Disney Speedstorm Beginners Guide and Tips

Race your way with several Disney Characters!

Disney Speedstorm is a thrilling kart racing game that marks Disney’s entry into the world of virtual racing. Developed in collaboration with Gameloft, a renowned mobile game developer, the game combines the beloved characters and iconic worlds from both Disney and Pixar. Players can expect an exhilarating experience as they choose from a roster of characters that spans the rich Disney-Pixar universe. In this Disney Speedstorm Beginners Guide, players will know the key things to do when playing the game to stand at the stop among others.

Explore Disney’s enchanted world as you speed through its renowned locations. Explore redeem codes, tier lists, racer class tips, and optimal game settings to elevate your experience. Conquer all the maps for the ultimate gaming journey.

Disney Speedstorm Gameplay Basics

Getting off to a great start in Disney Speedstorm requires mastering some fundamental tricks. As the race countdown commences, a speed dominator becomes visible, divided into three distinct sections: dark, light green, and lime green. Holding down the acceleration button triggers a yellow indicator to start moving across the dominator. To gain a crucial Speed Boost at the beginning of the race, it’s advisable to steer clear of the dark section.

Disney Speedstorm gameplay
Image via Gameloft

Instead, aim for the light green area, which provides a modest acceleration advantage. For an even more potent head start, target the lime green section, which propels your racer forward with maximum force, giving you a significant edge over your competitors. This strategic approach to the start can greatly influence your performance in the race.

Race with several Disney Characters

Disney Speedstorm offers an exciting opportunity to race alongside beloved Disney characters. Although the game has future plans to adopt a free-to-play model, it is currently in its Early Access phase, requiring players to purchase a Founder’s Pack to access and enjoy its features.

These packs, available in Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate editions, come with varying rewards, but all of them grant players the immediate privilege of unlocking a new racer from a selection of options. Players can select from a lineup of iconic characters that spans the Disney universe. Choices include characters mentioned in the following:

  • Baloo or Mowgli from “The Jungle Book,”
  • Belle or the Beast from “Beauty and the Beast,”
  • Elizabeth Swann from “Pirates of the Caribbean,”
  • Shang from “Mulan.”
Disney Speedstorm character pack
Image via Gameloft

Each character brings their own unique charm and racing style to the game, allowing players to pick their favorites and race in a manner that resonates with their preferences. By opting for one of the Founder’s Packs, players not only secure the chance to experience the game ahead of its full release but also gain access to exclusive rewards and content.

Movement and Controls in Disney Speedstorm

To navigate your character effectively throughout the races in the game, it’s crucial to attain essential mastery over the controls. These controls play a pivotal role in determining your success on the track. From triggering timely speed boosts using boost pads to deftly steering left and right to maneuver through twists and turns, each action contributes to your performance.

Disney Speedstorm controls
Image via Gameloft
  • Speed Boost: Triggered through boost pads for a burst of speed.
  • Left and Right Steer: Control kart direction for navigating tracks.
  • Skill: Character-specific abilities for strategic advantages.
  • Drift: Slide through turns to maintain speed.
  • Jump: Leap to avoid obstacles and perform tricks.

Utilizing character-specific skills strategically, executing controlled drifts to maintain speed around corners, and making precise jumps to avoid obstacles all form a cohesive control scheme that, when mastered, can provide you with a significant advantage over your competitors.

List of Game Modes in Disney Speedstorm

Disney Speedstorm offers a diverse array of game modes that cater to players of all levels. From honing your racing skills to competing against friends and earning rewards, each mode adds a unique layer of excitement to the game. Here are the following known game modes offered within the game:

Disney Speedstorm Game Modes
Image via Gameloft
  • Starter Circuit: Learn the game, unlock modes, try new racers, and expand your roster.
  • Season Tour: Unlock themed chapters as seasons progress and earn Season Tokens.
  • Ranked Multiplayer: Compete, progress through leagues and earn rewards.
  • Regulated Multiplayer: Balanced competitive races, levels, and stats set for fairness.
  • Limited Events: Time-limited events, earn rewards based on race difficulty.
  • Local Freeplay: Custom solo or split-screen races.
  • Private Track: Play with friends online, create or join races.

Whether you’re refining your racing techniques, engaging in friendly competitions with peers, or striving to unlock valuable rewards, each mode introduces a distinct and exhilarating dimension to the gameplay.

Disney Speedstorm Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Get a Good Headstart

Initiating races with a well-timed headstart can significantly impact your overall performance. During the countdown, focus on the speed dominator’s color-coded zones: aiming for the light or lime green areas provides advantageous speed boosts while steering clear of the dark zone prevents a sluggish start.

Disney Speedstorm headstart
Image via Gameloft

For instance, in a race through the bustling streets of Radiator Springs, nailing the headstart can help you navigate the initial twists and turns with an edge.

2. Speed Boost Timing is Key

Precise timing when utilizing speed boosts is paramount. Hitting boost pads and speed dominator zones at the perfect moment can propel you far ahead of your competitors.

Disney Speedstorm Boost
Image via Gameloft

Imagine racing through the vibrant jungles of Jungle Ruins. Using speed boosts to surge past opponents on straightaways can give you a significant advantage.

3. Master your Drifting Skills

Becoming a drifting virtuoso around corners can be a game-changer. By practicing and honing your drifting technique, you’ll smoothly glide through turns while maintaining momentum.

Disney Speedstorm drift
Image via Gameloft

This is especially valuable when navigating the whimsical world of Toon Village where deft drifting can help you navigate tight corners and maintain top speeds.

4. Time your Skill Properly

Every character boasts a distinctive skill capable of swaying the race in your direction. Timing the activation of this skill correctly, such as deploying it for an advantage on any track, can have a substantial influence on your position in the competition.

Disney Speedstorm Skill
Image via Gameloft

For example, whether it’s leveraging a skill like Elizabeth Swann’s pirate prowess for strategic gains or utilizing Mulan’s abilities effectively to gain the upper hand in a swift-paced race, understanding when to employ these skills is paramount.

5. Always go to Paths with Acceleration

Prioritizing paths indicated by acceleration icons is a reliable tactic. These routes, akin to those found in tracks influenced by different movies, frequently grant speed-boosting benefits. By opting for these paths, you can consistently sustain or amplify your speed.

Disney Speedstorm Acceleration
Image via Gameloft

Effectively propelling yourself toward the finish line and increasing your chances of securing a triumph. This approach can be especially effective in races where strategic route selection can make a significant difference.

Final Thoughts

The magic of Disney and the thrill of racing collide, offering players an exciting and immersive kart racing experience with Disney Speedstorm. With a roster of beloved characters and iconic environments from Disney and Pixar films, each race becomes a nostalgic adventure. The game’s varied modes, from mastering headstarts to skillful drifting and precise boost timing, ensure that both beginners and seasoned gamers can find joy in the dynamic gameplay.

Whether you’re aiming to conquer the Starter Circuit, outpace friends in multiplayer modes, or complete limited-time events, Disney Speedstorm captures the essence of competition and fun, making it a must-play for fans of Disney and racing games alike.

That’s all from us for the Disney Speedstorm beginners guide! Did you find our Disney Speedstorm beginners guide helpful? Do let us know in the comments!

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