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Diablo Immortal: The complete Necromancer Class Guide and Tips

Tips to master the Necromancer Class with ease!

The Necromancer class is regarded as the best class to choose from among the six diverse classes available in Diablo Immortal. Many of the Necromancer’s skills are being taken from Diablo II and III. The Necromancer is by far the most powerful and can inflict massive damage on its enemies with ease. It’s just that you need to know the right set of skills and legendary gems required to knock off your enemies with ease. In this guide, we will be talking about the strengths and weaknesses of this class and also we will discuss the best skills available.

Introducing the Necromancer Class in Diablo Immortal


The Necromancer does possess immense strength in themselves and has a great potential for dealing a great amount of damage with ease. They are sorcerers that excel in dark magics. It is regarded as one of the most versatile classes among the lot and has the power to assemble undead skeleton creatures to fight alongside.

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You can command them and also can use them as weapons by making them explode using a corpse explosion. Whether you play solo or play in a group, The Necromancer possesses multiple skills to deal a good amount of AoE damage and great crowd control abilities.


Although being the best and yet most powerful class among the lot, The Necromancer still got some weaknesses. One of the main areas where it lacks behind is its mobility and movement speed. Necromancers often find themselves surrounded by their enemies in combat and as they lack reliable escape mobility, they take severe damage in combat. The Necromancers are often relied on their skeleton allies and seem to be unsafe without them.

Understanding the PvE skills of the Necromancer Class

A Necromancer comes with diverse skills in Diablo Immortal out of which we recommend you to choose these six skills while playing as a Necromancer.

1. Soulfire

This is the primary skill of a Necromancer which allows you to toss a ball of soulfire towards your enemies that explode inflicting damage to the specific target and dealing 25% damage to your surrounding enemies. The skill unlocks at level 1.

2. Command Skeletons

This skill allows you to command your summoned skeletal creatures to charge to a location increasing your attack speed by 80% for 4.5 seconds. This skill also unlocks at level 1.

3. Corpse Explosion

This skill allows you to explore all the corpses in a specific area dealing considerable damage to your nearby enemies. The skill unlocks at level 3.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

4. Wraith Form

When activated, this skill allows you to become invulnerable and move 50% faster for two seconds. It is to be noted that you cannot attack or deal damage to your enemies while this skill is being activated. This skill unlocks at level 15.

5. Grim Scythe

With a maximum of 2 charges at a time available to you, you can slash with an assembled scythe that deals damage to your enemies in front of you. This skill unlocks at level 1.

6. Command Golem

This skill is by far the strongest spell of a Necromancer. This skill allows you to spawn a massive golem dealing damage to your enemies for a stretch of 42 seconds. The skill unlocks at level 50.

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