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Destiny Child Beginners Guide and Tips

Become the ultimate Archfiend of the Infernal Realm!

Destiny Child is a game based on a system where players get turns to play in a role-playing game format. Developed by SHIFT UP, the game could be cited as being fairly successful due to its popularity among players who are looking for a captivating role-playing game with stunning visuals. The characters are extremely well designed which much focus having been given to various intricate details which makes them a pleasure for the eyes to look at. Here in this beginners guide, we will offer help to get you started on Destiny Child and then make your way further into the game.

Introducing the Basics of Destiny Child

In the game Destiny Child, players take control of Childs, who are competitors for inheriting the throne of the Archfiend, the premier demon in the dark world of the demon kingdom. Each Child has to go through intensive training and defeat demons of several classes before they get to contest as a contender for the title of Archfiend. The game takes us on a journey with similar Childs and we follow the story of how the player progresses in their quest to become the Archfiend.

Upgrading your Skills

Skills in the game
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Skills are one of the most important elements in the game and are surely something that players should be very wary about. Each Child has a specific Skill that could be leveled up. The leveling-up process costs Onyx currency and each particular Skill could be leveled up to level 10, with the cost of leveling up the Skill getting higher every level.


Awakening Destiny Child Beginners Guide
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If you want to Awaken your Child you will be taken to the concerned window where you will be able to do so by tapping on the option. It will increase the stats of the specified Child and will cost Onyx on doing so. Also on unlocking Awakening ranks you will gain access to parts of stories as a rather tempting bonus reward.


Before you set out to Evolve your Child, first you have to make sure that they are at the highest level possible of them. Once this has been achieved, then the option for Evolution becomes available for the particular Child and thereon you will need Evolution materials to continue.

A one-star child would need another one-star to Evolve, a two two-started would need another two stars to Evolve, and so on. After this, all you have to do is, select the ones which you can discard and then tap on the Evolve option at the bottom.

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If you want to get more evolution materials, you could do so by playing the daily Dungeons every day without missing out on them. You can also buy more evolution material from the Ragna shop or the Ragna PvP shop by trading with Ragna coins.

Once you gather all the evolution material and the Childs to be used in evolving, select Evolve, it will cost gold and your selected Child will go through a star evolution. For example, a three-star will become a four-star and a four-star will become a five-star.


Equipment Destiny Child Beginners Guide
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Equipping your Child is another way to make them stronger and more sufficient. Make sure that any child you intend on using has something equipped in all slots. The accessory Slot will only unlock once they are S-class through awakening.

Leveling up a Child

Playing through Story Missions

The primary way of leveling up your Childs is by playing story missions. To level up a specific Child, you have to play and replay a story mission that rewards you with a sufficient amount of XP till you get the XP you need.

Although a tedious process, leveling up is well worth it as it makes the combat scenarios in the game much easier to handle and play with the help of stronger Childs. This process also involves using up a lot of stamina, a resource that is limited in Destiny Child and only gets refilled with time. Therefore, the process is also time-consuming besides being tedious.

story missions
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It should also be noted that each stage or story mission carries a different reward. This is important as playing the same stage over and over might cause a particular item to get stacked in numbers more than required. Thus it is pertinent to decide first on the resources which would be more beneficial besides XP before deciding on a stage.

As mentioned before, you also have to choose a level that is easy enough to play and replay based on the overall strength of your squad. For example, playing with a light team against dark enemies is an effective way to level up your Child. Besides, another thing that matters is your survivability, meaning that the more you survive, the more XP you will earn for each Child and thus make your campaign easier.

Utilizing XP Blobs

Utilizing the XP Blobs is the second way by which a player can level up a Child. It involves the use of the Combine option which is present in the options of your Child. XP Blobs are items that one can earn from playing the Daily Dungeons in the game, and after doing so, they will be rewarded with this resource. Now, once you tap the Combine option, you will be taken to a window with all XP Blobs you have earned and you will be able to select which ones to use to level up the Child.

It should also be noted that using an identical type of Blob as your Child gives a slight boost to the amount of XP gained. For example, using a dark-type Blob on a dark Child will give a slight boost in the XP that the Blob will give. The same goes for light-type Blobs and Childs. The boost could be said to be about 10 percent.

XP Blobs Destiny Child Beginners Guide
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The amount of XP gained is also dependent on the rarity of the Blob applied and the number of Blobs used on the Child. If you use the Auto option, the game will automatically select the number of Blobs required to level up the Child regardless of type. Although this is quicker, it also slightly retards the progress which could have been otherwise earned by using Blobs of the same type.

And once you click Combine to confirm the level-up, there is also a chance that you will earn some bonus XP on the virtue of leveling up your Child. The random bonus XP could be as high as 125% if you manage to get lucky on your end.


In this Destiny Child Beginners Guide, we have tried to put together everything you need to gather a sufficient amount of knowledge to know your way in the game as a beginner. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and never forget to refer to this Destiny Child beginners guide for advice if you run into problems.

That’s all from us for Destiny Child Beginners Guide! Did you find our Destiny Child beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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