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Disney Sorcerers Arena: 5 Best Characters in July 2020

There are a lot of characters in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena and many of them are very popular around the world. Many of them are ‘Hero’, Many are ‘Villains’. But the important thing here is who is powerful, who has the best attack, who has the best defense. There are characters, who are extremely popular but are seriously lack the charm in the game. We have played a lot and tried to build up the list of strong characters to look upon. Some characters are good with team, some are extremely good in solo, but the game is a turn-based attack game, so using the characters and their attack is very important.

So, here we have compiled the list of top 5 characters of Disney Sorcerers Arena, who are the best in the game right now. However, if you are starting new, we would suggest you check our beginners guide first.

5. Emperor Zurg

Type: Villain

Role: Offense

The character is a bomb ready to blast at any moment. This character has an amazing offense, like firing 23 times with a 15% chance to hit an adjacent target also. And also 25% extra damage if the health is low, and if the target dies, he gets an extra turn. The basic attack is also interesting as it inflicts extra damage if the health is high. He also has a passive ability which also deals with some damages at the start of the turn. Basically, he will be dealing with some serious damage, no matter what health you have.

emperor zurg

How to get Emperor Zurg in Disney Sorcerers Arena

Unlike many characters, Emperor Zurg is very hard to get. He is available in the VIP exchange store in exchange for gems or through the ultimate chest in exchange for gems. So, as I said very difficult to get.

Zurg is also available during special event which gets live for few days in a month.

4. Hades

Type: Villain (Mythical)

Role: Offense

The evilest person in the Disney world and no doubt the strongest character in the game also. Hades’ passive allows him to cleanse himself from any effect and increase the speed meter if the health falls below 50%. Also, he gets into Ignite Empowered mode which inflicts extra damages during basic attack also. The special attack of Hades, can’t be avoided / evaded / invulnerable by any opponent characters. Overall, if he is hit hard, he, in turn, hits even harder and also not to forget the extra damage he deals to the flanking opponents.

hades, Disney Sorcerers Arena Best Characters

How to get Hades in Disney Sorcerers Arena

Previously, Hades was an exclusive character but now it being offered in the tournament exchange store.

3. Shan Yu

Type: Villain

Role: Offense

Shan Yu was crowned the best among all the characters in Disney Sorcerers Arena for a very long time. Shan Yu is the best leader offering the speed boost in the game. The best leader title is justified by the extra passive leader attribute of Shan Yu with the overpowered stats. And this makes him a step apart from the rest of the strong characters. The special attack, if kills the opponent’s character, would give him an extra turn which is a massive advantage over the opponent. In basic attack, he also has a 50% chance of dealing with chain damage. But the massive are the special attacks. He can get an extra turn if he defeats an opponent and also ups his offense for two turns.

shan yu, Disney Sorcerers Arena Best Characters

How to get Shan Yu in Disney Sorcerers Arena

Shan Yu is now available in campaign modes, so players should farm him every day and try to max him as soon as possible.

Shan Yu can be obtained from the exchange store. If you play actively in the sorcerer’s tournament, you can get enough tokens for Shan Yu within the first month of your gameplay.

2. Elsa

Type: Hero

Role: Offense

The moment Elsa was introduced with the frozen characters in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena, the entire community was overwhelmed by her stats and skills. Being the most exclusive character in DSA, she is just amazing. She has this amazing ultimate skill, where she builds up her power, gets empowered and when uses it, gets almost every character in the opponent team. She is equally good with other teams, but when is with the Frozen team, she is just the Goddess of War. When buffed perfectly by the teammates, she is like a grenade which takes out everyone instantly.

How to get Elsa in Disney Sorcerers Arena

Elsa is available during the Frozen event. To unlock her faster, it is recommended to buy packs from the shop available during the Frozen event.

1. Dash

Type: Hero

Role: Offense

Many players were critical about Dash initially, but when he is leveled up and promoted to higher stars, he is very good. The best of Dash comes from the passive skill which increases the meter by 10% when gaining charge. And Dash gains charge from almost every active skill of his. Therefore, he is going to be the best when promoted and leveled up. Dash can be used with any good team and not just the Incredible team. He is going to be used as the primary damage dealer of the team. Unlike, other characters, Dash is going to remain the best character for a long period of time. So, players should farm him, rather buy him.

How to get Dash in Disney Sorcerers Arena

Dash is available during the Incredible event. To unlock him faster, it is recommended to buy packs from the shop available during the Incredible event.

These are the best-overpowered characters in Disney Sorcerers Arena to compete with the top-level players around the world. This list changed pretty much as compared to the last one. The game offers lots of updates over the time and the character stats and availability changes. We would suggest for playing the sorcerer’s tournament regularly to obtain most of these characters.

**Update: Big Bad Wolf, Mor’du are still considered good, but the new OP characters just made them leave the best characters list.

Bonus Tip: Just go for complete buy for tokens of Hades in Sorcerer’s Tournament exchange. Max Hades out completely as he is the best choice from Sorcerer’s Tournament right now. If not Hades, then Shan Yu would be good choice, just to speed up the process of max leveling him.

Other characters to look upon beyond this list: Simba, Kristoff, Merlin, Jack Sparrow, Aladdin, Mickey, Judy Hopps. These are some of the great characters to invest and level upon.

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