dawnlands Beginners guide or seek assistance by posing questions in the comments section.

That’s all from us for the Dawnlands beginners guide! Did you find our Dawnlands beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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