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Diablo Immortal: The complete Barbarian Class Guide and Tips

Tips to master the Barbarian Class with ease!

Diablo Immortal offers its players a variety of classes to choose from. It’s up to you to select your desired class and begin your story. The game consists of six classes, each having its own way and tactics of fighting enemies and dealing damage. If you love to hack and slash your enemies in closed combat, then you must head for the Barbarians Class. In this Diablo Immortal guide, we are gonna talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the Barbarian Class by giving an overview of why to choose this class and the skillsets this class possesses.

Introducing the Barbarian Class in Diablo Immortal


The Barbarian class is undoubtedly the most strongest and powerful when it comes to hacking and slashing an enemy in a face to face combat. Due to its undying rage and melee combats, Barbarians are the most effective when it comes to dealing damage to its enemies and for its massive AoE damage as well. Also, they are one of the fastest characters in Diablo Immortal when the right legendary item is being used.

A Barbarian possesses the ability to wash off its enemies endlessly in a battle with many crowd control options. Summing up, The Barbarian class is the most aggressive class that offers devastating damage in closed combats. So if you are one of those players who likes to thrash and beat their enemies then the Barbarian class is the right choice for you.

Diablo Immortal Barbarian Class
Image via Blizzard Entertainment


Although being one of the most powerful and the strongest class in Diablo Immortal, still the Barbarians possess many weaknesses. As the class is famous for its closed combat skill, there is a great risk of taking damage from the monsters and enemies while fighting them. When you progress further in the game and complete quests and challenge rifts you will feel the need of focusing on your defense techniques constantly

Understanding the PvE Skills of the Barbarian Class

For the Barbarian class, there are quite a several skillsets, from which we recommend you to choose the following skills:

1. Lacerate

This option helps the Barbarians to self-heal themselves after every third attack they face. This is one of the main primary options for the Barbarians and helps excellently well when you are running out of health on a battlefield. The skill unlocks at Level 1.

2. Chained Spear

This skill unlocks at Level 3. Chained spear flings out three spears at once in a cone shape and drags the enemies closer to the Barbarian. While dragging the enemies, it already inflicts a small amount of damage to the enemy.

3. Cleave

Cleave is an AoE damage caused to the enemies within a limited range inflicting an enormous amount of damage at regular intervals. The skill gets unlocked at Level 1

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

4. Whirlwind

The skill unlocks at level 8 unleashing yourself into a moving tornado and dealing quite good damage to the closing enemies. The whirlwind is special for dealing constant damage to enemies without a break.

5. Demoralize

The skill unlocks at level 38 and is also an area of effect skill that reduces the health of close- enemies by 30%.

6. Ground Stomp

Ground stomp deals a considerable amount of damage to its enemies with a charging shockwave. The longer you charge the ability, the more damage it causes overall to enemies. The skill unlocks at level 41.

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