Disney Speedstorm Character Tier List for February 2024

Choose the best Characters for each Racer class!

Disney Speedstorm is a highly anticipated mobile racing game featuring beloved Disney characters. This game has generated considerable excitement among fans of the Pixar series. Gameloft’s involvement has further heightened this anticipation, as their valuable input ensures the game stays true to the franchise while delivering an exhilarating experience. This Disney Speedstorm Character Tier List will showcase the top characters in the game and their strengths.

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Disney Speedstorm Character Tier list for February 2024: Best Characters Ranked

To keep things simple, we’ve categorized the characters into three tiers: Strong (S), Good (A), and Average (B). This system will help players easily grasp each character’s abilities and assist them in creating a balanced and successful racer class for the game.

Strong (S)Mike WazowskiMegDonald DuckElizabeth
Good (A)Mickey Mouse,
Li Shang,
Average (B)MowgliFigment,
Jack Sparrow

Having invested many hours in the game, we’ve created a tier list that organizes characters according to their racer class and in-game performance. This list is intended to help new players as they start their journey, guiding them in choosing the most beneficial characters for their racing adventure.

Best Characters in Disney Speedstorm for February 2024

Best Speedster Character – Mike Wazowski

Mike Wazowski is the standout choice for the Speedster Racer class and holds the overall top spot among all characters, regardless of class. He offers a seamless racing experience with outstanding abilities.

Disney Speedstorm Mike Wazowski
Image via Gameloft

If you can consistently hit boost arrows on the ground, you can maintain his boost for an extended period, effectively combining high top speed with his excellent acceleration and handling. His unique special move is among the game’s best, allowing for a significant teleport forward when timed correctly.

Best Trickster Character – Meg

Meg is the best choice for the Trickster Racer Class, she boasts solid stats and the game’s best boost ability. However, her boost’s duration is relatively brief, requiring consistent drift boosts to keep it active.

Disney Speedstorm Meg
Image via Gameloft

Being a Trickster, Meg can swiftly replenish her boost bar by drift boosting. She can also maintain her boost by using her charged unique skill and creating a trail for opponents to run over.

Best Brawler Character – Donald Duck

Donald Duck is the top choice for the Brawler Racer Class and among all characters in the game. Donald Duck takes the lead and is a great choice for competitive balance. Despite his classification as a Brawler, Donald’s stats and moves lean toward a Defender style.

Disney Speedstorm Donald Duck
Image via Gameloft

He lacks a strong forward-facing offense and relies on maintaining his boost to excel. Fortunately, he has the Boost power-up, making boost management easier.

Best Defender Character – Elizabeth Swann

Elizabeth Swann is the best Defender Racer class at the moment. She stands out as the most competitive option alongside Mike Wazowski and Donald Duck. She possesses some of the best stats in the game when you combine all rankings.

Disney Speedstorm Elizabeth Swann
Image via Gameloft

Elizabeth’s strong boost stat, coupled with her ability to upgrade access to the Boost power-up, allows her to maintain a fast boost for an extended period. Her unique skill is a boosting move that can stack with the regular boost, emphasizing top speed while offering defensive capabilities.

Final Thoughts

Certain characters have risen to the forefront, showcasing exceptional performance within their respective racer classes. Mike Wazowski emerges as a standout choice across all classes, his smooth control and potent abilities allowing players to maintain impressive speed. Meg leads the Trickster class with her well-rounded attributes and a focus on boost management, while Donald Duck takes the lead in the Brawler class, utilizing his unique boost power-up.

Elizabeth Swann shines as a competitive option in the Defender class, blending high stats with speed-focused skills. These characters exemplify the diverse strategies and strengths available in Disney Speedstorm, catering to various playstyles.

What are your thoughts about the Disney Speedstorm Character tier list? Let us know in the comments below!

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