Dead Spreading: Survival Beginner’s Guide, Tips and Strategies

With the games in the mobile sector being rapidly increasing with the developers focusing on the interest developing in the gamers in the mobile sector, there have been many games which are being introduced day in and out. While most of them are being ignored, some of them already hit. One of the recent releases was the Dead Spreading: Survival, a Zombie survival game with interesting modes and characters. During the course of the game, you’ll have to kill several zombies to complete a level, which in turn will get you XP and in-game rewards which will help you unlock many characters and coins for upgrades. So, in this beginner’s guide, the main focus will be on how to know the game and adapt to it quickly. For more game guides, please do not hesitate to check our website.

About Dead Spreading: Survival

Dead Spreading: Survival is a zombie shooting + survival game developed by Potting Mob. You will be having your special character to form a squad to get rid of the zombie menace in each danger zone. There are different levels to jump on to, where you face many Zombies and their Zombie boss who won’t stop until each member of your special ops team is dead. The difficulties increase with the number of zombies growing higher.

Beginning with Dead Spreading: Survival

The Home screen goes with your regular information that includes the level you are in, the Squad Name and your Daily Missions. Your Boss will be guiding throughout the game, informing about the missions that are to be completed. You will receive daily gifts accordingly. Your EXP level will be indicated in the Home page, where you receive rewards like Gems, Quests Boxes, Character cards and Coins. While you complete Regular and Daily missions, they add up to a certain extent to level you up. You also have options to refresh your daily missions in Dead Spreading: Survival.

VIP Unlock

Dead Spreading: Survival

Includes permanent features that contain bonuses and extra slots for your gems.

How to Play Dead Spreading Survival

Dead Spreading: Survival, as the name suggests, is a kill to survive mode type. You will be facing a lot of zombies as you climb up the mission tree, which might feed you with increasing difficulties with Zombie Bosses with different skills and damage. You will be deployed to face all of the zombies with a health bar indicating your health. All you have to do is to smash all the zombies to survive. After every mission, you will receive rewards and unlock the next mission.

During the same, you’ll have to rescue survivors who are dropped with a parachute on the mission zone. You just have to get near them before Zombies break the shield to get to them. Your heroes/characters will receive certain benefits for the rescues done, such as healing and increased damage. Some survivors may also join your team and start attacking zombies.

Tips for Dead Spreading: Survival

  • Your characters automatically take aim and shoot at the zombies approaching you, so you don’t have to worry about that. Just make sure you don’t move closer to them; you would lose health quickly if you do.
  • Try to use some obstacles to block the zombie path. The zombies take time to get rid of these paths, which grants you enough time to blast them off the field.
  • Try taking cover at regular intervals, which would help you even more during the missions.
  • Keep switching characters. They are important considering the number of difficulties faced as you climb up for difficult missions.

Your Heroes/Characters

attributes of Jerry, Dead Spreading: Survival
Charecter: Jerry

There are 9 characters in the game currently, each off them will have an EXP level required to get them unlocked. You’ll get hands-on Jerry initially as your first character. Later others will join you too. To level them up, you’ll have to obtain their Character Cards which combined levels them up using Coins which are obtained in-game. These characters have special attributes that increase as they level up.

In-game items

You have Gems, Coins and Chests obtained after completing a mission or levelling up. Under Daily gifts, you will receive up to 5 rewards every few hours. You might get a shovel, card, gem or gold and extra gems. Chests are having certain rewards as well, where you have up to a maximum of 4 chests at a time.

Did we miss out anything important in this beginner’s guide of Dead Spreading: Survival? Feel free to mention them in the comments below. And for more quality guides like this, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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