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Disney Sorcerer’s Arena Club Conquest: Tips and Tricks to keep in mind

Disney Sorcerer’s Arena has gained a lot of popularity within two months of its release and the developers aren’t leaving any stone unturned to please the players. They have been continuously working on improving the gameplay, adding a range of game modes for a more competitive battlefield among the players around the world. The most recent of them is the ‘Club Conquest’, where the players take to the battlefield as clubs (a group, clan, alliance in general terms) with other clubs around the world. In this article, we bring you all the useful tips and tricks you need to remember to ace the Disney Sorcerer’s Arena Club Conquest.

The Club Conquest is where one club will battle with two other clubs during the battle hour. And only that’s not it, the battle is about capturing and defending the towers with the characters you have. The rewards that pop out from the Club Conquest are exclusive such as character tokens of Davey Jones.

Overview of the Disney Sorcerer’s Arena Club Conquest

Go through the following steps to know all about the Club Conquest in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena:

How to take part in Club Conquest

  1. For participating in the Club Conquest, you have to join a club and have a minimum level of 20.
  2. Club with at least 10 registered members will be eligible for the Club Conquest.
  3. Each member should Register in the Club Conquest tab, on the right side of the screen (You have to register once only, then after you will automatically be in every Conquest war until you unregister yourself).
    Registration can happen only during the Registration Phase.

Club Conquest Schedule: When can you Attack?

The Club Conquest follows a reoccurring weekly schedule, making it an interesting and confusing battle at the same time. The pattern is as follows:

  1. Registration: Friday 10:00 – Saturday 11:00
  2. Matchmaking: Saturday 11:00 – Saturday 12:00
  3. Planning: Saturday 12:00 – Sunday 08:00
  4. Attack: Sunday 08:00 – Monday 00:00
  5. Regroup: Monday 00:00 – Monday 08:00
  6. Attack: Monday 08:00 – Tuesday 00:00
  7. Regroup: Tuesday 00:00 – Tuesday 08:00
  8. Attack: Tuesday 08:00 – Wednesday 00:00
  9. Regroup: Wednesday 00:00 – Wednesday 08:00
  10. Attack:  Wednesday 08:00 – Thursday 00:00
  11. Earning Rewards: After Club Conquest Winner is decided, the Gathering rewards will be open until the next Registration phase.

You can attack enemy bases only during the Attack phase. The Club that reaches 45000 points first wins the Club Conquest. Other clubs are ranked according to the point they earn. Every Club receives a Reward as per the ranking. The Winner gets more premium and exclusive Rewards.

How to earn points in Club Conquest

  • For each base that a club holds for a minute, the club would earn 1 point.
  • If a club owns 13 or more bases, it will earn an extra 10 points.
  • For successfully attacking enemy bases, a club would earn 15 points.
  • For successfully defending enemy attacks, a club would earn 5 points.
Disney Sorcerer’s Arena Club Conquest
Club Conquest in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena

Rules of Club Conquest

Attacking rules

  • The participating members can use up to 30 characters per Club Conquest.
  • Each character once used for attacking can’t be used again. Same is applicable for the use of a spell.
  • Each attack team can have a minimum of 1 character to a maximum of 5 characters with 2 spells at most.

Defending rules

  • Each Member can contribute to 10 Defence Teams at most. Each team can have a minimum of 1 character and a maximum of 5 characters with 2 spells at most. (To make and edit your club’s defence team, click on the ‘Set Defence‘ Button)
  • Each defence team can be assigned to 1 base and each base can hold up to 5 Defence teams.

Rules for capturing bases

  • If all the defence teams of opponents are defeated in the base, the base is captured.
  • The base will be not available for attack for the next 1 hour after it gets captured.
  • The players or the leaders and the Co-Leaders can assign a defence team or create a new defence team for the captured base. Otherwise, it will be available to the opponent for capturing it after 1 hour.

Tips and Tricks to ace the Club Conquest in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena

The club conquest is one of the most difficult club wars, that is available in the gaming community. It requires a fine strategy and time to actually win the conquest. Here are a few special tips that would be very useful in planning the entire Club Conquest. So without further ado, let’s get into the tips which will help you to ace the Disney Sorcerer’s Arena Club Conquest:

Tips for Defending

  • Normally, the players throw in their best defence sets and ignore the other characters they have. Please don’t do this. Throw in every character you have unlocked in building defence teams. Especially after capturing an empty base, if you throw in some characters, the opponent needs to attack to capture that base. And there is a limit to using a character for attacking. Every character available is going to help a lot. Make sure you have every character available for the game. Most of the time there would be characters available but no spells to take. This is also fine, just make the characters available for the game.
  • Bases that are connected directly to one of your bases can be attacked. So, plan to capture those bases which cannot be attacked by opponents. Especially if there are empty bases (without a defence team), having a strong defence team behind the bases would help. Then the opponents cannot attack and take it away easily.
  • The club Leaders and Co-Leaders should follow different kinds of strategies to set the defence team in the bases. Placing your defence team correctly is very important in Club Conquest. One effective way of placing the defence team is to place a strong team on the front line so that the enemy would not be able to penetrate into your bases. This is effective as most characters of the enemy team are used up for capturing these bases, so they wouldn’t be able to get in. The other thing to remember is that it is a 3-club battle, if the other opponent is having weak bases at the front, the opponent may be tempted to attack the other opponent, leaving him with no other characters left to attack yours.
  • Don’t depend on only 1 Tower with a highly impressive power level whereas the rest of the defence team is of average level. Remember to spread out the total power level, so that you can defend every tower.
  • Make a team with proper synergy, that would actually make the opponent to play with strategy and not just attack without planning. When building a team, always try to make it well balanced. For this, you have to know the characters and their ability properly.

Tips for Attacking

  • For attacking, one has to study and wait for the opponents to show their tactics. This is very important as one character can be used only once. So, it’s important that every attack counts successfully.
  • If you believe that you have enough attacking power, wait for the opponent to use up their attacks. Then strike them and capture as many bases as you can and try to hold on to them for the rest of the time. You may start slow but still, you can win the whole conquest. But for this to work, you should have some characters left for defence, else the base will be empty and will be captured by the opponents.
  • As earlier mentioned in the defence, strategically capture bases so that the opponent cannot attack the bases as only those bases can be attacked that are directly connected to one of your own bases. So, plan and attack bases that can be held for a longer period of time.
  • Always try to capture the empty bases. We have often noticed that there are empty bases and no one is still attacking that base. Capture those bases and keep them for 1 hour even if you don’t have a defence team to defend it. At least the opponents also don’t have teams to defend it. So for this, it is important for every member to log in and check for the empty bases.
Club Conquest summary
Summary of the Club Conquest

Final thoughts

The whole conquest requires a proper strategy. The Leader and Co-Leaders of a club have very important roles to play. They will be deciding the placement of every defence team, so as to say the entire defence. Attacking the opponents requires co-ordination of every member. So, discuss well within the club and plan your attacks. We wish you all the best in the upcoming Club Conquest!

This is all we have for the Disney Sorcerer’s Arena Club Conquest tips and tricks. Did you find this article helpful? What other strategies do you follow for the Club Conquest? Let us know in the comment section below!

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